It’s been extremely difficult writing about the Jupiter Paulsen case. Much of my work relies on existing propaganda organs, like the CBC, to have the most unobjectionable details already collected. That gets increasingly difficult, especially with the Clown Show CBC, but at least I can often get something out of their propaganda.

In contrast, it’s extremely difficult to find sources on the trial of Arthur Kollie, Jupiter’s killer. A search on DuckDuckGo reveals nothing. Google is similarly useless. I sort of expected Google to be worthless, since they removed this site from showing up in searches within weeks of launch. A search for “Daily Rake” through Google does give this site’s homepage as the first link, but then no others. We don’t even get our twitter account mentioned, although this random account I found, created in 2014, and with precisely one tweet, is the eighth response, leading me to believe that Google went through the trouble of removing our twitter account by hand.

Trust me, I had nothing to do with this.

The DuckDuckGo results lead me to believe that local news outlets are simply refusing to write about this important trial. Much like other trials I’ve covered, such as the Rob Hoogland “he who must not be named trial,” there’s no way to spin this without helping the “natzees,” where by natzees I mean regular decent people. A fourteen year old White Child was brutally murdered over the course of 25 minutes, and anti-Whites in the legal system are trying their hardest to deny us the smallest glimmer of justice, solely because the murderer was Black.

I’ve been following the Justice for Jupiter telegram channel, and I saw they posted the following message which I will transcribe below. Specifically the part that appears to be a quote from Robert Paulsen, Jupiter’s father.

“From the very beginning in dealing with the state’s attorney, I have insisted that Kollie be punished to the fullest extent of the law. White people have civil rights, and Arthur Kollie has a history of attacking white people. Federal hate crime charges put the death penalty on the table.

I echo what the channel above said with respect to Robert Paulsen. The contrast between him and the horrible father of Ethan Liming, who has tried downplaying the obvious racial aspect of Ethan’s brutal murder, could not be made more clear. I believe I heard Peter Tefft say when he was interviewed by TRS that Robert had faced antifa types harassing him at his home. This does not surprise me.

From the NJP protest. Just look at them.

But probably more important than some extreme antifa losers from the Fargo “Red Raven Espresso Club” is the extreme indifference and apathy that the system is showing Robert. When Robert and Peter Tefft went to the prosecutor to ask for hate crime charges they were told something to the effect of “we’ve already charged Arthur Kollie with the maximum punishment.” 

This is of course utterly ridiculous and nonsensical. Not only should there be hate crime charges, but you could make an argument for terrorism charges, as well as kidnapping charges, menacing charges, and others. This is a legal system that gave James Field’s 419 years for a car accident. It is only because it’s not in the interests of the anti-Whites who run our legal system are these bullshit excuses being thrown out. And as the NJP’s official statement on the matter made clear in early July, if Robert Paulsen had not proactively demanded justice for his daughter, nothing would have been done to Arthur Kollie.

CORRECTION: I had two separate incidents conjoined in my mind. Peter Tefft went with Robert Paulsen to file the hate crime charges. They’ve both met with the prosecutors independently. 

That all brings us to the start of the trial. Or at least almost there. 

Justice for Jupiter Telegram:

It’s possible that the prosection has admitted the interview Peter Tefft had with Arthur Kollie into evidence.

As a star witness The Tefft interview could shed light onto Kollie mental health as he was able to hold a lucid conversation with Tefft.

Also Kollie admission that he in no way felt a victim of racism.

If the prosection is smart they can destroy the defense with this.

Alternatively this could be a way from keeping Tefft from being in the court room to further report on the trial. They don’t have to use the evidence or witnesses they subpoena.

Peter Tefft

I mentioned this in the last piece I wrote. The defense and the prosecution subpoena’d Peter Tefft, as well as Robert Paulsen and Jupiter’s mother. I stand by what I said at the time, which is that this doesn’t appear to make any sense at all. It’s unclear what the parents are supposed to testify to, and when they’re candidates to testify then they must be kept out of the courtroom, barring some exceptions.

Worse, as the Justice for Jupiter telegram channel notes, they don’t even need to call on the witness, but the witness must still sit out the trial. This will entirely prevent Peter Tefft from reporting on the trial as it happens, which is quite simply too convenient from their perspective for us to assume this is accidental.

Finally, I didn’t want to write about this at all, but I feel I have to. Tefft put Robert Paulsen in contact with me. I’ve been trying to organize myself and ask for an interview, but we’ve had some on and off talks, mostly off. Yesterday I see the following message first thing in the morning.

Got to watch my daughters murder today. 

He went to work to clear his head, and then sent me this.

I’d say.. 20cars passed. 2 buses and 2 sanitation trucks.. only 1 stopped. 1st sanitation driver literally was 10ft away passing by could’ve stopped it 12-15mins into the attack. She would’ve lived. I asked if they questioned him.. He said it just looked a couple of homeless ppl. 
1 person stopped and got out. They work at Party City. Went inside to lock the door behind them to call the police.

Robert Paulsen had to watch his daughters murder, and if the Fargo court system and the ADL get their way, he’ll have to watch his daughter’s killer walk away scott free, or with the lowest possible punishment they can dole out. And remember, they’ve already artificially limited their case by refusing to press hate crime charges.

At one point after he attacked my daughter.. he even called the police and got a ride to the federal building. (Stated that he thinks he missed a court hearing).

Arthur Kollie

And later.

Just got a voicemail from the state’s attorneys office.. new hearing on Friday.. [Arthur Kollie is] trying to fire his lawyer again.

NOTE: Arthur Kollie is currently on his third lawyer. He was prevented from firing this one three weeks ago, but he’s trying again. This is a good sign, as it probably indicates that Kollie knows he’s not getting away with the (unfortunately) reduced charges, and is trying to prolong this as much as possible.

I’m at a serious disadvantage covering this case for innumerable reasons. But if I was a US Citizen, I’d do whatever I could to show up in Fargo, North Dakota, and sit in for this trial like I did the trail of Rob Hoogland. The fact that mainstream propagandists are not covering this case is not evidence of its unimportance, but just the opposite. In the meantime I’ll do whatever I can to keep getting this story out to the largest possible audience. 

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  1. We should bring back stoning for especially heinous crimes. The Muslims have it right, there is no more brutal yet equally dignified way to kill someone legally and with due process. This isn’t too fedposty, right?

  2. One of the worst things about it is that this ape should never have been in the country in the first place.

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