Originally published November 14th, 2023.

Daily Observer:

Female Israeli soldiers are to be banned from serving as high security prison guards after allegations of sex with a Palestinian inmate.

Israeli media say a soldier admitted to physical intimacy with a Palestinian man said to have carried out a deadly attack on Israeli civilians, reports BBC.

Well it’s just one crazy Jew girl. It’s not like –

Israeli media also reported that during questioning, the soldier – who has been arrested – claimed four other women had also had intimate relations with the same man.

There’s turning lemons into lemonade, and then there’s being thrown into Jew prison and turning the female prison guards into your personal harem. Jaime, do we have a picture of this man?  

Thank you Jaime.

On Friday, IPS chief Katy Perry and –

Typical of Hollywood celebs. They’re so used to serving Schlomo that some of them go all the way and end up serving as the head of the Israel Prison Service. 

Couldn’t possibly be a totally different person with the same name.

Rumour has it she could be heard singing through the prison intercom system.

I kissed a Goy and I liked it.

It really made my vertical smile tingle.

I kissed a Goy just to try it.

Brought four of my cute friends to mingle.

It felt so wrong, it felt so right.

Gotta go bomb his family tonight.

I kissed a Goy and I liked it.

I liked it.


National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir announced that female soldiers would no longer serve in high security prisons holding Palestinian “terrorists”.

Israeli media quoted Mr Ben-Gvir as saying that by mid-2025 “not a single female soldier will remain in the security prisoners’ wings”.

Itamar Been-Gvetting butthurt over the epidemic of mildly attractive Jew girls choosing love over the Hilltop Youth (Have Eyes). The Middle Eastern Romeo and Juliet is happening everyday at Tel Aviv Maximum Security Prison, and the Goyphobes simply cannot allow that.

It should be no one’s surprise that Hawt Mid at Best, Fertile Jew Girls are sleeping with the oppressed, honorary Aryan Palestinian Goyim. Who else are they supposed to have sex with, these guys?

The Hilltop (have eyes) Youth

There have been repeated calls for the service of female Israeli soldiers in high-security Israeli prisons to be halted. However, these previously stalled because of a lack of staff to replace them.

Last year, Israeli ministers ordered an investigation after a scandal at one jail in which it was alleged that Palestinian convicts had assaulted and raped female soldiers serving as prison guards and that some senior prison officers had “pimped out” the conscripts.

That doesn’t sound very believable to me. Sounds like another Jew girl got horny, and then pretended that she was raped in order to conform to the cisheteronormative straight Jew male patriarchy. Luckily, our contacts in Tel Aviv leaked an audio recording of this event to us.

SCENE: Inside of maximum security prison. A mildly handsome Goy is inside a jail cell while a sexually frustrated Jewess stands just outside.

5/10 horny Jew girl: Heyyyy, it’s really great that you’re trapped in here, because otherwise you’d be raping me right?

Mildly Handsome Goy: Uh, probably not.

Jewess: Yeah you’d probably wrap those strong hands around my neck and smother my mouth with kisses so that I couldn’t scream. 

*Goy says nothing, but is clearly weirded out*

Jewess: Oh my goodness, I’ve accidentally opened the door to this cell. And, what’s this, I’ve closed it behind me. Oh no, I’m trapped in here with you all alone where no one can hear me scream.

Goy: Please stop behaving like this.

Jewess: Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re forcing me to take off my clothes and show you the body that I’ve worked so hard on at the gym.

*Proceeds to undress and expose her skinny fat body to him*

Goy: Why is this happening?

Jewess: No, please don’t hold a knife to my throat. 

*Proceeds to shove a knife into his hand and forcibly wrap his fingers around them.*

Jewess: Okay I’ll do whatever you say, daddy! 

*Says that last part then bites her lip suggestively*

Goy: Get out of my jail cell.

Jewess: Look, if you’re not going to play along I’ll tell everyone that you raped me.

*Defeated, the Goy can only cry as the Jewess forces herself on him. Eventually he snaps*


May Allah forgive him. To be violated in such a way…

Well, there are worse fates.

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