First of all, YouTube censored another of our Kanye West videos. It’s the eleven second long video where Kanye quietly says “I love Hitler” after Jones was ranting unannounced about how much he hates the man.

What makes this so weird is the two videos that are left up on YouTube.

And this one making fun of Ben Shapiro.

Really makes you wonder who’s in charge of YouTube censorship. Surely they could look at the videos and just nuke them all, but they don’t. They also didn’t give us any strikes for this content. I don’t know what to make of this, I just wanted to reinforce that they are assblasted over this, but in a really weird and unfocused way.

Also, this thirteen year old video went viral again, and I have to admit it’s not bad. In it the two female comedians, Garfunkle and Oates, read out a few lines without context, and ask the audience whether Kanye or Hitler said them.

When a man is starving in the streets he is not thinking of bread and water but of caviar and champagne. – Adolf Hitler.

The above quote is unsourced by them, and I couldn’t find any reasonable source on my own. What is known is that Adolf Hitler did spend a brief period of time homeless in Vienna, during which time he no doubt fomented a keen hatred of the upper class and their constant parties, as represented by this quote. Whether the quote is real or not, I like it, and I’m stealing this for a work of fiction that I’m writing.


A UK tattoo removal studio is offering free removal of Kanye West tattoos as the artist continues to openly promote antisemitism and praise Adolf Hitler.

Lol. LMAO even.

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, having Kanye West’s face tattoo’d on your body, or wanting to take it off only after he finally does something worth celebrating. Or maybe secret option C, which is the extreme low quality of some of these tattoos. I guess if you’re getting Kanye West’s face tattoo’d on your body, especially before his recent escapades, then you have terrible taste, and think this stuff looks good.

I could not be happier for us to be in the position we’re in WRT Mr. West. Yes, he’s possibly bipolar, and he’s extremely verbose. I don’t like Kanye’s music, and I can’t pretend to even as a joke. But we don’t have to pretend that he’s a musical or rhetorical genius who’s absolutely dialed in to the God’s Truth. We can just sit back and enjoy him as a hilarious wrecking ball. Frankly, his weird mannerisms and asides make the entire thing even funnier.

I think WhiteRabbitRadio made this. Not sure.

We don’t need to pretend that Kanye West is going to be the future President of the United States. We just sit back and enjoy the entertainment. And he’s already exposed Alex Jones and Elon Musk as fraud’s just by being belligerent with a one track mind.

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  1. I hope tattoo removals hurt. A lot.

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