There was a recent BANG thread on the topic of twitter. Someone pointed out that they got censored, and it looked like they were far from alone. This wasn’t that much of a surprise. After all, Jazzhands got shoah’d, Warren Balogh was holocausted, Emily Youcis got got put on a rollercoaster that went directly into an oven, and many more of our brave men and women had their e-fat turned into soap.

Mike Peinovich came later and is still up as of time of writing, but they made him nearly impossible to search for. I have no idea why they did that. It’s such a bizarre thing to do when they’ve already shown that they have no qualms with just straight up censoring everyone.

I said the following in that thread.

I’m still up, which is crazy considering that I have plenty of titles like “As if Parler wasn’t already confirmed as totally worthless it censors its owner when he says “antisemitism just means nigger,” or “Hey goy, you want Nicki Minaj’s butt in your face as you murder the enemies of Israel in new Call of Duty product? No? Great, because we have exactly that!”, or “Translation: Some Schlomo sat down next to these sportsball negroes and told them they would never see a single cent in endorsement unless they stabbed Kanye in the back.”

I’d say that it’s because I only have 270+ followers, but smaller accounts have been holocausted, so who knows.

270 followers. Remember that number, because later on in the thread I got a reply.

Down to 182 now – they’re going hard – getting nervous about logging in myself now.

At first I thought he was talking about himself and his followers. And then I took a glance at my twatter account, only to see the following.

173 followers. That’s probably over a hundred of our brave goys and goyettes holocausted back into the mud. May they rest in peace.

I wasn’t expecting this, because for some reason my follower account had only ever steadily grown, even through prior holocausts. Only this time were a large amount of Daily Rake Enjoyers caught up in Yoel Roth’s masturbation machines. I was curious exactly how many followers were oven’d into the ether, so I decided to look it up.

Turning on twatter analytics shows that I had lost 42 followers in the month of November. This isn’t really all that useful to me, but luckily twatter shows you a running total of follower count over a 28 period. The graph below shows said follower count, with the straight line representing the number before 28 days ago. 

In other words, I got a huge leap when everyone got back on twatter, a steady gain in follower count, and then a million goy voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. 

But twatter analytics shows us which tweet involving us got the most engagement, along with a few other metrics. It was there that I found a man who can only be described as “if soy worshipped the volcano demon,” and who goes by the name of Simon Hardy Butler. Mr. Soyberg was beyond assblasted at yours truly remaining on twatter. I wanted to know why, and they gave me a link to that tweet. I clicked on it, only to be greeted with the following.

Well that didn’t help much. I clicked on Simon Hardy Butler’s account only to find that I was blocked, and that he was an easy contender for top 10 biggest soyboys I have ever seen. 

Believe it or not, this is one of the better pictures of Simon Hardy Butler. And yes, he isn’t just some soyboy antifa who adds triple parentheses to his title, this man is an outright Israeli.

Here we see his profile on The Times of Israel Blogs. And the biography below is from the Jerusalem Post.

This man may honest to god be the ugliest little skinnyfat faggot I have ever seen. I’m sorry, give me some jignat zionist over this untermensch any day of the week. I can’t take being oppressed by this physical embodiment of the soyjack meme seriously.

Anyway, the holocaust is well in progress over at “Elon Musk’s Twitter.” As it turns out, Elon bought it, but it’s still owned by the ADL.

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  1. My account was over a year old with no tweets and no likes, I followed Mike and liked all of his tweets and less that a day later my account was shoahed.

    1. That seems to be a running theme. They aren’t banning Moike first, they’re using him to ferret out the naughty goyim who like him. He’ll be banned soon.

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