In the second piece in the Traffic Soyboys Series I made a strong argument against the existence of zoning laws, at least as practiced in the US/Canada. I doubled down on this in the third piece, and I stand by most of what I said. It is utterly ridiculous that you have to get into a car in many, if not most places in Canada/US just to get anything because the government makes it illegal to build the essentials of life near where people live. But this is fundamentally different from the “you’re just a NIMBY” non-argument the traffic soyboys put forwards when they feel entitled to destroying your neighbourhood on a whim.

From the video, starting just before one minute in.

The Not In My Backyard phenomenon is not new or relegated to coastal cities like San Francisco. NIMBYs have been showing up in local community meetings and voting for anti-density candidates in local elections for a long time.

So… the people expressing their democratic will to not have their neighbourhoods destroyed is bad?

Apparently so. The maker of this video, City Beautiful, even had the audacity to put the above image up as if it were bad with no real justification. The context being that the people in this area were opposing real estate development, and that you should side with the real estate developers cause reasons. Really sticking it to the man there urbanists.

I know this is a highly charged political planning topic and I must admit I am not a neutral party here. I believe that the NIMBY mindset is ultimately selfish and exacerbates climate change and inequities.

Within the first 90 seconds we have some snarky midwit whining about peasants fighting back against real estate developers, before bloviating about global warming. If you’re wondering what this guy looks like, here you go. He’s even creepier in motion.

The NIMBY term is fundamentally dishonest. They reframe people’s collective anger at their neighbourhoods being destroyed, with some individualistic strawman where someone’s backyard is chosen to host a non-polluting and tiny energy power plant that will run a water purification site that will save the lives of millions of hungry orphans of colour. But the meanie person doesn’t like that because they’ll be getting lots of “thank you for saving my life,” letters from the orphans and it moderately inconveniences them. 

San Franciscoans are intolerable little cunts, but one of the most hate inducing things they do is whine about immigrants but only from within America. I’m seething at myself for not saving an image I once had of some San Francisco cunts holding up signs that said “Iowa, Idaho residents not welcome, we’re full.” Keep in mind that San Fran is a sanctuary city that brags about letting non-Americans stay there.

Having said that, if the San Fransters weren’t horrid little monsters, I could concede that they had something of a point. After all, I fully support people in Idaho putting a special tax on Californians moving into their cities and towns because they’re fleeing the mess that California is. 

I drove a semi-truck to San Fran quite some times, and I have a lot to say about it. In short, if you’re not in the extremely wealthy areas San Francisco is a shithole that is only expensive because a bunch of tech companies set up shop there. It’s got the same human feces problem as Vancouver’s downtown east side, and has essentially died because of work from home during the pandemic. Now that people are working from home, and the easily solvable – but not solved – drug problem has gotten so bad in San Fran that it’s intolerable, the shitty Californians are fleeing to cities like Boise, Idaho, which have nothing going for them other than the White People living there building a beautiful city that these faggots are eager to price them out of. 

Boise, Idaho.

Why should the good people of Boise, Idaho have their quaint, charming communities bulldozed over to build apartment buildings for San Fran faggots? Why should a combination of Soros approved prosecutors destroying the livability (and walkability oh gawd) of the city, and immigrants driving the rent through the roof lead to Boise, Idaho having their cities damaged. LOLbertarian faggots might bloviate about how the economics now lead to apartment buildings and not single family homes and blah blah but how about instead of that you just tell the San Francisco cunts to fuck off and go somewhere else? And if that’s not possible, pass zoning laws that ban the creation of the now economical apartment buildings to preserve the local community.

As obnoxious as Californians are, it’s not the end of the World if they come. Worse is if some cunt tries to shove no-income housing in your area, or a safe injection site. Laws to stop that are undoubtedly in the public interest. Except, wait a minute. Hold on there. Opposing that would just make you a big fat evil NIMBY, and you wouldn’t want to be that now would you, Goy?

Search “NIMBY” on YouTube and you’ll get these three as the top recommendations, or at least I did. They’re joined by many more.

I clicked on the one about Ontario Cities, watched the first few minutes, and was blown away by the level of cuntery I immediately encountered. 

Steve Paikin: There was a lot of outrage in Toronto a couple weeks ago in opposition to an affordable housing project that was going to take place in a parking lot that one resident described as the “heart and the hub of the community.” Uh, okay. Let’s find out, how common has this type of objection been, councillor Fletcher, in your experience?

First of all, fuck you. I don’t believe any of these nasty cunts when they say that one resident described the parking lot as the “heart and hub of the city”. So I looked it up, and, surprise surprise, it isn’t true.

Global News:

Community members of an East York neighbourhood are up in arms about the City of Toronto‘s plans to replace a parking lot with 64 units of affordable housing for the region’s homeless population.

This area is the children’s recreational hub for the whole of East York and there’s a lot of safety issues and concerns that we have,” said community member Mark Battenberg.

Residents of the area point to the fact that the parking lot is surrounded by an elementary school, daycare, public pool, baseball diamonds and a hockey rink as part of the reason the City should not go ahead with the development.

“We’re not saying people don’t need support and people don’t need homes, but to increase the population density with… people going through the most troubling and difficult times of their lives with addiction and mental health issues, this may not be the appropriate place to do it,” said Steve Bland, who has been living in the neighbourhood for eleven years.

One guy, Steve Bland, says what they claimed, only it’s clearly taken out of context as evidenced by the very next sentence.

He also argues that the parking lot is heavily used by parents looking to drop their kids off to school, the pool or for sporting events at neighbouring baseball diamonds or hockey rinks.

“This parking lot is the hub, it’s the heart of the community. It provides everybody an opportunity to partake in everything that’s here,” said Bland.

In other words he’s restating what the mother said above, which is that they need this parking lot to use the school, the hockey rink, the daycare, the baseball diamonds, and the public school. And of course, as you might imagine…

Residents also say they were not consulted by the City before the plans moved forward with the affordable housing development.

It took me less than ten minutes to look this up, find the appropriate quotes, and see that a community of people, all White in the Globe and Mail video which I reproduced below, are having an essential parking lot destroyed so a  bunch of “recovering” drug addicts can be shoved near a school, daycare, playground, hockey rink, and baseball diamond. 

These privileged antifa cunts know what they’re doing is wrong, or they wouldn’t need to strawman the peasants whose lives they’re upturning as being really excited about the parking lot, as opposed to righteously angered that essential infrastructure they use for family events is being destroyed in order to make way for a bunch of druggies.

These people make me so fucking angry that I had to get up and pace around for a full twenty minutes while writing this. The fucking audacity to blatantly misrepresent what the victims are saying about their community being destroyed, especially when coming from people who always bloviate about fake and gay “communities,” makes it difficult to write. Fuck these people.

You want to be even angrier? The above still of these faggots laughing is from just after Steve Paikin mischaracterizes the peasants concern being the parking lot being destroyed as opposed to their entire community. They all think the strawman they have to resort to is hilarious.

Anyway, Paula Fletcher, who is on the Toronto city council, is first to respond to Paikin’s ridiculous question that I transcribed way above.

This is uh quite common. This was a modular housing site for men coming off the street. Had been homeless and were looking for a solid place to live with great supports.

Uh I think change is always hard. But I know from my experience that while there’s people that are opposed, there are always a lot of people, institutions, churches, schools, many other community leaders that are in favour.

In other words, the people always hate it, but institutions that don’t represent the people love doing this to people. 

Paula Fletcher

If you think this evil bitch is bad, get a load of this next cunt. He’s Joe Mihevc, and he was a former Toronto city councillor from the early nineties ending in 2018. His Wikipedia page describes him as being “active in social justice and human rights issues.” 

Steve Paikin: Do we have these kind of issues only when you’re trying to house a difficult to house cohort, or do you get this kind of stuff regardless?

Joe Mihevc: Well you almost get it regardless.

Let me translate that. No. When you’re not destroying people’s communities they don’t complain. When you are destroying people’s communities with mentally ill drug addicts of colour they do complain. Sorry, they turn into evil NIMBYs and so it’s good when you oppress them.

But as Paula was saying change is hard for some people.

Joe Mihevc

The little faggot even smugly grins as he says it. “Oh I know, having your neighbourhood be destroyed by crackheads we imported in can be hard to get used to, peasant. But that just shows how fragile and resistant to change you are.” 

And I think this is articulated in sometimes some very unhealthy ways. In all my days, and this goes back to the early 90s, I cannot remember a case where there hasn’t been some kind of community opposition to either an affordable housing project, a social housing project, or a shelter going in. Having said that, at the same time, there has not been an, I’m pretty sure 99.9% sure, that I’ve never seen a case where city council or staff have backed off and said ‘okay we will follow the advice or the NIMBYism that is presenting itself and we’re going to go in a different direction.’

We have always, under Lassman, under Miller, under Ford, under Tory, the affordable housing, social housing, shelter project has always won at the end of the day. But there is a process, and some processes are healthier and some processes are not so healthy in uh attaining community acceptance.

I had to once again stop, workout hard, take a shower, and come back to this an hour later because I was so fucking enraged at this snide, beady eyed little cunt. 

Joe Mihevc

This fucking piece of shit admits that every single time they have shoved some scum of the Earth the actual people there, the real communities, have pushed back against this. They have never wanted those people there, and sometimes resort to “unhealthy,” means of discourse towards the community destroying faggot.

And this unbearable cunt, Joe Mihevc, is proud that in every single case the cunts at city hall have totally ignored the people who live in the communities that they are destroying, and have patted themselves on the back specifically for shoving it anti-democratically down the people’s throats. They are proud of this. It makes them happy to do to you and your communities what you do not want.

He then admits that it doesn’t matter who you elect as mayor, at least if you think that a cuckservative is going to save you. Once these nasty little cunts have circled your neighbourhood on the map and chosen it for destruction through death by a thousand used needles, or maybe a million, it’s over. There’s nothing you can do, at least legally. You can protest all you want, you can gather whatever signatures you want, you can make sure that they know how unpopular what they’re doing to you is, it doesn’t matter. Eventually all the peasants resign themselves to a shitty, destroyed neighbourhood.

I’m going to create a fictional character, named Dave, to serve as my stand in and try to humanize and personalize the suffering these evil twerps put people through. Dave is a good guy. He studied hard at university. He got himself a good job doing, let’s say aeronautical engineering since that’s most White, and he got himself a good salary at the expense of some overly long hours.

Dave managed to find himself a nice girl, Lisa, and they’ve had two kids together. She’s pregnant with their third, and they’re fortunate enough, due to Dave’s job, to let her stay at home taking care of the kids full time, and being active in the local community of, let’s say, East York.

Now when I say she’s active in the community I don’t mean that in the antifa “community activist,” way, but in the real sense of doing the unpaid labour that all communities need to be organized and thrive. And when I say thrive I mean that in the real sense, where there’s people volunteering to coach youth sports teams, community events organized, taking the time to get to know the neighbours, etcetera. I don’t mean thrive in the “omg so many multiracial gay fuckparties and drugs are available with free funkopops,” way these bugcreatures would abuse the term. I mean real communities where families can live and grow up in.

Now imagine that these fucking cunts decide, without Dave’s blessing, that Dave’s happy little neighbourhood that he has lived in for seven years is going to have a parking lot destroyed that everyone needs for many local events, like hockey and baseball games, daycare, family swimming, and many others. In its place, they’re going to house a bunch of recovering – they claim – drug addicts, some of which are undoubtedly mentally ill. Or maybe it’s some no-income housing for some welfare queens. Not only did they not ask for Dave’s approval, they didn’t bother telling Dave, Lisa, or anyone else that they were going to do this.

When Dave and Lisa find out about this they are horrified, as is everyone else in the community, as almost all of them didn’t know. They then hold an impromptu protest, where one of the protesters says on camera that the parking lot is the hub and heart of the community, and goes on to say that everyone does community events in this area, and needs the parking.

Then a bunch of urbanist cunts take him out of context, and pretend that Dave’s community is just really attached to the parking lot, or are pretending to be so. They double down on this easily debunked narrative and go on multiple shows where they pat themselves on the back for overcoming Dave’s evil NIMBYism and shoving dozens of mentally ill drug addicts into the heart of the community.



Or maybe some Crime-Americans.

Now the kids can’t play around there, the school isn’t safe, and no one wants to go to events in that area. Lisa gets assaulted once by one of the screaming drug addicts or DaQuavius. Dave is mugged. Overnight the neighbourhood turns to shit, with a gradual additional decay due to people leaving. Dave and Lisa slowly forget who their neighbours are as people NOPE out of a once beautiful community, now turned to utter shit. They don’t bother learning who the new neighbours are, because there’s no local community places to be in anymore. 

As a last kick in the teeth Dave and Lisa move, only to find out that their house lost half its value because no one wants to live there anymore. This might be the only part a cuckservative focuses on, in part because whining about home prices is a  socially approved proxy complaint. But the house prices just reflect the fact that another beautiful and productive White community was maliciously destroyed.

Then the people who are responsible for this go on uncensored television and pat themselves on the back for how courageous and brave they were for overcoming the NIMBYism of the bigoted peasants in that area.

I am amazed at how much I fucking hate these people. I can’t even pretend that I don’t want each and every last one of them dead. Sometimes I say that people should be thrown in deradicalization camps and forced to do manual labour. But no, that’s not enough. I want to have a personal relationship with these people in their last moments on earth. I want to watch as they scream in pain and fear. I want them to beg before I pull the trigger anyway.

These people love to abuse the term “community,” to mean some gay shit that never applies to White People raising kids together with other White People. Instead it’s about muh diverse AIDS patients of colour going out to restaurants and some other consumerist bullshit. People who build real communities, not rootless urbanite bugcreatures, but real communities of blood and soil get told that they’re NIMBYs when they object to their shared communities being destroyed by Section 8 housing, or “safe injection sites,” or whatever else these malicious cunts cook up.

And The Eternal Urbanist won’t stop there. After shoving as many Crime-Americans in your neighbourhood as possible, with you subsidizing their existence in a myriad of ways, they’ll whine that it still isn’t “diverse,” enough. Then they’ll whine that all the crimes the criminals of colour commit is proof of muh systemic wacism against them, and demand that the police stop arresting them so much. Then finally, when the White People leave, they’ll blame the victims of racial cleansing by calling them eebil Uppity White People who just don’t want to live near da comUNniTiEs oF ColOuR.

Calling people who live in actual communities that these peoples policies are designed to destroy NIMBY’s is not a legitimate substitution for an argument. It’s a way of pretending that the victims fighting back against the harm that their policies cause are actually the eebil meanie people. And the people who unironically use this term are the most disgusting pieces of shit on the planet.

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  1. Non issue since I would never live in any place that I could walk to the grocery store.
    Suburbanites and city dwellers as I said before, are composed of a series of ones and zeros.
    But mostly they have zero to offer.

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  3. A wise man once told me that NIMBY means “next, it might be you!”

    1. He was very wise indeed.

  4. A little bit off top, but …

    There are two types of shitlibs nomads and NIMBYs:

    Nomad liberal – pushes for multiculty in his neighborhood, but flee first as soon as there are too much of them to push for the same shit in another “what a shame still too white neighborhood”.

    NIMBY liberal – pushes for multiculty for everyone else, but not for elitists like themselves. Basically “It’s good for thee but not for me”.

    In a way I really want shitlibs to be flooded by darkies to have a taste of their own medicine

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