Climate protesters threw tomato soup at Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting Friday to protest the extraction and use of fossil fuels.

Members of Just Stop Oil, wearing T-shirts bearing the name of the group, poured two cans of tomato soup over the famous painting located at the National Gallery in London, as seen in a video posted to Twitter by the group.

Imagine being so brazen that you post video on twitter of yourself committing crimes. And not just committing crimes, giving these extremely cringe-inducing pep talks while you do it. 

Transcript below.

Weird Mutant Who Shall be Known as Pink: What is worth more, art or life? Is it worth more than food? Worth more than justice? Are you more concerned about the protection of a painting, or the protection of our planet and our people?

It’s at this point where Pink looks down at what I believe to be her notes, because remembering a thirty second speech was too difficult. 

The cost of living prices is part of the cost of oil crisis. Fuel is unaffordable to millions of cold, hungry families. They can’t even afford to heat a tin of soup.

At this point this guy shows up. Pink falters, before starting up again, but then the video ends mid speech. This was the great rallying of the troops that we were all waiting for.

I don’t know if Just Stop Oil is related to this other incredibly offputting pseudo-environmentalist group “Extinction Rebellion.” I know that group did an incredibly poorly received protest where they blocked a bunch of Londoners trying to get to work. I can’t find pictures of that specifically, but I did find pictures of them doing an obnoxious protest elsewhere in London.

I can’t find evidence that these groups are the same, but I don’t think it matters anyway. These people are antifa, or antifa-adjacent, and Global Warming Catastrophism is the fake issue they’re given so that they can still pretend to be fighting against capitalists while they support every trillion dollar multinational importing millions of foreign labourers, engaging in mass censorship of the peasants, financially exploiting everyone, and controlling the entire fake democratic system through bribery. Being global warming spergs lets these people pretend like they’re fighting against power, when they are in reality the obsequious golems of our parasite class.

The pink haired mutant’s speech is almost like some twisted version of nationalism. It’s true that big corporations are a threat to Our People, but what pink defines as Our People is probably something akin to illegal immigrant trans mulattoes of colour. And of course, these corporations are a threat because of the illegitimate political power they have, which, again, these mutant freaks support 99% of the time.

As far as the speech itself, they do hit on a correct issue by pointing out the unaffordability of normal life due to fuel prices. But their group is literally called “Just Stop Oil,” which would drastically decrease the standard of living for all the people they’re pretending to help. In case that name was misleading, I popped over to their website to find out that no, it is not.

It’s unclear to my peanut sized brain how exactly stopping new oil and gas projects is going to lower the price of fuel, as it would appear to do the exact opposite. The reason it would appear to do that, is because it would actually do that. Or at least it will in the real world that we actually live in. However, in the fantasy world that these antifa types live in, people use oil and gas for like, no reason. Therefore we can just stop using oil and gas and everything will be great. Better even.

They’ve also launched a series of thoroughly obnoxious public road blockages that, while illegal, serve as clout for their entry to the Privileged Class later on in life. Predictably, real people find this incredibly annoying.

Yahoo News:

In one clip shared online, a man can be seen shouting “move out the way” at protesters sitting on the road, followed by another appearing and dragging one of the protesters to the pavement.

The man then gets into a blue van with a woman in the driving seat, who starts revving forward at the protesters.

People can be heard yelling: “Don’t do it”; “Where you going to go?”; and: “What the f***?”

The man then starts to shout out of the window: “My missus is not well, man, she needs to get to the hospital, get out of the f***ing way, now.”

He later could be heard shouting: “Have some respect for other people not just yourselves, yeah? There are other people who have to get places.”

They continue to mix in decent rhetoric with absolute manure.

A spokesperson for Just Stop Oil said: “Our heritage, rights and freedoms are being destroyed by our government’s lies and the failure of politics,

All true. Are they going to blame mass migration, corporate feudalism, (((foreign parasites))), this current NATO prolonged war in Ukraine, the propaganda institutions, the –

and right now millions of people are facing this brutal impact of climate change.

Oh no, it’s just “everything bad is secretly because of this total bullshit thing billionaires got us worked up about.”

Back to the ABC story.

However, the painting was protected by glass and doesn’t appear to have suffered any damage.

Two women then glue their hands to the wall just under the work of art, the video shows.

statement from the National Gallery said the incident occurred just after 11:00 a.m. local time.

“The room was cleared of visitors and police were called. Officers are now on the scene,” the statement read. “There is some minor damage to the frame but the painting is unharmed. Two people have been arrested.”

“But we glued our hands to the wall. That makes us immune to arrest since glue solvents don’t exist.”

These people remain terrible in every way, shape or form.

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  1. Imagine being so retarded that you think attempting to destroy a cherished work of art would make people side with you on an entirely unrelated issue. If the protest was that Van Gogh got metoo.’d it would at least make sense, but he has no connection to Big Oil or any other corporations. Jackson Pollock’s work would be a better stab at corporatism than Van Gogh, but we all know they aren’t really against corporations.

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