We did it Reddit. We solved the military recruitment problem!

The stunning and brave ad starts with a courageous coloured soldier braving the battlefield of the US Civil War in a dapper suit. And just like those men had to face down artillery barrages, the US Military has to face down an entire army of downvoters holocausting the like/dislike ratio.

Boy am I ever glad that White Men got gunned down en masse on the beaches of Normandy to enable pedos to groom children, Sam Bankman-Fried to thieve billions from the Goyim, the Sacklers to murder us with opiates, and weird mystery meats to get shoved into our communities against our will. As a matter of fact, the ad shows us these very same beach storming scenes. 

Whoops, not that one.

Not that one either.

I swear to God I had it here somewhere. 

Sorry about that guys. This is the right screencap.

The Negro of Colour transports himself through time and space to help the White Men die for the destruction of Western Civilization. Well, he doesn’t really help, he just sort of talks about how excited you should be to join the military. Then there’s some football. 

I am aware that sounds abrupt, that’s because it is abrupt. Next we see the obligatory brown child crying. He’s mad because the US Military just blew up his house and he only survived because he was playing with a stick in the backyard. 

Our fact-checkers have issued a correction. I’m getting reports that this is actually an American child, because Jews gave this creature US citizenship because his mother swam over a river. Our original reporting assumed he was one of the brownies that we were slaughtering for Israel. Instead this is one of our countrymen, and he’s bleeds red white and blue.

There’s some Ooh Rah’ing about “250 years of ass kickin” or something like that, I wasn’t really paying attention.

It ends with a bus that has some very tastefully quaint levels of diversity. That means sign up for the military Whitey, there’s something for you here.

Not disabling the dislikes was expected. Leaving the comments open, less so. It went about as well as you would expect.

Indylimburg is the sole positive comment I ever saw. His post has no likes, but YouTube shoves it at us even when I selected “top comments.”

This is Rangz of the Kangz trailer-tier universal condemnation and trolling. 

Greg Falco,

Does the Army really want to remind people that Americans violently revolted once their government’s despotism became a weight too great to bear?

This is worse than the reception for HBO Max’s Velma trailer.

Dr. Pavel,
“I’m calling air support” – Lt Mutt Hernandez, moments after seeing an Iraqi child playing with a dog 2 miles away

I want George Floyd to be my platoon leader!!!!

The comments are a solid mix of Israel bashing with more normie friendly US Military bashing. That’s actually better than just /OurGoys/ in there, since it helps seed the truth into the atmosphere.

Nobody in my neighborhood speaks english or flies the American flag. Thanks for defending my country.

None of this is cherry picked. I screencapped the top comments, without skipping a single one, and I could honestly quote any comment at random. The condemnation is hot and heavy.

However, I skipped over the very top of the page because I found something shocking.

Is that what I think it is?

The US Military pinned a comment that literally says “Kang Variant in the Army #kangwatch.” And they responded.

I had to know what they said, so I expanded the comment chain. 

They replied with something about The Avengers, when the original comment is clearly making fun of Da Blax. The rest of the comments in that chain are making references to Wakanda and there were plenty of other comments referencing “Kangz,” that you can see for yourself earlier in this piece. 

I just have no idea what is going on with ZOG these days. None whatsoever.

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  1. I say, the more negroes they have in the army dying for yids, the better.

  2. It’s no fun being a mercenary for a hateful, vile, big nosed little hat wearing people who consider your people to be the lowest form of life on earth.

    I don’t think Americans would comply with a draft either. Maybe the jew bois are gonna have to finally man up and do some of their own dirty work.

  3. The best summary of the absolute state of the US army is a screenshot of a tweet I’ve seen doing the rounds on Poast. A recruiter approached a guy in a full body duck costume twirling a sign in the sweltering heat, offering the guy a career. The duck man told the recruiter to fuck off.

    1. I do recall this kekworthy image, good Sir

  4. Really good quite how many and how correct the comments are. the goyim know and they can’t shut it down. There’s no false flag they can pull for this one.

  5. US Army should be super happy to demonstrate to the rest of us how diversity is truly their greatest strength. I can’t wait to hear back on how team Kangz, mystery meat, and occasional huwyte meth head does in the Ukraine; or elsewhere for that matter. The new greatest generation^tm.

  6. The good news is that these people are what we’re facing. They’re the best the system has.

    Short of us somehow massively fucking things up, our victory is inevitable.

  7. Maj. Gen. Johnny K. Davis will not be happy about this.

  8. ‘Nobody in my neighborhood speaks english or flies the American flag. Thanks for defending my country.’

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  10. […] budget. Simultaneously, they have backed off going after normal White Men in the military, while trying to push less POZ in their recruitment […]

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