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Gamers have decided to boycott a new Harry Potter release in an ‘anti-Semitism’ row over its ‘Goblin Rebellion’ plot which offers players the chance to battle ‘oppressed race who are fighting against their own slavery’.

Hogwarts Legacy, which is due to be released next year after a series of delays, is a role-playing game set in the magical world in the 1800s.

But some critics of the game are concerned about the presence of goblins, and claim that they are based on anti-Semitic stereotypes. 

I mean…

They may be on to something here.

Within the Harry Potter franchise, goblins work as bankers and have been depicted with exaggerated noses and ears. 

I don’t really know what to say. I could have sworn I was looking at an Israeli supermodel.

I’m starting to think more and more that JK Rowling really is /ourgirl/. She writes this series that is theoretically shitlib paradise, as evidenced by all these redditors loving her so much. Then she goes on rants about how you need to be born with a vagina in order to be a real woman. And now the predditors all hate her with a seething passion.

And whether or not she consciously intended to do this, the goblins are absolutely jews. How could they not be? They’re a bunch of hook nosed beady eyed hideous monsters who have a mafia that controls the banks. She might not have intended for them to be jews, but it was a subconscious thing at the very least.

‘With critics pointing out their control of the magical banking system, their greed, and their exaggerated facial features. 

‘This game where the player fights against greedy, child-abducting Jewish stereotypes.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. 

The usual NPCs show up to offer the exact same consumer advice to impressionable young trannies. It’s the kind of low effort activism that these people are known for, although the original whinefest by one Kevin Rhodes is truly a hilarious work of art. It’s an enormous wall of text, but I’ll just go with the excerpts they’ve already created for us, with the exception of him whining about the “protocals of the Elders of Zion,” which Daily Mail ignores.

The goblins of the HP series have long been criticized as offensive Jewish stereotypes, with critics pointing out their control of the magical banking system, their greed, and their exaggerated facial features. And the game is set in 1890, around the time the antisemitic hoax “Protocals of the Elders of Zion” was being developed (published 1903 amidst a new wave of antisemitism in Europe).

Part of the official gameplay reveal shows the two villains, Ranrok the goblin (pictured) and Bictor Rookwood the dark wizard, discussing what appears to be a child abduction scheme. 

Emma likes it.

So we’ve got some hook nosed bankers stealing Christian children. This is basically the version of Harry Potter that Julius Streicher would have written and it’s beautiful.

Mr Rhodes, who also called Harry Potter author JK Rowling a ‘committed transphobe’,  urged people not to buy the game.

Truthfully this may be a rare case of the troons whining about something that’s actually real. 

The Verge:

Hogwarts Legacy developer Troy Leavitt has left the project following criticism of videos that defended the reactionary Gamergate harassment movement and dismissed sexual misconduct complaints against media executives. Leavitt tweeted the news last night, saying he had resigned from studio Avalanche Software despite feeling “absolutely secure in my position.”

Troy Leavitt

The original project lead, Troy Leavitt, was squeezed out of the company in early 2021 for being too much of a Chad to handle. Considering that Warner Bros, the parent company, is currently undergoing a mass purge of Globo Homo from Warner Bros projects and staff, methinks that Our Boy Troy was being persecuted for his beliefs. Specifically his belief that “the holocaust never happened, but it should have.” He can currently be seen enjoying the pure bliss of being hated by the most worthless and disgusting people on the planet, as evidenced by this, the third last tweet of his.

The game is supposed to be available on February 10th, 2023, which leaves them no time to cave to the trannies of colour on twatter and “fix” the non-existent problems of brutally cockslapping the “goblins” back into place. I for one, am more than a little excited about this whole affair, especially since it’s promised for PC as well. It’s nice to have a game where we can curbstomp some hook nosed bankers, but ultimately the goal is to do it in real life.

Uh, I mean in Minecraft.

Or in this case, Hogwarts Legacy.

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  1. Probably won’t turn out well, but here’s hoping.

    Have you paid any attention to the new Saints Row game? It’s basically a gay black trans Saints row with absolutely nothing that could could offend someone who isn’t a straight white male.

    It’s not like the previous games in the series were wholesome and pro-White, but I guess in the same way that black comedians can’t even be funny anymore they have neutered the comedy and all the rest of the writing to reddit tier garbage. Of course the big bad guy is White.

    I think this is the exact same very safe path the next GTA game will take. They may even make it so you can’t kill any brown or gay characters and make it a white genocide simulator… things may not have advanced that far yet, but you know that’s not far off.

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