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Jewish Banking: Weimar Germany and Weimart America

The similarities between Weimar of the past, and the Weimart of the present, are ever increasing. Among these similarities the most stark among them is the jewish model of banking and finance.

German mother burning money to stay warm

During the Weimar period of Germany, the Germans were put under a millstone of debt, which grinded away their living standards and their reasons to continue living; The longer time marched on, the heavier this jewish millstone became.

During this march towards destruction, the average German found themselves swept up in the wild ride of speculation – speculation of property, goods and even currencies – and the liquidation of sentimental heirlooms. The German mother would find herself buying food, most of which not destined to be consumed by her and her family, but on the basis that she may sell her produce for a higher price the next day.

The German man – if he was one of hundreds of thousands thrown out of work – would find themselves looking for scrap metals of any kind in the hopes of selling it for a profit the next day; Taking any kind of demeaning job that would result in pay immediately afterwards, for if he were not, the value of his labor would significantly decrease before his pay.

Jewish Printing, German Speculation: Mutual Destruction

The rate and acceleration of speculation among the German people had also spun so far out of control that German families would sell off all their personal possessions because of their temporary increase in value, only to find out days later that the devaluation of their currency had left them with less purchasing power than before; effectively wiping out any wealth their family had built up over the generations. Those who did not partake in this wild chase for ever increasing profits still found themselves utterly destroyed by the devaluation of their currency.

The only Germans that managed to survive through this period of extreme economic strife were those who managed to store away things that either maintained their relative value (relative to necessary items/services), or increased in value slowly compared to the devaluation of the Deutschmark. Some of them were Germans, but a most significant number were jews. These jews would use their new-found economic power – and by their way of semi-centralized crowd-funding within the jewish communities across the world – to buy up entire blocks in the major German cities for pennies on the dollar. They would do the same to factories, famous restaurants and clubs, and even bribe the government to allow them to buy historical buildings for little to nothing.

What caused this highly fluctuating value of the German currency?

The German currency was being printed into oblivion by jewish banks. Among the jewish bankers, Dr Havenstein was the crowned king of the Talmudic tellers. Havenstein’s bank, the Reichsbank, was the largest bank in the nation; becoming fully autonomous in May 1922.

This bank, among its smaller competitors, were printing money that quickly lost its gold-backing when the Weimar government gave the nation’s gold away to pay off its debts. Because this “money” was no longer backed by anything of value, it became Debt; Every Deutschmark printed put the German people further into debt.

A woman wearing a dress made of cash, Germany, 1923. German children playing with stacks of German money.

Since the German people – like everyone else – had to import raw materials and goods, and pay for those with the constantly devaluing Deutschmark, more money-printing had to be done to try to offset the incurred debt; This is both the beginning and the near-end of all stories of hyper-inflation.

Before the German Man and German Woman realized it, their property was replaced with worthless currency; Their communities destroyed by starvation and suicide; and their standing between their European brothers and sisters deteriorated.

The Printers of Weimart

The banking system of today’s America – or more properly named Weimart – is ran and controlled by the Federal Reserve. This bank is both private and above National laws, jewish yet affecting all Gentiles. The Federal Reserve Dollar lost its physical backing of gold in 1971, its silver backing in 1964, and its moral backing upon its creation in 1913.

Before the introduction of jewish monopoly money in 1913, the American worker could expect that his wage would be sufficient enough to feed him and his family, own land, and have enough left over to pass onto his children and grandchildren. He could even expect this inheritance to gain in value over the years.

After 1913 and the jewish creation of the Federal Reserve, inflation would slowly eat away at these multi-generational wealth reserves; and even creep into the very purses and wallets, draining food off of the family table.

As of December 2021, the CPI put the inflation of the Dollar at 7% annual. This figure may seen low, but the increasing and acceleration of the monthly CPI rates shows that this “low” number is only the beginning.

Already people have to take up a second or third job to pay off their bills, their debts, and to out-pace the rate at which their paychecks lose purchasing power. Already are the people selling off their treasured childhood property for massive gains, their card games for unheard of profit, and so on.

When the phase of hyper-speculation. becomes obvious to the common man, is when they find themselves in the thick of hyper-inflation. Those who find themselves in such a phase of society will surely also find other depravities of a non-economic matter, depravities that would scar most imaginations.


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