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Two decades ago, the United States invaded Iraq, sending 130,000 US troops into a sovereign country to overthrow its government. Joe Biden, then chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, voted to authorize the war, a decision he came to regret.

Sure, Biden claimed that he regretted voting for the (((Iraq War))). And Donald Trump ran on opposing the (((foreign policy agenda))). When in office they have both continued to be complete and utter shills of Schlomo.

Today another large, world-shaking invasion is under way. Biden, now the US president, recently traveled to Warsaw to rally international support for Ukraine’s fight to repel Russian aggression. After delivering his remarks, Biden declared: “The idea that over 100,000 forces would invade another country – since world war II, nothing like that has happened.”

The president spoke these words on 22 February, within a month of the 20th anniversary of the US military’s opening strike on Baghdad. The White House did not attempt to correct Biden’s statement. Reporters do not appear to have asked about it. The country’s leading newspapers, the New York Times and Washington Post, ran stories that quoted Biden’s line. Neither of them questioned its veracity or noted its hypocrisy.

Did the Iraq war even happen?

It certainly did. 

I wrote a piece calculating the murder count of the entirely uncensored and unpunished Weapons of Mass Destruction Liars. They knew they were lying, they lied anyway, and hundreds of thousands of innocent people were murdered, including thousands of our soldiers.  

Not only have those responsible not been punished, they have been rewarded. If you fact-check any of their mass murder propaganda you will be the one censored, and if you point out that 90% of these propagandists are Jews they will push to have you arrested, debanked, and lawfared out of existence. 

And yet, despite the War in Iraq being the defining event of the aughts, it has vanished from political discourse. Or rather, it has been vanished. It’s not like there’s anything organic about refusing to mention this zionist war. It’s just never brought up because it’s incredibly damaging to the (((narrative))), especially when the usual suspects demand that we be censored because our “speech causes harm.” 


Unlike their lies, which are designed to promote mass murder.

While Washington forgets, much more of the world remembers. The flagrant illegality of bypassing the United Nations: this happened. The attempt to legitimize “pre-emption” (really prevention, a warrant to invade countries that have no plans to attack anyone): this mattered, including by handing the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, a pretext he has used. Worst of all was the destruction of the Iraqi state, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and nearly 4,600 US service members, and radiating instability and terrorism across the region.

The Iraq war wasn’t the only law- or country-breaking military intervention launched by the US and its allies in recent decades. Kosovo, Afghanistan and Libya form a tragic pattern. But the Iraq war was the largest, loudest and proudest of America’s violent debacles, the most unwarranted, and the least possible to ignore. Or so it would seem. Biden’s statement is only the latest in a string of attempts by US leaders to forget the war and move on.

Not just forget the war, but move on without punishing a single person responsible. It cannot be stressed enough that there are important, well-respected (amongst the Democracy Class), propagandists whose lies are responsible for the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of people. They have not apologized. They will not apologize. And they are out there en masse beating the drums for war with Russia.

Above we see (((Anne Applebaum’s))) husband, Radek Sikorski. Below we see the kikess herself.

Here’s what she had to say about Iraq.

How they sold the invasion of Iraq: Applebaum was a member of The Washington Post editorial board that loudly championed the invasion of Iraq. Their most infamously and colossally wrong editorial, “Irrefutable,” from Feb. 6, 2003, read:

“After Secretary of State Colin L. Powell’s presentation to the United Nations Security Council yesterday, it is hard to imagine how anyone could doubt that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Powell left no room to argue seriously that Iraq has accepted the Security Council’s offer of a “final opportunity” to disarm. And he offered a powerful new case that Saddam Hussein’s regime is cooperating with a branch of the al Qaeda organization that is trying to acquire chemical weapons and stage attacks in Europe.”

Needless to say, every word of this was a lie. And an incredibly smug lie, to say the least. 

How their career blossomed after being horribly wrong: Applebaum remained a Washington Post opinion writer for years. Her most dubious contribution to the discourse was her cruel defense of (((Roman Polanski))) from critics who thought he should be held legally accountable for raping a 13-year-old, rather than living in a villa in France and continuing to make movies. In “The Outrageous Arrest of Roman Polanski” from 2009, Applebaum feigned outrage over the fact that some people would want child rape to be prosecuted. (The article appears to have been scrubbed from The Washington Post’s website, but it remains on webarchive for those interested in reading…)  

Anne Applebaum defending a Jew who raped a 13 year old Goy? What are the odds? 

What they’re up to now: Applebaum is now a staff writer at—where else?—The Atlantic. And she’s a senior fellow at The Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies—another neoconservative mainstay whose reputation has been wiped clean by her rebranding as an anti-authorarian liberal hero standing up to Putin.

Good old Anne. Always standing up for Democracy. And now for the Goyim of Ukraine. I’m sure she cares deeply about them.

As an aside, I found the following image when I was searching for graphics about the Iraq War. 

The Iraq War is entirely about Jews.

This should serve as a great reminder that Jews subvert “left-wing” movements just as much as they subvert right wing movements. They take the natural reactions of The Goyim, and channel them into retarded garbage that is designed to go nowhere. Leftists repeated the “blood for oil,” nonsense for a decade, and it has resulted in literally zero policy.

The same is true for whatever Finkled idiocy you may think is going somewhere on the consubversative side. Gays Against Groomers has as much real world relevance as “no more blood for oil.” 

Back to the Giardian.

Barack Obama, who came into the White House vowing to end the “mindset” that brought America into Iraq, decided that ending the war was good enough. “Now, it’s time to turn the page,” he said upon ordering the withdrawal of US forces from the country in 2011. Three years later, he sent troops back to Iraq to fight the Islamic State, which had risen out of the chaos of the invasion and civil war. It fell to Donald Trump to harness public outrage over not only the war but also the refusal of elites to hold themselves accountable and make policy changes commensurate with the scale of the disaster.

As if Orange Faggot actually did anything.

But I have to admit, it’s a decent piece by The Giardian. I wonder when it’s going to go off the rails.

Ukrainians are now paying part of the price for western misdeeds. Russia’s invasion was an act of blatant aggression. Moscow violated the UN charter and seeks to annex territory as part of an explicitly imperial project (in this respect unlike America’s war in Iraq). Few people outside Russia have genuine enthusiasm for Putin’s effort. Yet, much of the world sees the conflict as a proxy war between Russia and the west rather than a fight for sovereignty and freedom.

The reason why the entire world views this as a proxy fight between the ZOG and Russia, is because it’s a proxy fight between ZOG and Russia. This butthole-leftist is trying to derail the conversation and subvert normal people’s response to the most evil people in the world – and in their own country I might add – still holding the reins of power. And it’d be nice if you could be duped into pursuing the exact same foreign policy agenda of the Zionist Establishment. Because you see, the problem with the (((David Frum’s))) and the (((Anne Applebaum’s))) of the world is just that they are a bit too bold in pursuing their regime change goals.

It’s like a weird take on Dems R Da REAL Racists, but for foreign policy.

The article reminds me a lot of Juden Peterstein. He sometimes does a decent job explaining the problem, Heeb Question ignored of course. Then, after detailing how White Men are discriminated against to the point of futility, he tells you that you need to clean your room instead of fighting politically, and he countersignals anyone who will.

Similarly, this piece does a great job pointing out that the mass murder propagandists who lie us into wars have not been punished, and are in fact promoted. Right now they want you to support war with Russia. They’re really bad, right?

Anyway, what you should do is support war with Russia more. That’ll really show ’em.

Butthole-leftists and consubversatives, desperately trying to get out in front of normal people’s normal reactions to things and make sure that they go nowhere.

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    I’m pressing X to doubt not because I doubt that Biden feels regret, but rather that I doubt that Joe even remembers the vote.

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