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On a hot Sunday afternoon in New York, the epicenter of the US monkeypox outbreak, a long line of men aged 20 to 40 wait for a vaccine to protect themselves and their loved ones against the virus.

A long line of men? That’s odd. I didn’t know we were doing sexually segregated vaccine shots now. I wonder why this would be.

The city of more than eight million people saw monkeypox infections climb last week, with 461 cases recorded Friday since the US outbreak began in May.

That number is up from 223 cases on Monday.

Baglivo, a data analyst, noted that people who are the most connected on social media have the highest chances of getting a vaccine appointment.

Robert, who declined to give his last name, told AFP he sat at his computer refreshing the website “like a crazy person” until he got a slot.

“This shouldn’t be an issue because there’s already a vaccine, and it (the rollout) should be… more efficient to prevent it from becoming more of an issue,” said the 28-year-old. Neither his partner nor his best friend have been able to get a vaccine.

“Every additional day where there’s not more people being vaccinated is a bummer.”

They still haven’t explained to me why it’s only men getting this vaccine. Did the propagandists simply mean to write “people,” instead? Why would we only have men getting this vaccine?

Anyone can catch monkeypox, which spreads through close physical contact, but the Jynneos vaccine is currently reserved for men who have sex with men, who make up the vast majority of cases.

Right, my bad. I forgot we were dealing with a fag plague here.

Many LGBTQ people, of which there is a large population in New York, worry their community will be further stigmatized because of the virus.

We once again see the neverending ability for Globo Homo to reframe their privilege as oppression. What’s going on here is that heterosexuals, and even lesbian women, are being discriminated against by these fags. The supposed justification for this is that the disease is pretty much a prolapsed anus only affair.

That’s true, but would these fags ever accept you discriminating against them for any reason? Would they ever accept, say, no homosexual adoption because of the extreme link between homosexuals and pedophilia? Of course not. They believe that they have the right to discriminate against you, but that you don’t have the right to discriminate against them.

But then they take it up to the next level by once again playing the victim and talking about how stigmatized their prolapsed anuses are going to be just because they’re spreading a plague to everyone.

Nathan Tylutki, a 42-year-old actor, wonders if “there would be a quicker response to developing more vaccines if it wasn’t affecting queer people.”

In line at the Bushwick site, fitness instructor Leroy Jackson has another concern.

“I am one of maybe two or three Black people on this line” out of more than 100, said the 27-year-old.

Access to appointments for minorities and underprivileged groups is even more limited, he pointed out.

The crybullying continues.

Here’s the “heteros need not apply,” line for the Monkeypox-Community, in case you were curious.

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