Originally published November 28th, 2023.

I don’t know if this is the first time E. Michael Jones has jumped the shark, since I never consumed any of his content. I wrote positively about him getting his twatter back way back when, because it always seemed appropriate to cheer on people adjacent to us. Let them do their thing, let us do our thing.

Unfortunately, Jones is essentially the Godfather of the whiny, effeminate, backstabby, and totally fake online performative TradCath scene. Because these types just can’t help themselves, just a few days ago, E. Michael Jones unironically praised (((Noel Ignatiev’s))) anti-White hate propaganda masquerading as intellectualism. His seminal work “proved” that the Irish weren’t considered White or something, and also White People aren’t real or whatever.

“Read Ignatiev” may turn out to be the bizarro, opposite world “Read Siege,” but for performative cowards who want to loudly signal that they are too intelligent to fight, as opposed to performative cowards who want to loudly signal that they are easy marks for the FBI.

You can find Jones’ original tweet here, and the community note, transcribed below, does a decent job filling the reader in as to this (((Ignatiev))) character.

The Irish are and always were considered ‘White’ as they are Indo-European. Historical anti-Irish sentiment stems from religious militancy. Ignatiev, a Jewish Marxist is author of works that would be considered racist should you switch ‘Whiteness’ for ‘Blackness’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noel_Ignatiev




(((Noel Ignatiev))), the originator of the “White Privilege” conspiracy theory, is arguably the most vile, anti-White pseudo-intellectual you will ever meet. The only contenders for his crown are 80 IQ Blacks who are groomed and mentored by Schlomo’s just like him. 


It is common to hear the rhetoric of “white privilege” used to explain everything from the rise of Donald Trump to the “microaggressions” of the university classroom. Less common is to hear an account of the origins of the concept, initially called “white-skin privilege,” developed by the historian and activist Noel Ignatiev, who died at 78 on Nov. 9. Ignatiev presented an analysis of white supremacy based on a premise that should be uncontroversial, yet now bizarrely seems counterintuitive: The point is to abolish white supremacy, not to endlessly lament its existence while allowing it to perpetuate itself in all its brutality.

Unfortunately, screenshot race somewhat muddies the picture. This particular quote of Noel Ignatiev doesn’t appear to be genuine, coming from a satirical website.

However, the rest of his quotes, such as this one below, are confirmed, and are nakedly genocidal in their intent.

Anti-Whites would probably use some sort of weaselly out, claiming that, since White People aren’t real, you can’t genocide us or something like that. We’ve all heard this kind of bullshit before, and, frankly, it doesn’t need to be taken seriously enough to be addressed.

The same is true for Ignatiev’s laughable nonsense spewed forth in his screed “How the Irish Became White.”


Ignatiev traces the tattered history of Irish and African-American relations, revealing how the Irish used labor unions, the Catholic Church and the Democratic party to help gain and secure their newly found place in the White Republic. He uncovers the roots of conflict between Irish-Americans & African-Americans & draws a powerful connection between the embracing of white supremacy & Irish “success” in 19th century American society.

The premise that Irish weren’t considered White until the 1800’s can be debunked in one second of thought. For example, the 1790 Naturalization Act, which excluded non-Whites from citizenship.

Wikipedia 1790 Naturalization Act:

The Naturalization Act of 1790 (1 Stat. 103, enacted March 26, 1790) was a law of the United States Congress that set the first uniform rules for the granting of United States citizenship by naturalizationThe law limited naturalization to “free White person(s) … of good character”, thus excluding Native Americansindentured servantsenslaved peoplefree black people, and later Asians.

Aren’t you forgetting the Irish!

As non-Whites they would also be excluded –

The Constitutional:

While American Colonists were willing to fight for their rights, the idea of true Independence from England was a worrying thought for many colonists. At the time of the Revolution, many Americans identified as English more than they did as Americans. At least initially, the goal for many patriots wasn’t to break away from the English, but to rise up and convince them that they deserved their rights just as much as any Englishman in England. For the Irish living in America, things were considerably less complicated. After centuries of conflict between the Irish and the English, most Irish Americans held no reservations with separating from England. Therefore, Irish immigrants and their descendants had an outsized impact on the American Revolution and were leaders in many aspects of the conflict.

While only about ten percent of the American population descended from Ireland at the time the American Revolution began, it is believed that the Irish served in the Continental Army at a much higher rate than their English descended Countrymen. Scholarly research indicates that as much as 40-50% of the Continental Army was comprised of soldiers of Irish descent. While many English Americans struggled to decide to fight against their King or declare independence from their homeland, most Irish Americans had no such struggle of allegiance.

The Asiatic horde of Irish layabouts taking up arms against the White Race makes me sick to my stomach. At least the US Government made the right decision, denied them all citizenship, and threw them out of the country after the 1790 Naturalization Act. After all –

My ancestors waiting for the non-White Irish to be deported.

Wait, hold on a second. It turns out that this never happened. Not only were the filthy non-White Irish not deported, but plenty of these Irish immigrants came to America afterwards. Even more curiously, there were many Irish-American politicians who signed the 1790 Naturalization Act.

This wasn’t seen as odd, or unusual, and they and their progeny faced no repercussions for this, because the Irish have always been considered White. Only anti-White pseudo-intellectual Kikes like Noel Ignatiev pretend otherwise when pursuing an anti-White racial strategy of their own.

You may now count E. Michael Jones amongst those anti-White pseudo-intellectuals.

The Goyim on twatter didn’t take to Jones’ shilling of an anti-White’s alternative history kindly. Jones responded by repeating the exact same “The Irish became ‘white’ only after they arrived in America. Why isn’t this obvious no matter who says it?” line. He was so enamoured with this “gotcha,” that he repeated it over and over and over again.

Take that you silly White Goyim! Imagine being so silly as to consider the trustworthiness of a source before blindly regurgitating their ludicrous fables.

I didn’t bother screencapping the half of it, but Jones branched out to a few other absurd responses. My personal favourite is seen below.

They were protestants and Catholics. Was Cromwell white? If he was, why was he attacking the Catholics at Drogheda? Weren’t they white too? Race explains absolutely nothing in Irish history.

What kind of retarded non-sequitur is this?

Bro, you’re telling me that these two people are siblings, and yet one of them murdered the other. Wow, that must mean that they’re not really sibilings. Family explains nothing of these two people’s lives. In fact, it’s an inherently fraudulent concept based on colonialism and oppression.

The current invasion of Ireland is predicated on getting the Irish to self-identify as white so that the oligarchs can then eliminate them as racists. Varadakar said exactly that. Any Irishman who identifies as white has internalized the commands of his oppressors.

“If you fight them on the relevant battleground, they win.”

Michael, are you sure there’s an invasion going on here? Have you double checked that the Afghan migrant who stabbed three Irish children wasn’t a Roman Catholic? We can’t be too hasty just assuming that he wasn’t baptized at some point. 

E. Michael Jones continues tripling down on this weird combination of low IQ gotchas, reframing cowardice as smart strategy, and random non-sequiturs. Interspersed in between all this whining is him correctly noting the mass Jew overrepresentation pushing societal filth like pornography. Also, Chynaaaaa baaaaaad. 

Gee, you might think that Schlomo pushes pornography as a racial strategy to weaken the Goyim, and puts out pseudo-intellectualism denying the existence and validity of White People as a racial strategy to weaken their competitors. However, Jones’ good pal (((Noel Ignatiev))) is here to set you straight. 

The lampshadocaust isn’t real, just like White People. We know that because the same people who brought us rollercoasters that went directly into ovens – and these days the Baby Beheader 9000 – tell us so. They’re fine, trustworthy gentlemen those zionists. Or at least they are when they tell us that White People aren’t real. 

Bro, just go back to church so you can regain your Tvue Irish Identity. After all, the Irish didn’t exist before Christianity. Don’t identify as White, that’s playing into the anti-Whites uh, Globalist Christ Disapprover’s hands. 

This wimpy cowardice is annoying and tiresome. E. Michael Jones has his twatter account because he does subversive and counterproductive nonsense like this. I refuse to believe that people who have been doing politics for decades can accidentally come to these absurd positions that just so happen to benefit them financially through greatly diminished censorship. 

This thread spawned some BANG commentary that I felt was worthy of reproduction.


It’s why Cantwell has to become a republican that is jew aware.  It’s why Spencer has to become a democrat that is jew aware.  It’s why Fuentes and EMJ have to become christians that are jew aware etc.  They all have to pick some other identity that isn’t based in the primary and most relevant identity that matters within the context of the problem. 

I have nothing against Catholics, and have said so many times before. Performative e-tradcath’ing is an obnoxious novelty taking divide and conquer position that serves as an Ersatz struggle in lieu of a real one.

“Christ Is Kang”

If these online clowns were serious they’d make their personal mission to infiltrate and overthrow the current absurd “leadership” of the Catholic Church. If they did that we’d all cheer for them. Instead they go on dates with catbois and shelter gay pedophiles, no really.

E. Michael Jones is less of a clown than the zoomer version of this LARP, but he’s no more politically productive, either. 

[Name Redacted]

I was raised Catholic and even attended Catholic school for part of my childhood. All I know about E Michael Jones I learned through various TRS podcasts and this forum. I find it funny that people my age and younger are starting to start some right wing Catholic revolution when everyone else I know who has been a Catholic their entire life can agree that the church has never been worse (or gayer if they’re being really honest). My grandparents- who attended church every Sunday their entire lives and at various times worked for the parish and volunteered until they physically couldn’t anymore ultimately thought this before they died a few years back. When the diocese closed the parish they spent their entire adult lives supporting, they didn’t go to the next closest ones they started to attend the closest Lutheran Church until they physically couldn’t anymore. In the end, they just didn’t care about the Catholic Church- though I’m positive both went to their graves as firm believers.

My point to all this is Jones and his followers are a dead end. If people who spent 70+ years dedicated to Catholicism ultimately said “yeah nah” before they died, all of these people doing it because they’re too afraid to join a real right wing movement will too.

Nothing Jones has ever said about the JQ overcomes his recommendation of this filthy kike’s book and false conclusions. The fact the tweet in the OP exists proves he isn’t serious about the JQ. He’s a dumbass at best and a bad actor at worst. Into the trash it goes, glad I never wasted time on him

Noel Ignatiev pretends that the White Race isn’t real, precisely because he knows that it is, and it’s in his Jew racial interest to suppress, attack, and hurt White People. E. Michael Jones pretends that White People aren’t a thing because he’s a cowardly faggot. I find both particularly disgusting.

The e-right remains a sewer of unproductive novelty take grifters.

Update: Commenter “…” left the following very interesting comment under the original article. It’s not directly relevant to the piece, but very relevant to the Steak Knives series that was published starting just a few days later.

Remember when they told you to leave hyphen report because they were doing muh respectable serious guy bolitics? That site is completely dead now. There hasn’t been a new article in almost a year. What did they think was going to happen?
You know, people talk a lot about the psychology of leftists, and that’s all well and fine but I think it’s about time we talk about what the hell is going on with these right wing people. Autism, schizophrenia, unbelievable boringness, anti-social purity spiraling, unhelpful contrarianism. It’s like they enjoy the thrill of getting in the way and gumming up the works more than actually accomplishing something.

There’s always a reason why something isn’t good enough. The Irish are revolting against the Jewish agenda? That’s great, BUT, let me tell you about how the Irish aren’t white because that’s my stupid pet theory that I have because I am AUTISTIC and I DONT KNOW HOW TO GET ALONG WITH OTHERS.

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  1. Crusty catholic cock sucker, E. Michael Jones lying as usual, and this time quoting no less a kike rat than Noel Ignatiev. Nuclear warheads for the Vatican, Israel, and Medina would be a nice gift to the world.

  2. No, the Vatican is the holy capital of the European race.

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