In my last and only piece on NBA player Kyrie Irving I pointed out that he resisted for a few days before ultimately apologizing. Worse, his apology was a joint statement from him and the ADL. I assumed that his statement was written by an agent, but since it included a clear promise from him to donate $500,000 to ADL approved causes, as well as quotes from him apologizing, that he must have given someone the green light to post that.

Kyrie Irving/ADL joint statement

Apparently I was wrong.

NY Post:

If there was a path to mending the situation after Kyrie Irving’s retweet of an anti-Semitic movie last week, Irving himself put a torch to it Thursday afternoon.

Speaking to reporters for the second time since his promotion of the film, “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” Irving refused to say he was sorry, refused to say he didn’t hold anti-Semitic beliefs, refused to say the Holocaust happened and cast himself as the victim in the entire saga. Irving was cut off by Nets PR after just six minutes of answering questions.

“I didn’t mean to cause any harm,” Irving said. “I’m not the one that made the documentary.”

And here I was thinking we had a totally broken buck.

Well I guess that’s that. The Schlomos who run the NBA are going to calm down and understand that nakedly making an example out of this goy is only going to spur more uppity goyism. They’re going to relax, make –

Yahoo News:

The Brooklyn Nets have suspended Kyrie Irving five games without pay, the team announced Thursday, after a turbulent week in which the All-Star posted a link to an antisemitic video on Twitter and declined to apologize.

After reportedly spending the last several days trying to help Irving understand the film contained “deeply disturbing antisemitic hate,” the Nets said they were “dismayed” Irving had failed to say he holds no antisemitic beliefs when asked on Thursday and such a failure made him unfit to be associated with the organization.

Irving will reportedly be suspended until he satisfies “a series of objective remedial measures that address the harmful impact of his conduct.”

As you can imagine, President Greenblatt is positively thrilled.

(((Adam Silver))), the NBA Commissioner, also made sure to whine about Kyrie Irving getting redpilled on the JQ.

Kyrie Irving made a reckless decision to post a link to a film containing deeply offensive antisemitic material. While we appreciate the fact that he agreed to work with the Brooklyn Nets and the Anti-Defamation League to combat antisemitism and other forms of descrimination, I am disappointed that he has not offered an unqualified apology and more specifically denounced the vile and harmful content contained in the film he chose to publicize. I will be meeting with Kyrie in person in the next week to discuss the situation.

Let’s see what this Adam Silver fellow looks like. I’m sure he’ll –

What. The. Fuck. Am. I. Looking. At?

Buddy looks like Nosferatu got himself a sweet sinecure in the NBA’s bureaucracy. Guy’s so weird looking it took me a while to realize he has a vagina in his neck, I just couldn’t look away from that face. And in case you’re wondering if maybe he’s a former professional player who’s seven feet tall or something, and that’s why he has such a disturbing body type, think again.

Some of Irving’s harshest critics have been former players, like when Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal both referred to him as an “idiot” during TNT’s “Inside the NBA” on Tuesday, with Barkley questioning why the NBA hadn’t suspended him. Amar’e Stoudemire, who coached Irving for two seasons as a Nets assistant and converted to Judaism in 2020, said Irving needs to apologize and said there needed to be a conversation about suspending him.


What’s the term for this again? It’s not houseafricanamerican. It’ll come to me. Meanwhile it’s nice to get yet more confirmation that all these BLM supporting athletes are themselves mere property of Schlomo.

A group that has barely criticized Irving is active NBA players, though, as Cleveland Cavaliers center Robin Lopez appears to be the only player currently on a roster to say a word against Irving, and even that was merely a retweet of a Substack blog from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Then again, I may have spoke too soon. The former players won’t support him, especially if they work in (((media))) because they know who butters their bread. The current players who have large (((endorsement deals))) will throw him under the bus like a used condom. But the mid level players know that they can parlay their skills at basketball into new contracts, and they either don’t care or support Irving. Everybody likes it when goyim talk back to jews.

From the Wakandian’s documentary.

This is true even if said talk back is kind of retarded. The above is a still showing a fake quote from Adolf Hitler where he supposedly says “fuck me America keeps stealing all these precious Negros.”

So… that never happened. But the principle here is that Kyrie Irving is being punished because he’s an uppity goy, even if he likes Hitler for the wrong reasons.

How will this all play out? I have no idea. I’m not as invested in this as the Kanye Shenanigans, in part because I don’t think he’ll last as long as Kanye, and also because he does seem about as smart as a nail.

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  1. To me, Adam Silver looks like one of the aliens from Men in Black.
    I can’t be the only one who sees that, right?

    1. My first thought was evil middle eastern semitic freak lol.

  2. Well Irving caved like the dumb negro that he is. Like you said he’s as smart as a nail.

  3. I’ve read that the savage animal has been cut from the team, but who knows. Things seem to be going back and forth for the simian jungle beast.

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