Elon Musk has been one of the biggest political disappointments of the past five years. After he took over twatter, he promised free speech. Then he increased the censorship to the point where long time commenters, like Steve Sailer, got censored, and you can’t even tweet out links to the NJP website without them automatically censoring said tweet.

He continues his cucking to the ADL by censoring Kevin MacDonald, an academic who made it through all the years of censorship that we saw on this godawful platform. Or rather, he made it through the Jack Dorsey years, but he couldn’t make it through Elon “free speech” Musk’s short lived rein.

You can find his account here. The usual suspects are giddy with pleasure.

Jaime, can we zoom in on that beautiful mug please? 

It wasn’t all bad news. I’ve been shaking my head in disbelief as Andrew Anglin was allowed a twatter account for well over half a year after everyone interesting was censored. Upon looking at the contents of his feed, it was clear to me why.

If I were Der Juden, I would love Andrew Anglin, for the same reason that groomers love Nicky Fuentes. Keeping enemies around that are ridiculous and offputting to normal people is very productive. Nick Fuentes is the gift to the butthole-left that just keeps giving. After all, now they can say “no, the consubversatives are the real groomers,” and with Ali Akbar, they’re not wrong

For a long time, I was annoyed by Anglin’s kosher pivot. I wrote about this at length in my Andrew Anglin is a Biological Failure series. But at this point, he’s such a toxic loser that the few times he names Der Juden I wince. We don’t need this guy to be the public face of pro-Goyim/White sentiment in America or anyplace else.

For precisely that reason I was convinced that Anglin had carved out a Richard Spencer-esque role as an offputting and counterproductive retard to be left to sperg out and repulse people back into Globo Homo. I expected Anglin to be rewarded for his pivot to slimy fake Christian Nationalism, White Women Hating, and Vote Republicanism by being allowed to keep his twatter account in perpetuity.

I’m done predicting the actions of ZOG with anything other than percentage chances. Anglin undoubtedly did great work for them making their opposition look retarded and disgusting. But I guess he still named Der Juden one too many times, or perhaps pushed back too much on foreign policy? Or maybe some troon was mad and hit the eject button on his account. Who knows?

Interestingly, just a few days ago someone posted a piece of Anglin’s on BANG, TRS’s forum. It is worth mentioning that Anglin has resorted to posting his articles on other people’s websites these days, something that would have been unthinkable in the Stormer’s heyday. More interesting is the disavowal of the Catboi Puhrer.


This machine we live in is far from perfect, but the mechanism for suppressing the people is perfect. That is really probably the best definition of democracy: “the perfected suppression of the population by the ruling elite.”

It’s no secret I back Nick Fuentes fully and implicitly.

But I don’t think he’s going to do a revolution. Not now.

You don’t say…

Nick Fuentes is three months away from throwing a revolution, and has been for the past five years.

My hope for him is that he and his people will be in a position to grab power in a vacuum created by the cascading troubles stemming from economic instability and war.

Anglin thinks that the United States is going to turn into a Mad Max level hellscape, and his first choice as war chief is the closeted homosexual who has never done manual labour, and whose “army” consists of groomed preteens and 45 year old zoomers. 

Nick Fuentes would literally be eaten if we get the roving bands of cannibal tribes that Anglin used to talk about. That Fuentes would be useful for real politics was, once upon a time, moderately plausible. That Fuentes would be useful for surviving the apocalyptic end of society is so absurd that it cannot even be dignified with a response.

We need these big problems to get a lot bigger and we need Emperor Xi to do the exact right thing over and over again and then maybe.


But it is all just noise, brothers.

There is one thing in the universe that matters: “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy on Me, A Sinner.”

Worship Emperor Xi. Christ is Kang. Catbois are great. Be blackpilled but also die for Jesus. I’ve seen it all before.

I really don’t have any commentary that is superior to what was written in the BANG thread. The ellipses denotes different commenters.

Anglin used to write about how Nick was going to be king of America and empower Anglin to personally execute everyone at TRS. Anglin clearly doesn’t like which way the wind is blowing on Groypers and is hedging his bets now.

The Gayop Right is as pathetic as ever with the douche chills inducing irony rhetoric, I see. Fuentes and Anglin deserve each other. I don’t know how that heebephiliac ever decided to justify backing that goofball faggot Fuentes but he must feel super comfy in that flaming dumpster since he has spent years frolicking in it.

Anglin is starring down the barrel of the rest of his life.  He sees a long life where he is increasingly irrelevant and forgotten.  He took the Jewish coin to be comfortable and the Jew made him turn on the only people that would have stood by him.  I hope he chronicles the rest of his increasingly miserable irrelevant life.  I want a record that we can use to craft a narrative of what happens to White Nationalists that betray their own.  He could have just done his own thing, and not burned bridges.  This all could have been avoided.

Anglin remains a scamming, backstabby, sperg faggot, now minus the twatter account.

For a normal person, lack of social media, especially when we have telegram and Poast anyway, is no big deal. For a forty year old man who lives on the internet, not so much. What is Anglin without the internet? Absolutely nothing.

Eight years ago I was afraid that this little goofball was going to be murdered by the Mossad. In reality he’s doomed to live a meager, lonely, quietly desperate existence that ends with a whimper, not a bang.

People say that life is short, but life is the longest thing that you do. Decisions that you make in your early thirties, like backstabbing the only honest political actors in the alt-right, can really come around to bite you. 

On a whim I searched “daily stormer” on duckduckgo. Turns out they got the .in domain back, and I noticed that he has a huge “pay me pls” banner on the top of the page. Beside that, they still have the #FreeRicky image link on the top right of each page. Yes, this is a full three weeks after Ricky Vaughan, real name Douglass Mackey, was convicted for memes on the internet. The trial is over, let alone the fundraising for the defense. 

The article it links to is from 2021, and is asking for donations. Considering what happened to the donations that were sent to Anglin himself for his legal defense, namely they vanished into thin air and he bitched out, I doubt that Douglass Mackey saw a single cent of whatever was raised. It’s just another opportunity to soak the remaining audience of their last shekels. It will stay up until Anglin has scammed the very last cent off his dwindling fans. 

Anglin also managed to write a grand total of two articles today. The one you see above, captured in its entirety, and another below, where he apologizes for not writing anything, and demands you pay him. 


It’s not really one of those days where there’s some kind of problem or whatever.

But real life stuff happens, and I can’t write anything good or go through and finish my meme collection.

You people know I’ve worked 365 days a year for 10 years straight now, right?

And still you get all of your daily news items, of course, which is the only thing anyone was ever promised.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the full memes, a very funny article about my recent 12-hour Twitter ban, and many more great things.

Until then, enjoy the news.

And also send crypto.

It is amazing how far the tiny have fallen since 2015. From writing 20 short articles per day, getting a million views per day, and having a site that was politically relevant, to having #FreeRicky plastered on the site of this low energy grift almost a month after the trial is over, which links to a piece written in 2021. It’s like the dead husk of the corpse of the Stormer. It’s just dead.

I remember reading a piece written by some guy who went back to an MMO he played a decade earlier as a child, only to find it a wasteland full of spambots and with almost no players. The Deadmeme Stormer is the closest I have experienced to that in my life. I suspect the low energy grift will continue until Anglin has no more paypiggies to soak. 

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  1. https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2023/04/24/cancelled/

    [After careful review, we determined your account broke the Twitter Rules. Your account is permanently in read-only mode, which means you can’t Tweet, Retweet, or Like content. You won’t be able to create new accounts. If you think we got this wrong, you can submit an appeal.]

    James Edward (Political Cesspool) was also ‘suspended’.

    Macdonald’s rhetoric is milquetoast, about as circumspect as it is possible to be when addressing the subjects he does. I mean he’s a former professor, a scholar.

    No way Musk can control day-to-day operational decisions like this, but it’s clear there is still a mechanism and people in place for this to happen on a significant scale, and Musk should have done more about that, since it’s clear political.

    Twitter is now private and will not be releasing quarterly financial info — but I imagine Musk is struggling to create a profitable company, and now realizes there is no way to do that via cost cutting and selling blue check marks — he needs advertising.

  2. Not long after Musk took over it was again possible to browse down into a Twitter timeline without having a Twitter account and logging-in. That annoying restriction was in place for a long time before Musk.

    But recently there is more Twitter bizarreness under Musk: 1) the advanced search capability can no longer be used without having an account and logging-in, and 2) you cannot click on a trending topic and see the tweets about that topic without logging-in.

    I guess by doing this Musk wants to encourage growth in the number of accounts and active users, which is a concrete metric he can show to advertisers — but it’s just off-putting and more annoyance.


    1. Interesting find.

  3. […] Musk’s twatter already censors everyone interesting, while artificially promoting users like Catturd2, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ben […]

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