Balkan Green Energy News:

Wind turbines near the Garzweiler open pit mine in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, run by German energy giant RWE, is[sic] being removed to make way for more lignite exploitation.

The turbines were in operation since 2001, and government subsidies have expired. Energiekontor and wpd, which is also active in the Balkans, operate the wind farm.

Lignite for electricity production will be extracted where the wind turbines are now located.

Al Gore

Global Warming Catastrophism has always been entirely fake. It’s bullshit that exists so that billionaires, such as Al Gore who is pictured above, can have an easy grift with which to bilk the taxpayer. None of the people who go flying around the world to meet up in person with other dipshits just to give speeches to each other about how us peasants we need to stop flying or even driving cars actually believe any of their own bullshit.

You can find the above Washington Examiner piece here, and it’s not clickbait. All of these rich shitbags who tell us that the ocean levels are going to rise by some astronomical level go out and invest in hyper-expensive oceanfront properties that, theoretically, will be literally under water in just a few decades. While this bullshit is occasionally called out by cuckservative media types, it’s never harped on because servatives are owned by the same people who want to perpetuate the same grifts. Pointing out that these people are all full of shit is a rhetorical killshot, and as such, is going to never be employed by Mitch McConnell types.

The decision to demolish Lützerath was made in accordance with the country’s new coal policy to temporarily increase the use of lignite for electricity production during the energy crisis, Clean Energy Wire reported.

Nevertheless, North Rhine-Westphalia has announced it would stop using fossil fuels by 2030, as did RWE.

On the other side of the kosher sandwhich we have these pseudo-environmentalist types, who are really just antifas. They’re shocked, absolutely shocked that the state would turn their back on energy policy not just in terms of temporarily not building wind turbines, but outright tearing them down to produce more coal. They don’t understand how even the Green party is “giving in to the demands of the fossil fuel industry,” because their brains are so finkled that they actually think that the Green Party is anything other than total controlled opposition to ZOG, who will happily go on with the destruction of the earth in order to advance the latest foreign policy misadventure. I’m not saying the earth is being destroyed of course, but the Green Party certainly is, and yet they don’t care.

Foreign policy, that is to say extending the sphere of zionist control, is the most important arm of Globo Homo. Everything must be sacrificed so that Russia can have AIDS pride parades. But since telling people that they will not be able to heat their homes over winter is incredibly unpopular, and Global Warming programs are 100% pure grifts, the decision to shut them down is quite easy. Sure, there’s some billionaires palms not being greased, but they can make it up to them in some other way.

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