Jerusalem Post:

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday night that he is launching an organization called “Progressives for Israel” aimed to promote the Democratic Party’s support for Israel.

Progressives for genocide!

And for murdering journalists!

You would think this would be a tough circle to square, but shitlibs are complete and utter NPCs, so the contradictions are irrelevant. Give them enough time and media saturation, and demanding the blood of the Palestinians will become central to their identities. 

As for Cuomo, I’ll bet he’s working with some disgusting rabbi named Shmuely or something like that.

The disgraced governor, who resigned in 2021 amid multiple scandals including sexual harassment complaints and allegedly obscuring the full scope of COVID-19 deaths in the state’s nursing homes, announced the initiative at a Carnegie Hall event hosted by Rabbi Shmuely Boteach, head of the World Values Network, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Wow, what are the odds?

Rabbi Shmuely Boteach

If you read ahead like I do, 100%. If you don’t, still about 50%. I’m just disappointed it wasn’t a Rabbi Schlomo.

Cuomo, who is expected to challenge Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand as she runs for reelection next year, said he was forming the organization in order to pressure Democrats to fight criticism of Israel with the same determination they condemn antisemitism.

The guy might as well start calling himself a Shabbos Goy. At this point he’s pretty much admitted that –

“It is time for the Shabbos goy,” Cuomo declared,

Don’t tell me, he comes from a long line of Shabbos Goyim. 

using a term that his late father three-term governor of New York Mario Cuomo also used to refer to himself, and recalled his close ties with New York Jews in his experience turning on the lights during the Sabbath for Orthodox families in his native Queens.

It really is amazing that there are people out there who pretend not to believe that we live in a Jew Supremacist society where the Kike Race Beady Eyed Dual Citizen Brigade gets everything and the Goyim get nothing. Here we have a guy who calls himself a Shabbos Goy, and whose father, also a Governor, was a literal Shabbos Goy. These people would have you believe that they are powerful figures, when they are just lowly servants of Schlomo.

This multigenerational family of worms got artificially installed into positions of power by these hooked nosed pornographers. Then, when Cuomo fucked up and was too aggressive in forcing the Orthodox Heebs to take their vaccines, for their own good I might add, he gets holocausted from his Governor position. Why? Because sex scandals magically appeared out of nowhere and were taken seriously by the same propagandists who lie us into wars. Funny how that works.

“The Shabbos goy can do the work that benefits both the Jewish community

and the non-Jewish community,”

the younger Cuomo said. “The Shabbos goy can turn on the lights on the Sabbath because it benefits everyone.

It benefits the Jews who are in a building where the Goyim are excluded from entering, and they only need that because bizarre rituals prevent them from flicking the lightswitch themselves. In no way does this benefit anyone else.

It is time to turn on the lights.”

Shining a light on Israel’s atrocities to the rest of the world? Based!

>Jim Plunkett “ohh.”

New York Jewish Agenda wrote on Twitter: “The chutzpah. One of the last things the Jewish people, progressives, or Israeli democracy need is a disgraced, not-actually-progressive, former Governor inserting himself into this critical moment for Israel in a dangerously misguided attempt to stay relevant.”

I hate these Shabbos Goyim, whether they call themselves that or otherwise. Having said that, I really can’t stand listening to this finklethink, where two groups of Jews fight over whether or not they’ll accept the groveling apology from a Goy who, objectively, did nothing wrong and was trying to be an obsequious little toady for them. It’s just disgusting.

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  1. If there is one thing I know from all my life’s experience so far it is:

    Niggers are gay, and jews are gay for niggers.

    That is all.

  2. shmuely. shlomo. there’s a nice parallel with pelosi’s father, her family’s background.

  3. Bizarre.

    On the other hand he is behaving per the existing incentive structure for public personalities.

    Fewer public personalities would be nice.

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