Ukraine said on Friday it had bombed a Russian base in the town of Energodar, near the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant which is being assessed by United Nations inspectors because of safety concerns.

Russian troops seized control of the site in early March. There have been repeated attacks in the vicinity but both Moscow and Kyiv have denied responsibility and blamed each other.

A shelling attack on the area at dawn on Thursday forced one of the plant’s six reactors to shut down.

Ukraine’s Energoatom nuclear agency said it was “the second time in 10 days” that Russian shelling had forced the closure of a reactor.

The ZOG regime that admitted to making up fake rape accusations against Russian troops, passed off video game footage as real on three separate occasions, and actually passed off the Ghost of Kiev as a real person is claiming that Russia is shelling… their own nuclear power plant for no reason. And apparently it’s the second time they’ve done this.

You and your stupid goy brain might not understand, but Putler is just bad, mmmkay. Russia bad, so they do things that are totally against their interest for no reason, like blowing up their own nuclear power plants with artillery when they could just send a couple guys to shut them down.

Both sides have traded repeated accusations over who was responsible for shelling the area around Energodar.

Ukraine has accused Russia of storing ammunition at Zaporizhzhia and deploying hundreds of soldiers there.

It also suspects Moscow intending to divert power from the plant to the nearby Crimean Peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014.

So let me get this straight. Zelensky is claiming that the Russians are storing hundreds of troops inside the nuclear power plant. He also claims that the Russians are desperate to keep the plant up and running to divert power to Russia. Finally, he claims that they’re shelling the plant that their own troops are inside and which they need the power from. This is reported “objectively,” in the media as “both sides are claiming the other is shelling the plant.” But even they have to admit that Ukraine just bombed this town.

Rather than focus on the more ridiculous atrocity propaganda, let’s take a look at what this war means for Europe.

Markets Insider:

Declining water levels on the Rhine River due to a drought in Europe have left German power producers warning of lower output amid coal supply snags, Bloomberg reports. 

Shallower water in key river passageways means it’s harder for barges to make as many coal shipments, which threatens the ability of power plants to build up stockpiles ahead of winter. 

German utility companies EnBW AG and Trianel GmbH each reported supply issues, with the former warning of a cut in power generation, according to Bloomberg. 

European coal futures for 2023 climbed 2.2% Friday to $320 a ton — more than triple what it was in January. 

Coal? Hold on a minute, don’t we have this awesome means of producing energy, mentioned earlier in this very article, that we can use to produce electricity?

Preferably the more controlled type.

It really goes to show how fake Global Warming Catastrophism is that nuclear power is downplayed as a solution to the fake problem that is the Global Megadeath caused by 0.7*C warming over the next century. Not even downplayed, France has plans to shut down all their nuclear power plants, and Germany will be shutting down their last nuclear power plant in December of this year. Beyond that, they even built an entire nuclear power plant in Austria that was completely built, then cancelled purely for political purposes.

Although it appears Grannyfucker Macron has had his owners come to their senses, and they’re restarting their nuclear power plants. 


France’s minister for energy transition said Friday that French electricity giant EDF has committed to restart all its nuclear reactors by this winter to help the country through the broad energy crisis aggravated by the war in Ukraine.

All of this reminds me of the recent, and quite excellent, dissident-mag article by Jazzhands on the politics made drought in Lake Mead which is spuriously blamed on Global Warming. The political solution is the simplest ever, you just tell Mexico to fuck off, and you have all the leverage in the World. Similarly, firing up the nuclear power plants is a solution, not just to the fake “muh global warming,” problem, but the very real energy crisis now about to hit Europe with a vengeance. Or at least it would be a partial solution, although obviously not complete.

But the spigot will not be turned off, and the nuclear plants will not be restarted. That’s because we live in a Human Rights Freedom Democracy, where the people get nothing, and a small in percentage terms but large in absolute number of parasites squabble over who can most extract the most from the productive goy-peasants. This is a system you should not simply support, but be willing to die for.

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  1. With an oil spill or coal exhaust, you probably couldn’t tell if was ever there in 10,000 years, even if you did nothing to clean it up. Nature would heal itself.

    With nuclear power, sure it’s clean but if you fuck it up, or maybe a psychotic Jew in power wants to satisfy some every 100 years blood ritual against the goyim, you could potentially ruin an area of the world, or it’s ground water for hundred of thousands of years maybe millions before nature heals itself.

    Coal and oil waste is plant food, nuclear waste has to be kept cool in special facilities forever or spent fuel cores could heat up and meltdown. Bill gates wants to put a big gay nuclear power plant in Wyoming, and it will eventually be seen as a giant horrible mistake when Wyoming is Chernobyl.

  2. Fantastic post.
    This blog, dispatches from the asylum, and speculareffect are the only deals I have time for in Clown World.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

  3. (((Global warming))) is a 21st century Morgenthau plan designed to de-industrialize the West.

    Problems and hijinks ensue when Russia and China won’t play along; and the jews have to figure out how to fight a war against them without an industrial base. Hohoho, the laughs as they send money, but no armies to the front.

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