I’ve realized that I’m going to have to start a new category of article called CrimeWorld. There are simply too many cases of this kind of thing these days, and I want to save ClownWorld for deranged tranny stuff. 

This video is almost a year old as of time of writing, and everything he points out has only gotten worse. 

Folks, I’m leaving New York. It’s not clickbait, I’m going to explain to the best I can of why I’m moving and where. It’s not an easy decision to make, especially when you’ve lived in a city like this for your entire life here.

So let’s get started. Number one, the homeless, mentally ill, and growing crime in New York City. And I’m ashamed to even mention this, especially because it’s a city I love and have lived in my entire life. But New York City has a growing problem. Every time I walk through the streets I notice more mentally unstable people out there who aren’t getting the help that they need.

He includes a short clip of a homeless guy asking him “how the FUCK are you,” for no particular reason. Another one of those random acts of sketchiness and aggression that people who have to frequent these kinds of areas are all too familiar with.

Homeless people on the streets. And also crime is very unsettling now. I mean, just the other day there was like six stabbings throughout the city. And I don’t really feel like New York City is as safe as it used to be.

I constantly mention this on my walks. People ask me if New York City is safe. I still think it’s a safe city, but it’s getting to the point where, if NYC doesn’t act soon, it’s going to go to a place where it won’t be able to turn around again. 

I had never heard of ActionKid before, and I don’t believe that I have seen any of his content. But this is more relevant than some random person leaving NYC due to crime, because all this guy does is walk, bike, and drive around various places. All his recent content is from South Florida, showing that he did in fact make good on his promise to leave New York City.

Above is his second most popular video ever, from a few years ago, and is just him walking Broadway, pre-Fentanyl Floyd. This is the kind of content that he does, and he ended up accidentally documenting the precipitous decline of New York City.

So politics, NYC is a big mess of bad politics. And I don’t really like to be talking politics on this channel. That’s never what my channel was about, but there are some serious quality of life issues in this city that really can’t be ignored anymore like this growing crime. I mean, this whole thing with this bail reform with – people are just caught and released back into the streets again. And they’ve been caught, been arrested like tens of time in the past. 

If you just make sense of it as a reasonable person, why should we let this person back on the streets again when he’s shown a weapon, when he’s assaulted everyone else. But NYC has this great idea where we arrest these people and then just let them back on to commit more crimes. It’s pretty sad.

Being against crime is probably the single most important issue as far as average everyday people are concerned. This is one of those things that undeniably affects people, and something our Parasite Class doesn’t just not have answers for, but thinks is hilarious.

Other things too. Like this jail in ChinaTown, and now they wanna put more homeless shelters there too. I mean, everyone sees that the community is gonna have a worse quality of life because of it. But nothing seems to be done. I mean, what is going on with New York? Bad, bad politics.

GeT AlOAd oF tHIs nIMbY.

He also gives a fairly normie take on one of the most important, but totally ignored aspects of Covid-19, which is the shuttering of small businesses. Big businesses in America got literally six trillion dollars in bailouts, while 40% of small businesses went under. The final number, for both the big business bailouts and the small business closings, may have been higher. 

You don’t need to be a bugcreature soying out over organic dildo shops to want the businesses that are in your neighbourhood to be locally owned. There are reasons why the NSDAP made sure to explicitly favour small businesses in rhetoric and policy, and the exact opposite reasons are why ZOG made sure to destroy them during Covid-19.

He complains about high taxes in New York, which is fair. It’s one thing to pay high taxes for a government that does things for you. It’s another to pay high taxes to such an obviously illegitimate government that refuses to even lock up career criminals. And with that the video ends.

The very first comment says something interesting. Often imitated, never duplicated. Now where have I heard that?

It’ll come to me.

The comments oscillate between dumping on New York City and praising ActionKid. However, user marilena7554 does have something of a downer for people thinking (((Ron DeSantis’))) Florida has something to offer them. 

I unfortunately live in South Florida and am desperate to get out. You are not leaving behind those issues you spoke of in New York. We have the EXACT same problems here at the same level. This seems to be a problem all throughout the country with no politician willing to fix it. And the whole mental health issues – there is a reason why mental health court originated in South Florida.


CrimeWorld is not a natural state of the world. CrimeWorld is a set of policies. 

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  1. If you need to operate a store in that environment, there is only one way to do it – the same way small shops operate in sub-Saharan Africa. The customer goes to window 1 and tells the clerk what he wants and pays for it. Customer then goes to window 2 and where his stuff is given to him after one of the staff gathers it up and delivers it to the pickup window.

    Another possibility would be to operate one of those giant vending machines, maybe with a security guard and bars over the glass.

  2. You know it’s bad when even the Asians are participating in White Flight.

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