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Daily Mail:

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is fighting extradition from The Bahamas after showing up to court in Nassau with his Stanford law professor parents and a police escort. 

Federal prosecutors in New York and the SEC both say Bankman-Fried used the platform as a ‘personal piggy bank’ to fund a lavish lifestyle and make whopping political donations. He’s been hit with eight counts of various fraud and money laundering charges and now faces 155 years in prison.

I put out a telegram poll yesterday asking everyone what they thought would happen to Der Bankman. 53% of respondents thought he would be undercharged. 18% thought he’d be let off entirely. And with 12% of people saying they weren’t sure, that was definitely the dominant line of thinking.

Myself I picked the Bernie Madoff treatment. Again, all answers are reasonable, but I felt like SBF had done way too much to harm International Finance Heebery and the credibility of this illegitimate system. Anything can still happen, but the charges starting at 150+ years makes me feel comfortable with my choice.

He maintains that he did nothing of the sort, and was going to tell Congress today that he could repay all of the people who have lost money ‘tomorrow’ if his assets were unfrozen, despite previously filing for bankruptcy. 

Bankman-Fried’s mouth has done himself no favours. At this point everyone knows that his companies, FTX and Alameda, stole customer funds. The only question is how much he knew personally. Even there, everyone knows he’s guilty, but he’s done the “I have zero idea what happened at my own corporations,” routine, so it’s hard to pin him down without being a state investigatory body.

What is also known is that the customers money has disappeared, and the corporation is insolvent. Hell, he even filed for bankruptcy. Yet he still claims he can pay people back, because he’s a delusional narcissist who has been so coddled throughout his life that he’s never had someone tell him no, and he can’t admit to himself that it’s over.

Prosecutors in The Bahamas today argued that he should not be granted bail, insisting that he was a flight risk. He is in court currently in a blue and white shirt, and is not wearing handcuffs. 

Bankman-Fried was due to give testimony today about his doomed platform before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services. 

Forbes obtained a written copy of the testimony he was expected to give. 

It’s cheating if you read the headline, but what do you think Mr. Bankperson blamed the stolen funds on?

It began: ‘I would like to start by formally stating under oath: I f****d up. I know that it doesn’t mean much to say that I’m sorry. And so I’m dedicating as much of myself as I can to do the right thing by customers. 

‘When all is said and done, I’ll judge myself primarily by one metric: whether I have eventually been able to make customers whole. If I fail our customers in this regard, I have failed myself.’ 

But over the next 18 pages, he blamed anti-Semitism, lawyers and even his own ex-girlfriend for the breakdown of his company. 

Juden Peterstein is a retarded philo-judaic bull in a china shop who undoubtedly does more harm than good for Der Schlomo. Watching him with tears streaming down his face as he angrily lectures the Goyim on supporting Jew Nationalism, after explicitly saying that his number one goal is preventing White Nationalism, is an accidental own goal. 

Now we have Sam Bankman-Fried holding up a sign over his head that says “yes, I am a Jew and I want everyone to know, please don’t forget that I’m a Jew”. Trust me, Sam, I didn’t forget, but I’m sure a lot of the normies weren’t so sure. Watching this disgusting and evil crook go out there and portray himself as a victim explicitly because the Goyim are too uppity with him can only be a good thing for us. Sucks for the people who were thieved by him. My heart goes out to you. But The Eternal Bankman is a political gift that keeps on giving. 

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  1. Say, why would prosecuting criminals for committing fraud, fall so heavily on jews?

    Weird, huh?

    1. Why would have thought that 109 countries were actually right about der juden.

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  3. Maybe the Bahamas can be the new, you know, Madagascar. A nice place to stuff the jews in perpetuity. SBF and his parents are a good start…

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