It’s taken me a while to figure out how I’m going to write about this part of the “In His Own Words,” book that was gifted to me for review. The very next chapter is “The 25-Point Program of the NSDAP,” and is a speech given in February 24th, 1920. It’s also a fairly short chapter, that is little more than the program itself. As a result, I don’t have that much of a commentary on it.

It’s also somewhat overrated as the true definition of the NSDAP, since many of the points raised were actually later contradicted by the NSDAP. For example,

4) Only members of our people can be citizens. Only those who are of German blood can be members of our people, regardless of confession. Therefore, no Jew can be a citizen.

That didn’t end up happening. There were plenty of jews who were eventually given citizenship in The Third Reich, although I believe all of them were married to a German, or only half-jews. We already see an example of this from a footnote in the next chapter.

Hitler cites this play as an example of the degeneracy of the theatre, seeing as it was actually his favourite play, to the extent that it was performed constantly in National Socialist Germany, and he even had Lehar’s entirely Jewish wife declared an “honorary Aryan” just because he enjoyed the play so much.

Emma Watson was pissed when she heard about that. She spoke to me privately and said that she swore off Hitler from now until the end of time, and considered him to be “too cucky on the JQ.” 

Emma finding out that Hitler let some jews live in the Third Reich.

Nevertheless, one often understated aspect of Hitler and the NSDAP is the relative moderation of the message over time, something we’ll see throughout this book. People have this idea of the NSDAP as being this extreme hardcore party in terms of rhetoric, and Hitler constantly raving about something. The reality is that most people have only been exposed to the worst, and least compelling of Nazi Propaganda. The actual effective rhetoric is never translated, which is why I am once again thankful to CJ for this book. 

Getting back to the speech itself, it starts off with the following,

The program of the German Workers’ Party has a time limit. Once the goals set out in the program have been achieved, the leaders will not set new goals merely in order to enable the continuation of the Party by artificially increasing discontent among the masses.

Interesting statement, but I’m not really sure that it’s necessary. It’s sort of like an INB4 for an attack that will never come. I don’t think that people complain about politicians doing so much for them that they’ve run out of things to do for them, so they resort to false issues in order to artificially drum up support. I think it’s more like politicians are complete and utter whores who exist to serve their donors at everybody else’s expense. I doubt it was different back in 1920.

1) We demand the unification of all Germans into one Greater Germany on the basis of a people’s right to self-determination.
2) We demand equal rights for the German people vis-à-vis other nations, and the abrogation of the peace treaties of Versailles and St. Germain.
3) We demand land and territory for the nourishment of our people and to settle our surplus population.

There are also some very time and location specific demands, such as seen above. Much of the NSDAP program is timeless, but some is not, and I’ll be mostly skipping over those sorts of things.

11) The abolition of unearned income, and the breaking of debt slavery.
12) Considering the enormous sacrifices of blood and property which every war inflicts on the people, personal enrichment through war must be regarded as a crime against the people. We therefore demand the complete confiscation of all war profits.
13) We demand the nationalization of all public trusts.
14) We demand profit-sharing in large enterprises.
15) We demand a generous expansion of old age pensions.
16) We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle class, the immediate communalization of large stores to rent out to small businesses at low rates, and primary consideration for small businesses to supply goods to the state, the provinces, or the municipalities.

17) We demand land reform adapted to our national requirements, the establishment of a law to enable expropriation without compensation of any land needed for the common good, the abolition of land interest, and the prohibition of all land speculation.
18) We demand ruthless prosecution of those who harm the common interest through their activities. Common traitors, usurers, profiteers, et cetera, are to be punished by death, regardless of confession or race.

Contrary to what some might think, I consider the economic stuff to be the best and most compelling parts of his program. My only real complaint with much of this is the vagueness. Economic stuff is the one place where some spergery is valid, and maybe even required. It’s also one of the best things to talk about because it affects everyone, kosher-leftists are complete and utter frauds on these issues, and it strategically serves as an INB4 for the “extremist far-right,” attack. 

Truthfully, I’ve never liked it when our goys talk about themselves as “far-right.” We’re the anti-war party, we’re the anti-billionaire party, we’re the ones actually fighting against Corporate Power. We are populists, who represent the people, as opposed to existing politicians who represent only their big money donors.

We live in an era where every kosher-left party demands mass censorship of average everyday people saying that a mentally ill man in a dress is a mentally ill man in a dress. But they’ll fight against you demanding the tiniest amount of punishment for the people who lied us into Iraq and Afghanistan, and tried to do the same in Syria. Despite the fact that those people are supposedly their political enemies, and it would be popular to go after them.

Kosher-Left “This is fine, you saying tranny means you go to jail though.”

We live in an era when trillion dollar multinationals in winner takes all markets are engaging in mass censorship of everyone, while promoting said war propagandists. And said kosher-leftists enthusiastically serve as the unpaid middlemen, dutifully reporting the working class people they pretend to advocate for when they violate Mark Zuckerberg’s corporate HR driven terms of service.

“We therefore demand the complete confiscation of war profits.”

The above statement, as part of the twelfth point, is something that you will never hear from the kosher-left. Not in a million years. And yet it is popular. The same is true for supporting small businesses over big businesses. It is possible to favour small businesses over large businesses quite easily, simply by having a tax system that logarithmically increases with the revenue of the business. We don’t have such a system, because the big businesses that politicians work for don’t want that.

As for land speculation, this has never been popular, and never more relevant in Canada, what with skyrocketing housing costs. Much of this is immigration, but much of this is speculation from foreigners. A house is a place for people to live, not an asset for financiers to speculate on. And yet, despite having “far-left,” political parties in power for the past decade, we never get any relief from the crushing increase in housing prices from said speculation.

20) In order to enable every capable and industrious German to attain higher education and thus to move into positions of leadership, the state must ensure a thorough development of our entire national education system. The curricula of all educational institutions must be adapted to the requirements of practical life. Schools must ensure that an understanding of the conception of the state is achieved as early as possible (civics education). We demand that exceptionally talented children of poor parents be educated at the expense of the state, regardless of their status or profession.

Politics being so astroturfed means that a lot of issues that are important are completely ignored. Our academic institutions being set up to legitimize anti-White groomer garbage isn’t just bad politically, it also deprives people of any sort of functional education. This is true even for STEM fields. An education class that exists to suck up youth and money is a parasite class, and should be treated as such.

21) The state shall ensure the improvement of public health by protecting the mother and the child, prohibiting child labor, promoting physical training by means of establishing compulsory gymnastics and sport, and giving the greatest possible support to all associations engaged in the physical education of the youth.

This has never been more relevant with our obesity epidemic, and is something I independently thought of myself. The government should promote healthy eating and healthy exercise. Team sports are a great way to build a community, while getting great exercise, and is far more socially productive than the quasi-degenerate steroid infused bodybuilding culture.

The exact policies that the state should take to promote this can be discussed later, but once again this is a totally ignored issue by existing political parties.

23) We demand a legal fight against deliberate political lies and their dissemination through the press. In order to facilitate the creation of a German Press, we demand that:
a) all editors and employees of newspapers published in the German language must be members of the German people;
b) non-German newspapers require the express permission of the state to be published. They may not be printed in German;
c) any financial interests effecting German newspapers, or their influence by non-Germans, must be prohibited by law; the punishment for these transgressions will be closing such newspaper operations, and the immediate expulsion from the Reich of the non-Germans involved in them;
Newspapers that work against the common good are to be banned. We demand a legal fight against the artistic and literary tendencies that exert a corrosive influence on our national life, and the closure of events that violate the above demands.

I love it, but it’s once again too vague. Instead I would simply say something like “we demand an extension of existing fraud laws to apply to media figures who can be proven to have deliberately deceived the public.” That the Epstein Killed Himself Liars are allowed to lie to the public, and deliberately deceive is ridiculous. There is no punishment for these propagandists just lying constantly, to deliberately evil ends.

“Saddam Hussein has WMD and is an urgent terrorist threat to America.”

I would furthermore demand that war propagandists especially be held accountable for using lies to achieve mass murder. They should be held legally responsible for the murders of over 7,500 of our soldiers in the Middle East, as well as over half a million innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilians. Not only is this just, it also forces the Kosher-Left explicitly say that, while they support bringing infinity migrants from around the World into your neighbourhood, they don’t think there’s anything wrong with dropping bombs on their children and murdering them, provided they’re still in their own countries. Because they turn into parodies of extremist nationalists when it comes to serving zionist power and the Military Industrial Complex.

That wraps up most of the 25 point program. It’s a fascinating read, and while much of the work is relevant only to Weimar Germany, there are plenty of small insights and details that we can apply to our political efforts going forwards.

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  1. I like how you let us know when you’re going Gonzo by saying “[so-and-so] spoke to me privately and said [some outlandish tale]”.

    1. It’s a funny joke format. I was just talking with Dave Chappelle about this privately and he said “if jokes are the way that we kill all the jews, run that one into the ground.”

  2. I’ve always known the left was fake and gay, but I used to think libertarianism or objectivism was the way to accomplish the goals they say they want.

    Obviously I now know that’s a jewish trick, and enjoy being further left and further right than anyone in a debate 😎

    1. Being further to the right and the left of everyone else is quite enjoyable. More people should try it.

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