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Hollywood studios seem unsure what to do with Jonathan Majors after the ascending star was accused of assaulting and strangling his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, in New York City in March. 

Earlier this year, Majors starred as the villain in the nearly $500 million grossing Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania opposite Paul Rudd. Since his arrest, both Marvel and Disney, who produced the movie, have remained silent. Jabbari worked on the film too. 

Variety reported this week that Majors had signed a $20 million deal to reprise the role in a franchise based around his character that includes back-end compensation titled Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

That can’t be real. 

It is, but now the future of Kangz2: The Avengening has been put into trouble because the lead Kang Kang’d out at his girlfriend by beating the shit out of her. 

Earlier this week, Variety reported that more accusers against Majors are set to come forward. A source claimed to the outlet on Wednesday that the unidentified women ‘are cooperating with the Manhattan district attorney’s office.  

Jabbari’s allegations saw the 33-year-old star arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment – charges that Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, demanded the Big Apple’s District Attorney dismiss Thursday. He is due in court on May 8. 

Majors has been cut from other projects, including an Otis Redding biopic, Otis and Zelma, and the film The Man in My Basement, in which he would also serve as executive producer and star with Willem Dafoe. 

He lost endorsement deals with the US Army, the Texas Rangers and will not attend the Met Gala. 

US military endorsements? I thought I knew this guy from somewhere. 

Turns out he was the face of the US Militaries unanimously panned “pls die for us again Whitey” ad campaign, which got Hollywood tier ratio’ing, and even mentioned a “Kang variant.” 

I thought that the US Army account handler was having a moment of subversion, where he was allowed to let his true feelings shine through. Now I think that it was probably just some dumb fag who was unironically trying to capitalize on the Avengers popularity, and Jonathan Majors’ upcoming role as Chief Kang. 

Speaking of, how’s their recruitment doing?


“R and R” doesn’t just mean rest and relaxation in the military, not when the Pentagon “is facing its most challenging recruitment environment in 50 years.”

That’s the assessment of the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the main federal watchdog, in a report that frames another military R and R – recruitment and retention – as one of the critical “challenges to national security.”

The most recent Pentagon data indicates the Army, at 69 percent of its stated recruitment goal, and Navy, at 60 percent, have fallen well short of their targets this fiscal year, though February. The Marines and the new Space Force each reached 100 percent, while the Air Force hit a decent 87 percent. Recruiting goals for the services ranged from 23,478 new enlistments for the Army to 172 for the Space Force.

The fiscal 2019 record was much better. Each Reserve and Guard component achieved or exceeded goals, except the Army and Navy Reserves, which did well at 98 percent and 91 percent, respectively.

They’re not doing so well, something I’ve covered before.

Time and time again people have predicted that ZOG will let their foot off the gas, so as to keep the American Military in half-decent form. Now it looks like they’ll just keep the nuclear weapons working, and let everything else rot. Or maybe there are middle managers who are going buck wild. Who knows?

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  1. A/ Coalburner got what she deserved.
    B/ Kang may or may not get what he deserves. Wil definitely lose a shit ton of money.
    C/ United Snakes ZOGBOTS getting what they deserve (Jarheads have always been intellectually challenged so no surprises there)
    D/ Globohomoshlomo is actually using the derisive Kang..SMH…

    No downsides in your post as far as I can see. HAIL VICTORY!!

  2. Historically, cinematic fads typically have about two decades in the limelight before audiences get bored and start consoooming the next big fad. The best examples are Film Noir (started in the 30s, hit its stride in the 40s, completely dead by the mid 50s) and Westerns (dominated the 50s and 60s, dead by the early 70s).
    Depending on when you place the start of the current wave of capeshit (some people place it at the first X-Men movie, others place it at the start of the Marvel Cinematic Jewniverse), then this fad is either past its use-by date already, or is about to hit it. Or it may just keep on going because Hollywood is so creatively bankrupt they can’t figure out what the next big fad is going to be.

    It would be hilarious if everybody looks back and points to this wife beating jogger as being the cause of the great capeshit crash.

  3. I thought the army was muh colonialisms? And isn’t the Royal Military College just one big residential school? And commandos wearing blackface? I have learned my university-level history very well, xir- so thanks but no thanks!

  4. I look forward to seeing more pivoting and far more desperate actions from the ZOG army recruiting problem.
    To make advertisements featuring a nigger from some hollywood trash and think thats the smart move to get the white boys to enlist.

    The draft is simply off the table, to do a draft at this point is going to cause civil war, and the ‘opposition’ will have no problem at all recruiting.

    We should all want ZOG to be so stupid as to try and draft people into its forces.

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