I’ve built up something of a hatred of Seth Rogen over the years.

He made some explicitly anti-White comments years ago, and vowed to hire less White People. This is technically illegal, but Republicans exist to make sure that jews get to do this to Whitey, so nothing came of it.

More recently he got insanely assblasted at the goyim’s response to Santa Inc, one of the worst disasters that (((Hollywood))) has ever put out.

It was so bad I wrote a little parody claiming that Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen were secretly working for us, trying to be as obnoxious as possible in order to get the goyim to exterminate the jews. It worked so well I even did the same bit again, because these two jews are so insufferable that it’s difficult to imagine them being real people.

Seth Rogan’s personal jewhad to get Der Juden wiped off the face of the earth continues with him pointing out that there’s this really based hashtag now trending on Elon Musk’s twatter. Seth told me in a personal email that he did this in order to “see the kike menace completely exterminated within my lifetime,” his words, not mine. He says that “we need a total goyim awakening if we’re ever going to get that real holocaust I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little boy,” and in order to facilitate this he’s been trying to redpill us all online.

I gotta say, a lot of people have already been getting banned on twatter, but this does take me back to ~2016 era internet.

I’m not even screencapping one tenth of this, there’s quite a bit of goyim knowing going on here.

There were of course some detractors, such as “AntiFascistAndi”.

I had to make sure that wasn’t a clever parody, designed to get around censorship while making fun of BLMers.

The profile header is not really clearing things up for me. It’s just so difficult to ascertain whether I’m dealing with a retard, or someone pretending to be a retard online.

Looking at the pinned tweet I’m still not sure if this is a real person, or someone making fun of BLMers.

The avatar of the obese lagoon creature isn’t helping.

But eventually the dog pics, coupled with the generic anti-Republican posts and the sheer number of tweets leads us to conclude that yes, this is real. This isn’t a satire of a lonely and sad middle aged Black Womxyn, it’s the real deal. Antifascistandi is so sad that she’s indistinguishable from a particularly cruel parody, such as seen below.

>antiracist fetus

And of course the ADL dropped in with their typical whining.

1200 tweets in 24 hours? That’s just 50 tweets per hour, or less than one per minute. Those are rookie numbers, we gotta bump those up.

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  1. My favorite tweet: Elon should buy the ADL and fire all the jews.

  2. Best hashtag in ages.

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