It’s been a while since we talked about Mr. Crowder, Canada’s most infamous – and successful – terrorist. He openly gassed Benny Shapiro and The Daily Mail over the absurd contract they offered him. And after that, he was “having a conversation” and “making the argument” for deleting all the secular-humanists with Jewish last names from existence.

Today /OurGoy/ Crowder is in the news again. No, he isn’t being punished for slaughtering that entire school bus of negro children, the courts are still way too afraid of him to charge him with that. Sadly, Crowder’s main weakness, aside from all the impulsive murders, was the blindspot that he always showed towards his wife. It is for personal issues that Brave Steven finds his way onto The Daily Rake once again. 

The Sun:

“I have been living with a proverbial boot on my neck for going on years now,” Crowder said.

“Since 2021, I’ve been living through what has increasingly been a horrendous divorce.”

Crowder clarified that the end of his marriage wasn’t a result of infidelity or any kind of physical abuse on either side.

“And no, this was not my choice,” he added. “My then-wife decided that she didn’t want to be married anymore and in the state of Texas, that is completely permitted.”

Steven Crowder has learned to self-censor himself when talking to the traditional propaganda outlets. It’s how he’s managed to infiltrate balls deep into the consubversative movement. But I saw an email from “TotalSeasoningAmericanDeath1488.” Initially I believed it to be from Emma Watson, but after reading it I quickly realized that it was from none other than the our favourite fedposter, Steven Crowder. 

Dr. Shekelstein,

Today, I need a friend. Today, I need someone I can trust. Today, I need someone just to listen. Ever since you helped me bury that RCMP officer who tried to expose my previous street murders of random Aboriginals up here in Canada, I’ve found you to be the most trustworthy shoulder to cry upon. 

Just to be clear, he didn’t really mean that, it’s just an inside joke between the two of us. I, Timothy Coish, have never helped Steven Crowder dispose of a dead body, and Steven Crowder has never murdered any Aboriginal People while showing them his swastika chest tattoo and having a very personal, intimate relationship with them in their few moments on this earth. We also disavow all violence done to police.

My wife, my beloved Hilary. She didn’t want to do her part for the White Race. I, Steven Crowder, told her that the she needed to be used as a breeding stump, not for my pleasure, but for our race’s survival. That the more HuWhyte Babies that I put inside of her, the more Hitler smiled. 

But she told me that the pregnancies were hard on her body. That two was enough for her. It caused me pain to see my wife suffer through her rough pregancies, and the twelve hour labour that came with our second. But it was pure agony when I heard her so cavalierly put her needs before that of us Aryans.

Steven Crowder has something of an offputting, old timey manner of speaking, but today is not the day for criticism. This is a man who saw a woman who he thought was “his Eva Braun,” – his words, not mine – turn into a typical Western Womxyn. SAD! Many such cases!

Now back to the article.

Crowder called it the most heartbreaking experience of his life and considers the divorce his “deepest personal failure.”

He said that he and his ex-wife Hilary decided to keep the issue private for the safety of their two children.

“In all this, one thing I wanna be really clear about is certain. True north here is that my children are blameless, completely without fault, and so we decided to resolve these issues privately as it’s in their best interest both emotionally and physically to do so.”

It’s unclear if the divorce has been finalized yet but Crowder says that it has been an issue that he has been dealing with for “years.”

“I loved a woman so much that I married her,” said Crowder.

“A woman who, despite all of this, I still love as the mother of my children and she wanted something else for her life.

“That’s not my choice, she simply wanted out and the law says that that’s how it works.”

I expected him to say otherwise in our email exchange, dishing the dirt on Hilary Crowder. Instead he reiterated his love for this woman, and the two children they shared together. I know Steven “Make the torture victim scream Louder” Crowder is known for being a psychopathic warrior for the White Race, and there is some truth in that. But underneath that he’s a human just like the rest of us, who wants love and affection. I could feel him crying as he typed his responses to me, and it broke my heart. 

The couple married in August 2012 and Crowder would proudly flood his social media with photos praising his then-wife as “the most beautiful woman in the world.”

He also wrote “Waiting till the wedding night – getting married the right way” explaining his view on the benefits of remaining abstinent prior to marriage.

“We’d certainly never make it to the wedding without schtupping, and if we did, our ‘wedding night would be awkward and terrible,’ they said.

My man Steven Crowder put off sex for a year, and this is how this she-devil does him. 

It’s official, women are evil. I am chopping off my dick whilst we speak, and joining the homosexual grifting operation known as Anal First. I will go back to college just so that I can compete against prime 19 year old cunny in swimming competitions, not to flirt with them, but to soak in their delicious tears as I beat them every time. We must avenge Crowder in this way, and it won’t hurt to start defending Harvey Weinstein either. Zionist Jews are bad, but bitches are just the WORST. 

But seriously, it’s rough out there. I don’t know Crowder’s personal situation, but modern relationships are a mess, and it’s that way by design. Condolences to their two young children. 

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  1. >“And no, this was not my choice,” he added.

    Divorce actions initiated by women outnumber those initiated by men 2:1.

    “Who is Steven Crowder’s estranged wife Hilary Crowder?”

    [Hilary Crowder née Korzon is an interior decorator and former sales manager.

    Hilary also studied political science at Calvin College in Michigan and graduated in 2010.]

    This life trajectory is typical of literally millions of women: go to college, waste time taking classes to meet graduation requirements of some worthless discipline in subjective junk academia, find out your degree doesn’t really prepare or qualify you do to anything useful, then fall into, uhh, something.

    Still the end of any marriage is regrettable.

    Never followed Crowder and know next to nothing about him.

  2. And to think, Steven crowder, leader of the Aryan Storm Riders was cucked by a wommenz. Murdoch would not be pleased.

  3. So….how long until Steve finally drops the charade and admits he’s gay?

    1. I’ve always suspected this as well. He has a childish face and comes off as a try-hard.

      1. His forays into cross-dressing were numerous enough to arouse my suspicion.

  4. I’ve read that he is bisexual, that could be the reason behind his divorce.

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