Tom Brady? Touchdown Tom Brady?

The sex symbol of White Supremacy gets done like this. I’m sorry Tom, I truly am.

But then again, after reading about this I learned that Tom Brady left his now ex-ex-wife, Bridget Moynahan, while she was three months pregnant with their one and only child together. 

Not knowing the details I could excuse this as Touchdown Tom Brady being smitten with a Hollywood actress with a personality nowhere near as beautiful as her looks. It’s easy to see how a sexy young man, Tom Brady in this case, gets blown away by a woman whose job is to literally pretend to be someone that she’s not, and is gorgeous to boot. Then reality sets in, and he gets a nasty case of buyers remorse.

I looked up everyone’s date of birth and found out that Bridget Moynahan is six years older than Tom Brady. That’s rarely an age discrepancy that’s going to work long term. In contrast, Gisele Bundchen is three years younger than Mr. Brady. Up until now we see the story of a young man who made a mistake, learned from it, and goes on to marry the right girl.

But fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Brady’s divorce tells us everything we need to know about “the right girl.” Frankly, Gisele Bundchen has never come across as anything other than a vapid supermodel with nothing to offer but her pussy. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but every single piece of media I have ever seen her in has done nothing but confirm that for me over and over again.

Take this video for example. I’ve started it at the appropriate time.

As for how everyone is holding up, the 42 year old [Gisele] has been working with her spiritual healer to stay in a place of piece.

Tom Brady recently retired, and then unretired two months later. There were rumours at the time that Gisele Bundchen was Big Mad about this, but I try to stay away from that garbage. Now that it’s blown over into Tom Brady, arguably one of the sexiest men alive, getting divorced, I have a few thoughts I’d like to share.

First and foremost, never get blinded by good looking pussy. Now we can go too far in the other direction. If your potential wife doesn’t get your dick hard, then she’s not the one for you. But if she does, then it’s time to focus on more important factors in the relationship, like whether she loves Hitler a small amount, or with all her heart. Find the level of Hitler Love that you want out of a woman, and then move on to step two.

More seriously, in the long run the most important factor in how well two people get together in such an intimate relationship is the shared level of intellect. Tom Brady is clearly an intelligent man. Gisele Bundchen, not so much.

– Gisele Bundchen

The above quote is from this video, and it’s just about one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. I get that English is her second language, but come on now. This is the kind of message that a particularly stupid women sends. Frankly, you can’t just be dumb, you have to be dumb and oblivious, which indicates to me that she’s surrounded by Yes Men who constantly tell her how great she is, which sounds absolutely intolerable.

If I had a wife and she sent something like this out I would honestly laugh because I thought she did it as a joke. It would not occur to me to marry a woman who would send this type of message out in earnest, because I want someone who doesn’t make me want to kill myself when they talk to me. And that’s what you’ll spend the majority of your time doing with your significant other, talking. 

I’m sure Touchdown Tom Brady was grinning ear to ear the first few times he slammed into that gash. Hell I would even now, when she’s 42 years old. Back when she was in her early twenties she was positively delectable.

I know that the photography and makeup can make these women look more beautiful than they truly are, but oh my goodness. She even has freckles.

Imagine waking up and seeing her in your garden. Looks like a scene from heaven.

And that face. My goodness that face. We know that the world of modeling is fake and controlled, and I’ve found many of the models to be not particularly attractive, but I can’t pretend not to find Gisele Bundchen the purest definition of a stunner.

This is actually my favourite picture of her. Her eyes are cast downwards and it gives her an air of introspection. The more I look at the picture, the more it seems that her eyes will look up and lock with mine. Then she’ll open her mouth, and do you know what she’ll say?

Probably something stupid, and that’s what you’d have to actually live through day by agonizing day. Trust me buddy, that gash is gonna look worse and worse by the hour if you’ve got to deal with this vapid ditz practicing witchcraft to help you win games. No, that’s not something random I made up, that really happened.

But since he was still passionate about competing, Gisele found a way to get involved in his job as well. Tom told CBS that Gisele used a form of witchcraft to help him win some of his championship games, including in 2019.

Ahead of the Patriots matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, Gisele gave him healing and protection stones and a necklace. She also gave him some kind of liquid to consume. But it gets even wilder. Tom said Gisele set up an altar at the game. Yes, at the game. We can only assume Gisele was doing some kind of chants in her box seats. 

Whatever they were doing worked out. Gisele told Tom “you’re lucky you married a witch.” 

I don’t think she’s actually crazy, just really stupid. Well maybe a bit crazy on top of that. Either way, she’s got the mind of a fun weekend, not a wife.

Hell of a weekend though.

And now, because he stupidly married the kind of girl that you cheat on your wife with, the Sex Symbol of the White Race needs to go and find a new mommy for his three children, again. If he overcompensates and marries an Asian I’m going to lose it.

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  1. The “find an asian because they’re not retarded” plan never works out… well I mean it works out, but…

    I dunno what I was trying to say

  2. A shame — any divorce is a sad ending to what was once planned, especially with kids involved — it must be even tougher to keep things together with the tabloid media hounding them and fanning the flames — I did not read any of that garbage; this is the first article about it that I clicked on.

  3. >Tom Brady left his now ex-ex-wife, Bridget Moynahan

    One more thing: Brady and Moynahan were never married — but he did split with her when she was pregnant with his child.

    1. Ah, good catch.

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