In Part 1 we saw the Irish dealing with attacks from antifas who are being defended by Sinn Fein lawyers. I have never followed Irish politics in depth, and had vaguely positive feelings towards Sinn Fein, believing them to be the good kind of nationalists. Turns out, not so much. 

It shouldn’t be too surprising to see these obedient golems financing antifa terrorism against real nationalists. I’m not going to embarrass myself giving the abridged history of Irish Politics, and figure out where it went wrong for this group. What’s important is that they are absolutely the enemy of Irish People, and White People more broadly.

Of course a group like that would be vehemently opposed to any genuine grassroots populism and nationalism from the real Irish Nationalists. Especially since the good guys are refusing to cede important issues like housing to these subversive frauds. 

Above are posters for their protests from the middle of January. Below is a picture from a protest they did just yesterday.

As Moike and Striker said, kosher-leftists and antifas don’t have any actual arguments here, since they are not allowed to say that we should pursue social policies that benefit the people of a nation as opposed to random parasites from all over the world. Or at least, not when they aren’t talking about Yidsrael.

Ireland has the same problems as everywhere else Schlomo goes. The same delusional anti-native antifas, the same mass migration, the same social decay and decline. 

If you told me this picture was from someplace in Canada or the US I would not have blinked.

And of course, just like everywhere else, there is no political party that actually represents the people. Sinn Fein, the supposed Nationalist Party, is demanding that the Irish People be replaced in their own country.

Now they have the Irish National Party, and I wish them all the best. But I also want to focus on the amazing undercover journalism that was done by the student publication “The Burkean” in 2020 against antifa in Ireland. They called it “The Irish Antifa Project.” You can find a collection of their work on this project here. There are fifteen articles in total, the majority of which are deep dives into one or two scumbags that they entrapped. I’ll focus only on their opening and conclusion.

The Burkean:

In December of last year a Twitter account was set-up. Titled “Irish Students Against Fascism, it described itself as an aspiring antifascist organising hub to physically, socially and professionally harass individuals engaged with conservative or nationalist politics on campuses.

Very soon the account garnered well over a thousand followers, with retweets from the Union of Students Ireland’s official account among other leftist activist organizations. The account boasted of an impending website dumping incriminating material relating to students on campus, particularly in Young Fine Gael, and invited individuals to contribute over private messaging.

What has been unknown until today was that, from the very onset, the page was operated by students involved with The Burkean. The account was set up with the intent of performing long term investigative work into antifascism in Ireland, as well as its insidious and often blatant links with civic society, journalism and politics. 

Absolutely brilliant work.

Three months, maybe closer to four, and they managed to get these dipshits calling them advocating for illegal violence and many other things. They also managed to make them look incredibly stupid, and put to bed this notion that antifas aren’t shut down because “muh opsec,” an absurd lie that these spiteful mutants tell themselves. It’s just because they’re the golems of the privileged class.

There is an outright conspiracy against [nationalists/populists]. A conspiracy that starts at the lower levels of university life and leads all the way up, like a conveyor belt, to the NGO complex and the halls of the Oireachtas. Individuals brazenly abusing their positions of power trying to destroy their political opponents, with no fear of repercussions. It is with this series of exposés that these repercussions will finally start to materialise. 

Over the coming weeks, The Burkean will be publishing a series of exclusive messages, audio and video recordings that give a hint of the sheer scale of this corruption. These materials will show how students and organizations deemed to be politically dissentious had their data gathered and distributed amongst a host of campus activists, violent and non-violent, all with the support student government. 

This project will demonstrate how major student institutions treat those they perceive as politically dissident, as well as the degree to which they abuse their positions of power. Organisations such as Young Fine Gael were specifically targeted, with senior members of student organisations expressing a desire to help for private meetings to be infiltrated and members doxxed. From members of the Oireachtas [Irish Parliament] to street activists, to an assortment of foreign financed NGOs and political activists ranging from Ógra Fianna Fáil to People Before Profit, the scale of the blatant corruption is remarkable. A spotlight shall be shown not merely on a rotten system of partisan corruption, but also on how power relations operate in Ireland against those deemed a threat to established power. 

Antifascist activity should and must carry a degree of social stigma matching its maliciousness, and henceforth, in Ireland it will. What will be made public in the coming weeks is not some elaborate Soros funded conspiracy theory, but hard evidence of a clear nexus of people with one hand on the levers of power at every level of Irish life. 

Here’s one of their expose’s on a character named Michelle Byrne, the Vice President of the Union of Students in Ireland. I’ve started it from the most damning part.

Burkean Undercover Antifa: Just to clarify we’re hoping to launch a sort of like blogspot to sort of publicize these names [that you’re giving to us of students].

Michelle Byrne: Yeah.

BUA: So if you want to send them in confidence, we can do our own –

MB: Absolutely.

BUA: Obviously, any ideas that you guys can’t enact for like uh saving face, we can do the sort of illegal stuff.

MB: Yeaahhhhh. Absolutely! I wanna – like is there anything that I can do in my capacity, in my work, to help you without saying that I’m helping you.

BUA: Yeah, like, we’ll do the illegal stuff for you. 

MB: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Is there anything though in particular that I can…

BUA: Yeah, the key things – pass on names to eventually slap these people around. Of course, don’t disavow. Keep the liberals in line. And yeah pass along sort of contacts below the table, journalists, NGO’s. We’ll make contacts with them and hopefully make you some.

Who is Michelle Byrne?

The Burkean:

Michelle Byrne is the Deputy President of the Union of Students Ireland (USI), as well as their Vice President for Campaigns. The Union of Students Ireland is Ireland’s largest student representative body representing short of 380,000 students nationwide. Past USI officials have included senior Irish government and media figures. According to her Facebook, she is also on the boards of Laochas – The Warrior Soul Project, Problem Gambling Ireland and the National Youth Council of Ireland. She also took part in the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government. Irish Students Against Fascism contacted her after the USI retweeted material from the ISAF Twitter account. 

What happened to this fair maiden?

The Burkean Conclusion Piece:

Entering into this project we had a series of strategic objectives to attain, in order to make the project worth our while. Firstly, we wanted to show that even complacent leftist apparatchiks, who are ensconced in a world of established privilege, were vulnerable to being felled by a faceless stranger on a mobile phone. 

I love everything about this paragraph. First, use the term “privilege” to refer to the actual privileged, something I’ve been doing for years with the term Privileged Class. Second, they make sure to show how embarrassingly pathetic and easily manipulable these people are. Remember, these are the coddled Golems of the Democracy Class, not people who got where they are through merit. 

Ultimately though, the goal of the entire project was to show, in all its ugly glory, the lengths this 5th column will go to in order to marginalise political opponents. In doing this, we hoped to ultimately wound a system that has hurt so many good people. In this respect we can safely say the Irish Antifa Project was a success. The project claimed a major scalp in the form of a disgraced USI Vice President, and also has opened up the door to multiple academic complaints. Although these two achievements might not seem like much, symbolically they are great legitimizing force for this project, as well as for this publication. 

The Antifa Project was ultimately a success, even as is. But activism and electoral politics go hand in hand, something they make note of, when trying to maximize the impact of activism.

The road ahead for the radical right in Ireland in dealing with these groups will involve a lot more guerrilla journalism in the years to come.

Conservatism for most of our lives, if it can be said to have existed in this country at all, has been doomed to rearguard action against an opponent already hegemonic at every level of Irish life. For an Irish right to arise, it must realize that it is fighting a more established enemy. To that end, it must be first willing to deal in cloak-and-dagger before it can fight in the open. The Irish Antifa Project has shown how successful such methods can be.

Indeed it has. It reminds me of Patriot Front’s Boston march, where they used an AI generated face to tweet out random bullshit about the event. Then they got this self-proclaimed disinfo expert to embarrass himself by retweeting out Patriot Front’s fake account.


Posing as the enemy needs to be done more, and I’d highly recommend you look at their series. The Burkean also does great journalism on other topics, such as looking at Big Tech’s ties to antifas, covering “asylum seekers” who aren’t even pretending to flee wars, and I even saw a pro-Boer article of theirs written less than two weeks ago as the last article on their home page.

By the way, I can’t help but quote from another article of theirs, written on January 23rd.

The Burkean:

When ‘Dublin Says No’ announced Saturday’s protest adjacent to the Shelbourne Hotel, I was perplexed. The hotel itself is not an asylum center – Shelbourne’s regulars, the aging mothers who comprise tea-and-scone-waffen-division, would never countenance such a prospect – nor is it located in a locale acutely affected by migration.

Tea and Scone Waffen. 

Anyway, one last piece on Ireland before I go.

The Post Millenial:

The Burkean’s actions directed significant attention towards Ireland’s official Antifa organization, Antifascist Ireland, a group that has come under fire in the past for the history of its alleged founding member and leading figurehead, Pat Corcoran—a convicted pedophile.

Corcoran is a former civil servant who worked with the Irish Department of Arts, Heritage, and Gaeltacht. In 2009, he was found to be in possession of over 7,000 images and 21 videos featuring child sexual abuse and torture. He was handed the lenient sentence of 3.5 years suspended—meaning he never served a day in prison. The decision caused outrage amongst Irish commentary writers, one of whom used Corcoran’s case as an example of Ireland being a “pedophile’s paradise.”

Pat Corcoran

Yep, antifas are disgusting pedophiles who love videos of children being tortured and raped.

In Portland, the epicentre of antifa activism, a leading activist has faced multiple arrests for the sexual abuse of minors.

Micah Isaiah Rhodes of Portland’s Resistance was arrested in 2014 and in 2015 for sexually abusing a minor girl and minor boy. During his trials, the county Sheriff revealed that Rhodes had an inappropriate history with minors dating to his youth. At 14, Rhodes was caught sexually abusing a 9 year old boy, and at 15, Rhodes was caught with three much younger boys.

Despite his history, Rhodes was spared all prison time as the judge claimed Rhodes was “trying to change.”

If they find you in bed with a seventeen year old girl, they’ll throw the book at you. If they find some HIV positive antifas raping nine year old boys, well they don’t need to go to jail because they’re “trying to change.” So it is in Weimerica, it is in Ireland. But hopefully that will soon change.

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  4. >If you told me this picture was from someplace in Canada or the US I would not have blinked.

    That foto could (and probably is) of gypsies — or Roma, travelers, whatever you want to call them — if so, they may also be from countries like Romania or Bulgaria, which are members of the EU, just like Ireland is — so they have the right to travel to, and take up residence in, Ireland, and there is next to nothing Ireland could do about it — if they apply for social benefits, Ireland has to provide them (to a large extent, there are some restrictions allowed under EU rules).

    That is how the EU works.

    When Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU in 2007, EU member states were allowed to restrict free movement for a time — but once those temporary restrictions expired, people from those countries, including gypsies, could travel to and live in another EU country if they wanted.

    This has been a big issue in several German cities where there has been a huge influx of Roma from Romania and Bulgaria — here is an article about the problems these people cause in one part of Dortmund (Nordstadt):

    1. What’s going on in Ireland today is primarily the arrival of third world migrants from outside the EU who are being sent there under the EU distribution or quota system. Generally Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary put up the most opposition to these distribution schemes.

      Poland again recently announced they would not accept these third world migrants:

      [Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has just announced that Poland will not recognize the new EU migrant resettlement scheme and will not pay a €22,000 fine for each displaced migrant.

      Poland received 12 billion euros from the EU last year.]

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