NY Post:

Dramatic new video shows a straphanger taking matters into his own hands, pinning down an unhinged man in a deadly incident at a Manhattan subway station this week.

Boy am I ever getting tired of all these Unhinged-Americans and the crimes they commit.  

Although in this case it’s not a euphemism. As we’ll see later, this particular crazed homeless man was well known for terrorizing the subway riders. And the other Black guy in the screencap above isn’t fighting the White Man off, he’s actually grabbing the crazy violent homeless man’s hands so he can’t do anything erratic. Never know when these types have knives.

The 24-year-old passenger stepped in after the vagrant, identified by sources as Jordan Neely, 30, began going on an aggressive rant on a northbound F train Monday afternoon, according to police and a witness who took the video.

“He starts to make a speech,” freelance journalist Juan Alberto Vazquez said in Spanish during an interview Tuesday, referring to the disturbed man.

“He started screaming in an aggressive manner,” Vazquez told The Post. “He said he had no food, he had no drink, that he was tired and doesn’t care if he goes to jail. He started screaming all these things, took off his jacket, a black jacket that he had, and threw it on the ground.”

That’s when he said the straphanger came up behind Neely and took him to the ground in a chokehold — keeping him there for some 15 minutes, Vazquez said.

This is the reaction of literally every single person who has ever had to deal with these crazy and erratically violent homeless crack addicts on public transportation. 

I’ve never been to New York, but the ones we have here in Vancouver might actually be worse. I’ve detailed them a few times, most notably in the Traffic Soyboys series – sorry for not finishing that yet – and they’re awful. It’s not just that they are violent, it’s that they are extremely unpredictable in their behaviour.

You can’t even count on being a fit young man as a deterrent. They’ll attack you even if they don’t have knives, and can’t possibly win the fight they started. Something triggers in their brain and now it’s attacking time. And like an angry housecat, they can do more damage than you might think.

The approximately three-minute-and-a-half-long video shot by Vazquez shows the blond subway rider lying on the floor of the train with his arm wrapped around the man’s neck.

Neely — who was living on the streets and had a history of mental health issues — lost consciousness after being put in the chokehold, and EMS workers at the station were unable to revive him, police and law enforcement sources said.

The straphanger — who sources said is a Marine veteran — was taken into custody and later released without charges.

You see this right here? This is peak aesthetics. 

However, don’t think that this hero avoiding the initial charges means he’s getting away with his heroism unpunished. James Fields wasn’t charged with anything initially, and then got 419 years for a car accident. We’ve already heard the first rumblings from the (((Soros prosecutor))) Alvin Bragg.

NY Post:

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office confirmed Wednesday it was investigating the death of a disturbed homeless man placed in a chokehold by a straphanger on a train this week.

Prosecutors’ probe includes whether to pursue charges against the passenger, who stepped in when Jordan Neely, 30, went on an aggressive rant on an F train in lower Manhattan Monday afternoon, according to authorities and witnesses.

“We have an ongoing investigation,” a spokesman for DA Alvin Bragg said.

Prosecutors can opt to present the case to a grand jury and let them decide if charges should be filed against the wannabe vigilante. 

Wannabe? Seems like a very successful vigilante to me.

While he probably didn’t mean to kill the guy, everyone knows that there was a good chance of a crazed feral crackhead like that popping off, especially when he was literally ranting about how he was about to pop off and wanted food. But Alvin Bragg is human filth, so instead of awarding this man a medal for courageously confronting a ranting crackhead with a history of violence, there’s a decent change that this brave young man will see the inside of a prison cell.

Alvin Bragg

It’s really disgusting how these anti-Whites let criminal after criminal get away with real crimes, while peasants, especially White Peasants, get the book thrown at them. 

In recent years Neely was an occasional street performer known for his impersonation of former pop icon Michael Jackson — with his fans including Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. 

“I saw Jordan Neely perform his Michael Jackson routine many times on the A train,” Levine said on Twitter Wednesday. “He always made people smile.

“Our broken mental health system failed him,” Levine wrote. “He deserved help, not to die in a chokehold on the floor of the subway.”

He probably did deserve mental illness treatment, but I’m really tired of the neo-Bolsheviks mumbling this line whenever some extremely negative yet entirely predictable outcome occurs involving some insane homeless petty criminal. Don’t say that unless you’re advocating for rebuilding our mental health institutions. And yet I bet that Levine here would call you a fascist neon-natzee for doing exactly that. 

Others have called bullshit on Levine’s claim that Jordan Neely “made everyone smile.”

Jordan Neely seemed like the epitomy of human excrement, and it was only a matter of time before he murdered someone. This first Redditor essentially claimed that Neely did in fact try to kill him by throwing him onto the tracks. 

Keep in mind, this is Reddit. You’ll have do some reading between the lines, but even their stories largely speak for themselves.

This man was an evil turd who has now been flushed.

You could argue that his mental illnesses make him not in control of his actions. Either way, it’s ridiculous that he was allowed to walk the streets of NYC. People like this are why public transit is still down 30% from pre-Covid levels.

Story after story of this crazed man verbally abusing passengers, trying to start fights, trying to shove people onto the tracks, and hopping from train to train to go and abuse the next group of victims. 

User “dorgsmack” gives us the kind of honesty that’s rare on Reddit. On twitter, “Dr. Dad,” claims that Jordan Neely already had over forty arrests, and that would just be the ones where the police bothered showing up. 

The system might have failed Jordan Neely, but it definitely failed everyone who Jordan Neely was allowed to terrorize for years, and is now gearing up to fail the man who did something about it. Although “fail,” may be the wrong term. “Maliciously prosecute the peasants for self-defense,” is more accurate. 

Consubversives manage to have the exact same take on this as people with troon flags in and pronouns in their bio. To be clear, I saw a lot of them calling this murder, but this was the only part where they were doing so right next to the Tranny Enjoyers. Normal people continue to have the correct take. 

Once again, servatism has no point except to get out in front of normal people’s reaction to things and make sure it goes nowhere. 

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  1. They will 100% fuck this guy over.

    1. It’s new york so it competes with california, and DC for the most communist jewish laws in the entire USA

  2. Couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw that this happened on the F train.

  3. […] Rittenhouse 2? White Marines Chokes Crazed Black Vagrant to Death on NYC Subway […]

  4. Urban public transit is where “public” = crazy, violent hoboes. So yeah, would rather drive.

  5. If this sort of thing happened a few thousand times per hour, using mass transit might actually become tolerable in a few years.

  6. I’m halfway through the article, but ew alvin bragg is repulsive, I’d take the crackhead over alvin bragg. Damn shame that the crackhead is still breathing, and that the marine didn’t choke alvin bragg to death instead. lol

    1. finished reading it, and wow, I’m glad the crack head nigger is dead. It’s true maybe if law enforcement had put him in jail or prison for all the assaults, attempted murders, harassment & threats of violence ect, he would still be alive. Honestly when I think of the trauma that all of his victims are dealing with, rather it was just a ruined day, or more long term ptsd, he victimized alot of people. I bet the poor little Asian woman was traumatized by that encounter the way it was described. I like what you said, he was an evil turd who is now flushed.

      Public transport is this way even in salt lake city and denver. Always a crackhead nigger punching things and threatening people.

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