Recently there have been claims of leaked files from the Pentagon. Initially, I dismissed these as nonsense. I have dealt with fake screencaps and garbage from 4chan far too often to bother wasting my time deciphering the partial truths, if there are any, from the drek. One of the problems with having people ostensibly on your side flooding the feed with garbage is that the occasional real bombshell can be ignored. 

I would put the Pentagon leaks at just a notch under “bombshell”, but only because nothing has been totally verified. What has been put out there has ZOG in a tizzie, especially with regards to the casualty numbers reported, which show a roughly four to one advantage for Russia. This flies in the face of the Ghost of Kiev Hallucinators claims, which have had Russia taking absurd casualties from the corps of plucky trans-womxyn of colour who are blowing them up at will.

The Giardian:

The man responsible for the leak of hundreds of classified Pentagon documents is reported to be a young, racist gun enthusiast who worked on a military base, and who was seeking to impress two dozen fellow members of an internet chat group.

The Washington Post interviewed a teenage member of the group, who described the man, referred to by the initials “OG”, from their online correspondence, and shared photographs and videos. The Post also viewed a video of a man identified as OG at a shooting range with a large rifle.

“He yells a series of racial and antisemitic slurs into the camera, then fires several rounds at a target,” the report said. OG told fellow members of the same internet group that he worked on a military base, which was not named in the report, where his job involved viewing large amounts of classified information.

In this house Jack Texeira is a hero, assuming that Jack Texeira is the real source of the leaks, of which I’m not so sure, and assuming he did it for ideological reasons, and not just to win internet clout. The WMD Liars speak so many untruths that there is simply no utility in even looking at their propaganda and trying to sift the nuggets of truth through the gallons of FUD, especially on military matters. All I can report is the claims, and we don’t have access to any smoking guns that would let us know what is actually happening. 

The leaked documents have laid bare secrets about Ukraine’s preparations for a spring counter-offensive, US spying on allies such as Ukraine, South Korea and Israel, and the tensions between Washington and allied capitals over arming Kyiv.

There is increasing evidence that the leak was not an intelligence operation by a state actor aiming to discredit the US, but more likely the consequence of a Pentagon policy of granting top secret security clearances to huge numbers of service members, civilians and contractors. The number of employees and contractors in the entire US government with top secret clearance is about 1.25 million.

The story started off with just a few screenshots of documents leaked through 4Chan. However, the leaks appear to have continued more and more, to the point where there was speculation on telegram that this was some internal power play. However, it is also possible that there was only one leak, and it came out in small pieces here and there. 

The claim is that Jack Texeira, some 21 year old National Guardsman, had access to tons of legitimate top secret documents. If this were a real country, I would say this is simply unbelievable. However, this is Diverse Clowntopia, so you can throw any expectations of competence right out the window. In this country, it is believable that a 21 year old National Guardsman who works on an army base could have access to top secret documents that would be incredibly damaging for ZOG to leak, especially because they admit that 1.25 million personnel have access to these same documents. 

I have to quote from a BANG user, who thinks this story is very believable.

“Soldiers” or in this case airmen tend to be relatively anti-war as compared with others.  This isn’t unusual.  The most bloodthirsty ones tend to be elites who have never served and will never let their children serve.   Exhibit A) jews themselves.

I am intimately familiar with these types of people, I do not find it difficult to believe at all that someone like this might have leaked.  21 years old?  Air National Guard?  Fucks up big time?  Not hard to believe.  I would caution you guys to not risk too much clout calling bullshit on this one.  The story is entirely plausible.  Guys, I knew people that got caught having sex in a conference room in a SCIF.  There were people this age cooking meth in their fucking wall lockers on base.  Some A1C smuggling a powerpoint presentation out of work to win some online sperg argument… to me that’s super believable.

Not saying he did it, just saying it strikes me as extremely plausible.   And if you disagree that just tells me you have no experience in that world.

Again, we can’t know for sure if Jack Texeira really had clearance for top secret documents, then smuggled some out of a military base before putting them up on a discord server under his username “niggerbrap.” However, this is ClownWorld, so anything is possible. Frankly, I side with the BANG poster, and think this is even downright likely. 

Back to the Giardian. 

The Ukrainian government is assessing the possible damage from the disclosures. The files give details of 12 newly formed brigades, equipped with western battle tanks and armoured vehicles, which are likely to lead the assault against dug-in Russian positions. “For sure, people are not happy,” one official admitted on Wednesday. “Ukraine was criticised last year for not being a trustworthy partner. At the beginning of the invasion, we weren’t provided with weapons because of this lack of trust. We lost a lot of territory and people as a result. This perception was wrong. And now this leakage happens from the US side.”

Seymour Hersh, the journalist who broke the story of the Nordstream Pipeline sabotage – although we already knew that the US did that – recently wrote about the insane financial corruption going on in the Ukraine. Not difficult to believe, with these types in charge. 

Look at his face…

And the damaging content that came out with these leaks is not some trivia about the supposed placements of new brigades, it’s the casualty figures. What is causing the consternation amongst ZOG is the reality that Russian casualties are about an order of magnitude lower than the the Ghost of Kiev truthellers have been informing us. Or rather, that this could be known by the public.

Here’s a headline from March 11, 2022, graciously informing us that Russia is ten days away from running out of manpower. It appears they’ve been ten days from running out of manpower for the past year.

That is the issue, and them trying to make this about infantry formations is a laughable attempt at handwaving away the problem. There have been real documents leaked. They admit this. Then they say “oh but those casualty figures were photoshops,” without ever showing the screenshots, let alone proving them to be photoshops. If what they were saying was true, they would calmly show us this information.

As harsh as I have been towards Russia, it is undeniable that they are slowly winning this war. The changing map of the conflict is a steady sea of Russian arrows pushing Ukrainian positions back day by day, inch by inch. Everyone accepts that the Russian military has a huge artillery advantage. We would expect the side getting shelled more to take less casualties than the side getting shelled less.

That doesn’t necessarily make it so, but the idea that Russia was suffering higher casualties than Ukraine was always a claim that needed lots of proof. In contrast, the Ukrainians refuse to give out casualty figures, but make sure that we know they’re impossibly low. Just have to take the word of the people who told us that Putler blew up a random Polish farm for no reason.

The more honest the appraisal of the dim prospects of the zionist occupied government in Ukraine, the less appetite the US public will have for this war. This is the real story. That, and the US being such a parody of a fake country that random 21 year olds have access to top secret documents, and leak them online to win internet clout. 

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  1. I really hope that the term “brapnigger” makes its way into the vernacular. It’s too funny a word not to use.

    I also find it ridiculous that the upcoming Ukrainian spring offensive is described as a secret. The Russians as a flex have posted video of Prigozhin discussing the disposition of Ukrainian forces, and the obvious routes of attack.

    I’m going to lay some clout on the line – the spring offensive will fail, and Bakhmut will fall to a Wagner counterattack.

  2. A 21 year old White male in the armed forces that hasn’t been chased down and out yet? Now THAT I find implausible, lol!

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