Remember when Milo was caught trashing Kanye West on his telegram feed before wiping all the messages older than about fourty days? It showed a shocking lack of care and attention to detail among the self-proclaimed Dangerous Faggot. Nevertheless, Kanye West continued appearing with Milo, which I passed off as Kanye “Especially Hitler” West showing yet more bad judgement in who he surrounds himself with. I didn’t much care either, since the fake hetero being there only adds to the enjoyable Clown Fiesta that is YeGate.

But apparently I was incorrect in assuming that Mr. West would never respond to his supposed advocate repeatedly trashing him, and Milo has been fired. Milo posted the above on his telegram channel. He also made his telegram channel something you need to join to comment under as of earlier today. It’s not clear what he thought he would gain from this, but he did it. I guess he wants to curate the comments even more for the next short little while.

The Ralph Retort:

It’s been awhile, but I figured why not write this one up? I’ll talk about it more on the Killstream later today. Laura Loomer will be guesting and I’ve heard she has a lot more to unfurl on this subject.

I’ve been told by a top level YE24 source that Milo Yiannopoulos has been removed from the operation after a move against Chief Nick Fuentes.

A quote from the source gives you a little flavor:

“It was like Brutus tripped over his own toga.”

This attempted power play has seen Milo relegated to the sidelines.

“This attempted power play has relegated Milo to the sidelines.” – The Gunt

Wow, so based! Nick Fuentes is like the Godfather. Who couldn’t picture Michael Corleone spazzing out, throwing his soda at someone, and failing? Him looking like he’s about to cry at the end really sells the hardened gangsta image he’s been carefully curating through all these years.

It’s interesting how Milo was ostensibly removed for his cuck grifter power play behind the scenes. This is interesting, but only because he wasn’t removed for being a literal fed informant.

Because if Milo showed up to something I was a part of, I would say “you bragged about recording pro-White activists private conversations, giving this to the feds, and selling this to Roberta Kaplan. So GTFO you fake heterosexual,” and that would be that. But weirdly, in the super duper serious tradcatboi mestizo supremacist land of serious optics incels we have to do cuck power plays in the background in order to get the fed informant removed from running the entire operation.

I’m also told that this was agreed upon by all key players within the nascent YE24 campaign. Apparently, there has been major friction over Yiannopoulos’ alleged treachery behind-the-scenes, with multiple unnamed (but extremely knowledgeable) sources saying that he has fallen out totally with Fuentes and that this failed power play is the culmination of that.

Here’s a crazy idea. Maybe he had a falling out with Kanye West, who was finally told that Milo had been shittalking him for years, with numerous posts just from this year alone calling him a homosexual. I don’t believe the narrative that the World’s Purest LOLcow, Ethan Ralph, is putting out there, what with Fuentes having the final say over who stays and who goes, but it doesn’t matter. Whatever the case, this has been one of the most enjoyable political shitshows to watch from a distance.

Everyone knew the Kanye/Milo/Fuentes/Trump axis of grifting was going to degenerate into a worthless narcissist fight. But even I didn’t anticipate it would explode this violently and this quickly.

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  1. >Milo has fallen out with Nick.
    Looks like the Fuentes sex tape will finally drop.

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