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Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre has already made good on his promise to engage more with the party’s growing immigrant base.

On Nov.7, members of Poilievre’s caucus held a meet-and-greet in Winnipeg with members of the Manitoba conservative party, including representatives from the Association of Black Conservatives (ABC); the Ukrainian-Canada Congress; the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg; and members of the Filipino and Punjabi communities.

The gathering showcased the growing influence and pulling power of immigrant communities in Canadian politics as well as their appeal to all of the major parties.

Ukrainian immigrants I can live with. And by live with I mean if you look like this DM me.

The rest of them I’m not so excited about. Let’s see what Pierre Poilievre and the CPC is promising them.

Federal Conservative Party Deputy Leader Tim Uppal spoke on behalf his party.

“We will maintain the same engagements and commitment for continuous discussions around immigration [including] immigration that is based on family reunification, the recognition of foreign certificates, the scrapping of the English test, as well as the removal of bottlenecks to improving the immigration process,” Uppal told the gathering.

Uppal encouraged more civic engagement by immigrants and asked them to consider running in the next federal election.

It’s so ridiculous that it’s actually funny. Here we have mass migration being one of the most unpopular issues around. Rather than seize the initiative and be the party of no migrants, the CPC is promising more migrants, and removing the test that requires them to be able to speak English. In other words, you’re going to get a bunch of Wakandians who don’t speak your language. They’re going to be awful to be around, and beyond that, they’re going to have little to no financial success in this country. Then you’re going to get blamed for systemic oppression of these JeQueerus and harmed again.

Other members of Poilievre’s shadow cabinet present were Jasraj Singh Hallan (Finance and Middle Class Prosperity); James Bezan (Defence); Raquel Dancho (Public Safety); and Dan Mezier (Rural Economic Development).

Community leader and member of the Black Conservatives, Olubunmi Aregbesola noted the association’s role in the recent provincial Conservative Party leadership race.

Manitoba’s Black conservatives increasing support of Poilievre began with the federal election in September 2021. During that campaign, more than 800 members of the Black community in Winnipeg became members of the Conservative Party, “which helped propel the party to important victories,” Aregbesola said in an interview with New Canadian Media after Poilievre won the party leadership.

“Black Community member” just means Black. But it still rankles me that this propaganda piece does the whole “x community,” thing, when you know they’d never say the “White Community.” 

Anyway, none of this is actually popular, despite the mass propaganda around this pretending otherwise. So if Mr. Poilievre isn’t doing this for his electoral vability, who is this for?

Open Parliament:

In the House of Commons on May 2nd, 2008

Mr. Speaker, next week on May 8 the state of Israel will celebrate its 60th birthday. I rise today to congratulate the Jewish state for what has been a miraculous achievement in the last six decades to create one of the world’s most advanced democracies.

Unfortunately here at home, radical left-wing groups are targeting the Jewish state. Only two weeks ago the Canadian Union of Postal Workers passed a resolution calling for an international campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions. Radical left-wing groups on campuses have been holding Israel apartheid weeks and intimidating Jewish students.

On November 8, 2007 at York University, Jewish students were swarmed by anti-Israel students shouting, “The Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. The real terrorists are Zionists and the Americans”. One faculty member is said to have shouted, “Gestapo” at the students themselves. In April 2008 at Carleton University, a student picked up a picture of a terrorist who had killed eight Israelis.

This kind of thing is unacceptable.

I’m so glad we have a based right wing patriot in Pierre Poilievre being astroturfed into the leadership of this great nation. For too long these LEFTISTS have whined that Israel is an apartheid regime that is murdering a minority population and stealing their land. But we true blue conservatives only support ending apartheid in South Africa, and desegregating areas that White People live in. 

And I for one am sick and tired of these anti-immigrant nazis. Members of da Black Community are our biggest allies. They’ve been the most harmed by the regulations that prevent small businesses from thriving. And I don’t care what any leftists say, capitalism has been shown over and over to have lifted billions out of poverty, and that’s why we need to push back against socialists attacking our brave trillion dollar multinational corporations. 

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  1. Why don’t we just cut to the chase, and give all Africans everywhere the right to vote in Canadian federal elections? More efficient than importing all these imbeciles, and housing and feeding them, imho.

  2. Really, the solution is obvious: All Canadians must learn Khoisan (African click language). I’m shocked that Trudeau hasn’t already ordered the RCMP to force people do this at gunpoint.

    It’s not as bad as you might first anticipate, as I don’t believe there is a written form of the language to learn.

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