In my last piece I went into a brief history of zoning in the US. There were some arguments that people had made to the effect that zoning laws helped them keep the Crime-Americans out. I’m still not sure what the ultimate truth is, and I won’t pretend to have all the answers. I’m extremely skeptical that current zoning laws are a secret way for people to keep their communities White. What I’m not skeptical of is that desire to get away from the poor oppressed criminals of colour.

I’ll transcribe below.

In between the first and second piece in this series a Poast user showed me this KiwiFarms thread, making fun of the same antifa-type urbanist fags. I was actually quite miffed when I saw that thread, as I had been planning my takedown of these guys since spring of 2022, only to be beaten to the punch as other works delayed this series until the Christmas season.

But I can’t deny that it’s an excellent resource on these types, with an excellent OP. Reading it again I even found an image that is relevant to the previous piece, with respect to one (((Robert Moses))). The Urbanites hate him.

Turns out E. Michael Jones also hates him. Reader Becquerel left this comment on the last piece.

Another interesting entry in an unexpected series – thanks.
“The Slaughter of Cities” (E Michael Jones) has a whole chapter on Moses and the rise of suburban “car culture”. Jones interprets it as the result of a plan to break up ethnic Catholic communities (Poles, Italians, etc.) by dispersing them into suburbs where they would become generic Americans. Once thus “Americanized” , they lost most of their power to organize as a community and oppose anything the gov’t would like to do to them.

Of course E. Michael Jones ignores race as the elephant in the room, so you have to interpret his findings through that lens. I don’t have time to redo his research, but I would be shocked, downright shocked if (((Mr. Moses))) wasn’t intentionally destroying tight knit White communities, in many cases by literally destroying them through eminent domain.

E. Michael Jones

That KiwiFarms thread is also where I found the somewhat blurry screencap at the top of the page. It’s from the r/fuckcars subreddit. User Secure-Name-4116 asks the (p)redditors how to deal with crime in a walkable city. I searched for the question, and found it was posted verbatim to both r/fuckcars as well as r/notjustbikes. The latter is the subreddit dedicated to fanning the balls of Jason “Not Just Bikes” Slaughter. The former is essentially pure antifa who have gotten really into the hating on cars subculture and made it an important part of their identity. The responses on both are exactly what you’d expect.

If you struggled to read the screencap, here’s the post. Again, this is duplicated on both subreddits.


How to deal with crime in walkable cities?

I live in a suburb but was walking through downtown Pittsburgh a few days ago and it has good density and walkability. But there were many times where I felt unsafe because I was walking past a sketchy alleyway or there was a drug addict walking behind me. How would you avoid this if we had walkability everywhere)

The original post has zero upboats on the r/fuckcars subreddit. It has three upboats on the r/notjustbikes subreddit. I don’t know if reddit allows an OP to go negative. If not I expect it did, as this guy’s reasonable comments later on were all downvoted to oblivion. Anyway, the top comment on /fuckcars is from user Careless-Childhood66.

Assume the amount of violent criminals stays the same, but the amount of walkable space increases => probability to meet a violent criminal decrease while you have more space to circumvent people.

Why would the amount of street criminals stay the same when there are more street targets for them? Why wouldn’t lowlifes who are currently specializing in burglaries switch to street crime instead? And more importantly, why are we just assuming this to be true?

Also, it’s not like cars make you safe. They can simply camp a traffic light and snatch you when it’s red. The reason that this does not happen as often is simple: there aren’t as many muggers as msm tries to tell you there were.

How are they going to snatch you when you’re inside a car?

This is what we’re dealing with folx. People who think that you are no more safe from muggers when inside of a locked car than out on the street in stabbing distance.

User FeistyFurry, and yes that is what you think, comments with a non-sequitur.

43k died in the USA from cars. 19k were murdered. I’ll take my chances without the cars.

By this logic you should just go and jump into the shark tank at the local aquarium while wrapped in bloody meat and dressed as a seal. Remember, more people die in cars every year, so you’re safer in the shark tank than you are on the highway.

In truth, if you jumped into a shark tank there actually is a good chance of nothing happening to you. The same is true for jumping into the Lion’s encampment, or the pit where they have the grizzly bears. These animals are extremely dangerous, but they aren’t pure killing machines. Maybe they weren’t hungry at that particular moment.

Iif you shared a story about how you accidentally found yourself in the Lion enclosure at the local zoo, but nothing happened, they would snarkily point out that nothing happened, therefore what you did wasn’t dangerous. User TreeFugger69420 on the r/notjustbikes subreddit makes this point almost explicitly.

Let’s just call it what it is: Suburban people are scared of cities. You’re projecting crime on a situation that doesn’t have any. What’s happening is you’re scared of people, likely because you don’t live in close proximity to any. If you spent any time in a city you’d learn that more people doesn’t equal more danger and walking past an alley wouldn’t scare you.

I’m going to rewrite the above as if he was responding to someone sharing a story of falling into the lion pit at the local zoo.

Let’s just call it what it is: Suburban people are scared of lions. You’re projecting danger on a situation that doesn’t have any. What’s happening is you’re scared of lions, likely because you don’t live in close proximity to any. If you spent any time in a city you’d learn that more lions doesn’t equal more danger and walking past an alley full of lions wouldn’t scare you.

By the way, the furry enjoyer wasn’t the only snarky midwit to make the spurious homicide/car accident comparison. User NoMoreLerking has this to say.

Soothe yourself with the knowledge that you’re much more likely to die by car accident than homicide.

You’re also even less likely to be murdered by a gun. So I guess we’re all against gun control now, right?

We’re back to the r/fuckcars subreddit with this gem.


More non-sketchy folks living in cities will make those cities less sketchy. It’s much harder to commit crimes when there’s lots of normal, law-abiding folks around.

What sort of sketchy people are we talking about? Can you describe them to me in detail? Do they look like this?

What’s the big idea to, uh, segregate yourself from the Sketchy-Americans? Do you have some sort of plan in place. Is there a way for us to identify groups that are more at risk of Sketchiness than others? How are we going to bring in the non-Sketchy-Americans without you antifas whining about gentrification? 


Having walked around downtown Pittsburgh, the answer is that you need more people walking around. It’s a beautiful city, but its dead. Part of walkability is that things are open and lots of people are walking to their destinations creating safety in numbers.

That being said, you can get assholes and nut jobs in walkable and crowded places like NYC too so being alert and aware of your surroundings so that you can avoid them is always a good idea.

Pitt seems an easy fix. Just need to move more people downtown. That park you have at the point is awesome. So are the bridges. Aesthetically, Pitt already has what it needs unlike Houston or Dallas.

Although I’ve also said the same about downtown Detroit. One of the few places I’ve found scary while walking.

Detroit is too easy, so let’s focus on Pittsburg. If this city already has what it needs for walkability, why is it dead?

The above screencap is from BestNeighbourhood. They claim that Pittsburgh is only 8% Black. But that’s the greater Pittsburgh area. All the green areas are majority Black. Through pure coincidence, despite a very well designed city that is theoretically quite walkable, it’s dangerous and dead, and very few people actually do walk. What a wacky state of affairs! It’s just so odd isn’t it?

Walkability is the new “good schools.” Yes, urban design matters. So do racial demographics and drug addiction. In the same way that when Da Blax move into the areas with “good schools” they suddenly start magically being “bad schools,” when they move into areas that have “good walkability,” they suddenly stop having good walkability, and end up as dead areas. Weird.

Back to the NotJustBikes subreddit we have an exchange where some small amount of reality is allowed to seep in.

User Josquius says this bit of nonsense.

Surely this is a unwalkable city problem?

In walkable cities the crime rate tends to be much lower as with the amount of people about criminals feel far less secure.

Well. Violent crime at least. YMMV for pickpockets.

User dinosaur_of_doom responds with a smidgeon of reality.

Plenty of walkable areas in cities around the world have terrible problems with crime. Eyes on the street requires that an area have people willing to intervene if they witness a crime, and also requires lots of people (walkable areas can be relatively deserted after 8pm and so on).

Let’s check in with famously diverse Brazil’s most famously diverse city and see how their highly populated public events are going.

CTV News:

RIO DE JANEIRO — Muggings, armed robberies and confrontations during Carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro are underscoring the deteriorating security situation in the city.

The television network TV Globo on Wednesday showed video of gunfire between rival drug gangs, teenagers punching tourists in areas usually considered relatively safe and a police officer narrowly escaping after several people attacked him in front of his home.

Rio state Gov. Luiz Fernando Pezao acknowledged there weren’t enough police on hand during the first couple days of Carnival, though more than 17,000 policemen worked in Rio state each day during the festivities.

Wait, I’m confused. There are plenty of eyes on the street, so there should be no crime, according to the soyboys on reddit. Why do we need police, let alone more police, when the streets are this full of the organic crime fighters known as fellow pedestrians?

Same shit happens at African festivals in America.

These antifa-reddit types really love throwing shit out there that seems semi-plausible while never bothering to fact-check it in even the most cursory manner. I can believe that, all things being equal, more people on the streets leads to less street crime, at least violent street crime. I can also believe that, all things being equal, the opposite is true, since criminals are more starved for targets in the latter case. Personally I’d lean towards more pedestrians probably leading to fewer crimes, at least per pedestrian. But the idea that more people == streets are safe now is so reddit-tier that it blows my mind.

This is doubly true given the well accepted, at least among people who live in reality, correlation between population density and crime per capita. I wasn’t even aware that there were people who disputed this.

Law JRank:

According to crime statistics, community size does make a difference, as crime rates are higher in urban than in rural areas. Violent and property crime rates in our largest cities (Metropolitan Statistical Areas, or MSAs) are three to four times as high as the rates in rural communities (Barkan). These statistics hold for nearly all types of crime. For example, according to 1995 statistics from the Uniform Crime Reports, in U.S. metropolitan areas, homicide claims 11 victims per 100,000 inhabitants and more than 25 per 100,000 in some of the largest cities. In small cities and in rural counties, homicide claims only 5 victims per 100,000, and fewer than 2 per 100,000 in our most rural states (Federal Bureau of Investigation). This pattern also occurs for robbery and assault; they are much more common in large urban areas than elsewhere.

bUT uRbAn ArEAs HaVE sAFetY iN nUMberS.

Crime is a complicated issue. Even though denser areas in America have more crime, we can’t simply say that denser areas cause more crimes, because we are ignoring racial demographics. Here in Canada the very un-dense Indian Reservations have enormous violent crime levels. Far higher than ultra dense Japanese cities like Tokyo.

You know what really puts a damper on crime? Not having the Crime-Americans in the first place. It seems that most of Japan is blessed with low crime rates, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why? Can some (p)redditor chime in and help me understand this one? Is it because they have really walkable cities with lots of eyes on the street to create safety in numbers? That must explain the difference between Tokyo and Detroit.

One last comment chain from the R/NotJustBikes subreddit, this time started off by user redjives. He shows the barely restrained anti-White nature of the people trying to ban you from having a car.

You feeling unsafe is not the same as crime. Being around poor people (of color) is not the same as crime.

Yeah, in cities, and especially walkable cities, you end up rubbing shoulders with a wider range of people than in (white flight) suburbs. To the extent that that leads to crime (and again, feeling unsafe / uncomfortable ≠ crime) I’d say let’s do something about inequality and economic disadvantage.

But in another rare moment of sanity on reddit, this comment got -2 downvotes as of time of writing, as compared to the +5 upvoting user bigbux got for his response.

Yeah man, being poor in America somehow reduces your agency to avoid randomly throwing an old lady down the stairs twice and not even try to rob her.

Funny how much poorer people in Thailand/Vietnam/Costa Rica commit much less violent crime. It’s almost like it might be cultural! Chile has inequality in line with Mexico, yet a lower murder rate than the US and certainly lower than Mexico. El Salvador and Haiti have less inequality than Chile but they’re hyper violent.

Cultural? I guess I can’t complain that he misspelled racial. This is reddit after all.

But let me tell you, these guys, genetically, look like they’ve really got a culture of violence going on about them for purely socioeconomic reasons.

Even though the title of the series is Deboonking the Traffic Soyboys, I’ve tried to stay away from purely dunking on the antifa reddit types. That’s evergreen content, but too much of it is purely masturbatory, and a large part of this series is supposed to be deep dives into transportation from a non-ideological perspective. I want to answer questions like “should Canada and the US have high speed rail,” with serious answers.

Still, I felt like I needed to dedicate a piece showing how totally unserious and coddled these antifa types are. How divorced from reality. How much they victim blame on the topic of crime.

I posted this screencap in the second piece. This girl had the very reasonable complaint that niggers Underprivileged-Americans would steal her bike if she biked everywhere in downtown NYC. Of course the Armchair Urbanists came in with the standard dumbassery, the likes of which I covered above with the redditors. These people all repeat the same dumb slogans over and over again like the transit NPCs that they are and there’s only so much of that you can take.

But the girl’s comment reminded me of my own horror experiences on public transit in Vancouver. This is an area that, while getting “diversified” by Schlomo, is extremely White/Asian. But no problem, the Zionists have resourcefully turned an area I had to frequent five days a week for a year into a complete and utter shithole.

Above are screencaps from the Debbie Hellion And The Apocalypse YouTube channel. She has done more to document actual societal problems than all the (((sociologists))) in the world.

Here’s a two minute video she took of a bike ride with her dog. Around 30 seconds in you start to see the tents. I can practically smell the human feces through the screen. Really makes me nostalgic.

This particular video isn’t even all that bad. I’ve seen far worse in person. This was the most recent video of her taking a stroll, as of time of writing. Why is this area so sub-third world?

Oh well because of “advocates,” who make sure to keep it that way.

By the way the comments on that show how much everyone hates these antifa “advocates.”

YouTube user RusselKimmel

These “advocates” are causing harm to communities and neighbourhoods. My home has been broken into so many times. My wife and son have been robbed at knife point. Our home is vandalized regularly: my garage burned down, my front window smashed, my fence gratified with gang insignia etc. At times, it feels like I’m back living in a war zone again but it is worse because we have nowhere to go now. I swear I feel I have PTSD. But these “advocates” don’t care for the safety of my family or our community because they zealots and self-righteous.

User MarchCheyne,

Stop taking my tax money if you’re going to turn our streets & parks & yards into a dump. I work hard to live clean & follow the rules

User EmileCossette,

I can’t even imagine what it would look like without street sweeps. This is a filthy city as it is.

User Tyr1388,

The majority of tax payers want the streets to be maintained by the city and so do shoppers and business owners. Thankyou for clearing the streets City Council cares!
Get them off of the street side and into jail. Drug rehab if testing shows a drug addiction or continue to goto jail until they change behaviour. This must not be tolerated.

User BLUDDYknucklez,

I love how all the “advocates” are either homeless, formerly homeless, drug addicts, or former drug addicts who care nothing about anyone else outside of those categories.

User PaulNewstead9693,

Meanwhile school district budgets are getting slashed.

Other comments,

Clear them out.
Those poor junkies! Where are they supposed to store all their stolen property??
Throw them in mental health facilities – most need serious help.
The city workers will get beat down without police back up do I sense a strike on the horizon. Vancouver is such a dumpy city when I go there I try not to walk around. In parks you find needles or used condoms. On the street you are constantly asked for change. People have way too many opinions with very little money. It’s such a small and young city that is crumbling.  I like Coal Harbour and Alberny Street. West Van is nice too.

Hold on a second. Jaime, what did that Goy say?

Vancouver is such a dumpy city when I go there I try not to walk around.

Did I just heckin’ see that?

Are you telling me that having tons of drug addicts who literally shit on the streets makes it unwalkable?! That sounds like something a CaRBraIn would say. Can’t believe this guy’s been drinking the automobile propaganda kool aid. Imagine thinking that people don’t want to walk because of crazy homeless people and not because of tRAffIc ViOLenCE caused by cars.

User tillyburton5402,

Ok you Advocates, take them home, if you feel that CLEANING the street, that they use as a toilet, goes against their rights. Are you for real. Pay your taxes and don’t take welfare and then you can have a say. I am sick of of these entitled things on the street, doing nothing excepting pissing and pooping on the streets. I want a address in Vancouver, paid by others. why should they have the best address and get paid for it. You advocates get a real job or take on home and clean it up and see what it will do in society for you.

I want my taxes going to the seniors living on pensions that barely covers the cost of their living. Remember the seniors, that fought the war for us/ gave and guaranteed our freedom/ worked/ paid their taxes and now they have to struggle. What did those vagrants done in society, but take and want more. try earning it like I have. I have to pay for my life style and pay for theirs????? And stop giving them an excuse to be a low life vagrant. And I’m an addict is a cop out excuse.

The main problem is the extreme levels of drug usage, and I do mean extreme. This is because Vancouver opened up the very first “safe injection site,” and has combined that with “generous” subsidies to these people while forcing the VPD to treat them with kid gloves. Debbie lives fairly close to the site, located on East Hastings street, and I had to walk by almost that exact location every single weekday day for a year as part of my public transit experience. I’m not sure I’m a talented enough writer to properly describe this to you in words, so I’ll let someone else set the scene.

Los Angeles Times:

In the coastal cold of a Vancouver morning, nine people crowded at the door of the Insite safe injection center, itching for it to open so they could shoot heroin and fentanyl inside.

Around their huddle on this two-block stretch of East Hastings Street, hundreds of people, the majority habitual drug users, were crushed together in tents and chairs, on discarded rugs and under wet tarps. Some were sprawled on the sidewalk, motionless and unconscious. One man repeatedly hurled a hatchet at the pavement.

A hatchet. A fucking hatchet. A crazy homeless drug addict with a hatchet. Do you see this picture below? Do you see how unwalkable this is? I mean look at them. Look at all of them. 

Look at all those… cars. I can’t believe that they are literally genociding the walkability just by existing. If only this street was entirely paved over, walkability Nirvana. Remember folx, it’s not the human feces and stab happy drug addicts on the sidewalk that leads to a lack of walkability, it’s the presence of cars in the same city. These are some reality based beliefs we’ve got here.

Jason Slaughter aka NotJustBikes

My public transit journey started in South Surrey. I would drive to the Park & Ride a few kilometers away, and get on the bus. It’s difficult to show the entirety of this trip on a map, since Google Maps doesn’t let you do hybrid drive/transit trips with multiple stops.

Above was the first leg, a ten minute jaunt over to the park and ride. Although of course you have to get there earlier than you need to for fear of missing the bus.

Next is the second leg, which required a bus to Bridgeport Station, followed by a subway trip to Waterfront Station. This worked out to about an hour and a half, potentially shorter if you got lucky with the how long you needed to wait for the bus and subway. If you really need to get to your destination on time then you need to assume the worst.

Up until this point we have a fairly standard public transit experience. It’s unpleasant, but not intolerable. I could usually find it bearable by listening to TRS podcasts on the way there. Occasionally I would check The Daily Stormer on my phone, back when it was readable. But now it’s time for the walk through the hellpocalypse.

The last leg of the journey, all by foot, was fifteen minutes. The station itself was fine, but slowly the human filth started to waft into your nostrils. That’s not a metaphor, I mean the literal human feces on the street.

Notice the dates. This is a permanent problem. San Francisco and other fag cities are the same.

There was also dog feces thrown in for good measure. And yes, you can smell both. You can also see the erratic behaviour displayed by the mentally ill homeless drug addicts who fill out the natural ambiance of the DTES (Downtown East Side). Remember that heroin addict who bided his time waiting for the safe injection site to open by tossing a hatchet around? Yeah, those kinds, and you have to walk through them on your way to anything.

The trek through the Downtown East Side is the only time in my entire life where I have been happy to see the police, and it’s the VPD that we’re talking about! This is the same police force that I call the blue antifa, and with good reason. They refused to press hate crime charges against the antifas who desecrated a church in downtown Vancouver despite boasting about how much they love prosecuting the goyim for so-called hate crimes. These are the same scum who watched one of the guys I was with at the Monkeypox Fiesta be attacked by an AIDS-American and have his sign stolen. Then, when I went to ask them about arresting him, these cunts told me that was “unrealistic,” despite him being right ****ing there.

And yet, it was nice seeing them where we were walking, as they provided some small semblance of security. You felt like they would at least jump in if someone tried stabbing you. In fact, I can’t help but feel bad for the individual cops who had to handle these creatures, including touching them with their bare hands some times. People like to use the term chimpouts to refer to BLMers wilding out, but these drug addicts are liable to snap, and start freaking out at everyone in their general area, or perhaps just one person in particular. As we have seen above, sometimes they get their hands on hatchets or knives, in which case good luck.

The entire trip by transit was around to two hours long each way, for a nice four hours of transit per day, although sometimes less. As far as costs are concerned, Park & Ride monthly pass is $40. The 3 zone bus and subway pass, which I needed, is $185.20. That’s about $225 per month, or $2,700 per year. Not exactly free, especially when I still needed a vehicle to go to the Park & Ride, and therefore still needed to pay for insurance and maintenance. Taking the bike down to the Park & Ride was unreasonable, and walking to the (quite far away) nearest bus terminal, and at the time the buses schedule was such that it would have added almost another hour to my trip.

Having said that, it looks like they changed the routes by adding a bus that goes along Crescent Road all the way to Bridgeport Station. Now, even though the walk to that bus stop is 18 minutes, the entire trip is “only” about an hour and a half, and skips the Park & Ride entirely, which is nice.

But that wasn’t the case back in the day, and it was a 2 hour trek. Taking the trip by car saved a variable amount of time. In rush hour you’re still potentially spending an hour and a half to do the trip, but you could also make it in well under an hour at the right time of day. I would never do this on weekdays, but I did this a few times on the weekend with my truck. It’s very expensive in terms of gas, and the parking is also outrageously expensive.

There was also an atrocious lack of parking, and seeing how these urbanist faggots talk, I don’t doubt for one second that was intentional. This is even after you’ve accepted that your precious vehicle is going to spend the day surrounded by people who are indistinguishable from the possessed, and are wont to damage it. Even when you’re willing to park in these areas the parking availability is still terrible. And yes, someone tried breaking into my truck once when parked in this area. They didn’t succeed, but fucked up the keyhole so bad that I couldn’t get in with the key, although the electronic door opener still worked thankfully.

Anyway, there were always a few dedicated motorcycle parking spots available, so one time in the summer I decided to take my motorcycle in. I had to finish something up, and I wanted to ride my bike in the beautiful summer air. I was thinking about the beautiful day and the work I needed to do, not the demons who were ambling around East Hastings. Or at least I was until I arrived at my destination and saw them.

I ended up approaching from the East, and not the West, which is where I would walk from. As bad as it was coming from the West, it was even worse to the East. This is less noticeable in a car, since, contrary to what the reddit fags would have you believe, you are much safer in a car, and it’s easier to observe these people as if they’re local wildlife. On foot you are exposed to them, but you do have one thing going for you that you might not realize until you’ve been in this situation before, your hands are free.

It was bad on foot, it was worse on motorcycle. This was hammered home to me as I came down a part of East Hastings where we can only say that civilization had broken down. There were multiple streams of these druggies crossing the street at random locations, sometimes close enough to reach out and grab me, which could easily be fatal on a bike. At one point I was stopped at a light and a herd of the damned crossed in front of me, once again close enough to touch. At least they were in front of me. I kept my head on a swivel and was checking my mirrors constantly for one of these filth creatures sneaking up on me from behind, ready to gun it through the red light and take my chances rather than get shanked by these creatures. 

I think this is actually Seattle. Same idea though, and all other shots are confirmed DTES.

Since you’re reading this you can probably guess that this story had an anticlimactic ending. I got to a parking spot, parked, did my work, got out, and rode home. I vowed to never ride a motorcycle in that area again, and I never did. The traffic soyboys would say that nothing violent happening meant this was totally acceptable and it’s all in your head and blah blah coddled suburbanite blah blah. The 99% of the World who live in reality would agree that that place is fucked, the policy makers responsible for all that need to be made examples of, and you don’t go here unless you have to, no matter how “walkable” the sidewalk design.  

One funny anectode about this situation. A guy I met in the area had a coworker who was Brazilian. Or rather, he used to have a Brazilian coworker. The guy had been hired by his company and was all excited to start working for a nice company, getting paid a nice salary. His very first day he was set to walk into work, but didn’t even get within sight of the office before turning around and heading back. He booked a flight home to Brazil that day, and they only found out what happened because he was gracious enough to tell them when he got back. He said the guy described Vancouver as hell in real life.

Brazil. I know it’s not all Rio De Janeiro, but the DTES is officially so bad that Brazilians are NOPEing out of good job opportunities once they actually have to live here. 

The nature of these areas don’t lead themselves to much more than one off anecdotes, so here’s another. One of these random homeless guys somehow found a bike. I was with three other men, all in our early twenties. We were walking East and he was coming West and he glanced at us. Next thing I know he’s turned around and he’s screaming at me in particular as he bikes off. None of us had any idea why. His words were something like “and this is it THE DAY I SNAP and you’re – yeah you – yeah you’re I’m LOOKING at you.” 

Going into shops in the area weren’t much better. Everything smelled terrible, especially when these types got near. Bathrooms were horrorshows. These addict schizos would occasionally start screaming at people, usually the cashier. They would also often not be able to pay properly and put everyone in a tense situation where anything could happen.

Taking the bus in that area wasn’t much better. You’d think that bus fare kept them off, but you’d be wrong. There were a lot of situations where everyone was crowded at the back of the bus when one of them was at the front. It was actually sort of comical, since it truly was a unification of all the random diversity in Vancouver at the back of the bus, everyone being as friendly to each other as possible in light of the new threat at the front of the bus.

One time I saw one of these guys standing over the bus driver. In one of my prouder moments I actually scooched myself forwards. I was already in the lower part of the bus, but I wanted to be there in case this guy did something crazy. Or at least crazier than muttering to himself, which I noticed he was doing while staring daggers at the bus drivers head. He didn’t have anything in his hands, but you never know what’s going to happen. The driver for his part just pretended nothing was happening, but he was clearly scared stiff. I didn’t know that guy’s name but I had seen him before and he was usually a friendly guy.

And similar to the motorcycle story, eventually nothing happened. The guy got off the bus and that was that. But, it turns out that things do happen in that area.

Gangsters Out Blogspot:

The Vancouver Province is reporting that “An international drug and addiction researcher says she has been astonished by the level of violence perpetrated by dealers and ‘enforcers’ in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside.” No kidding. That’s what we’ve been saying for years. Nice to hear it from a third party who is an expert in the field.

“What I wanted to do was to look at violence in (drug-dealing) situations, because I knew that dealing is very openly done here in the Downtown Eastside — and differently from other places,” said Stallwitz, who has studied community-mindedness in drug cultures in Scotland and Germany for 16 years. What she didn’t expect was the violent, extreme sanctions being used by some higher-level boss dealers when debts weren’t settled. ‘The sanction part is massive here … violence as I’ve not experienced anywhere else on the street level,’ she said.”

“She also heard about robberies, forced dealing and prostitution, as well as “hot shots” — where someone is intentionally given an overdose — and attacks with carpet knives, sexual assaults and rape. Her sources recounted rare cases of people being pushed from windows, having their hair sliced off, being set on fire, and even murdered for as little as $30.”

In other words, the promise of “safe injection sites,” namely that they would be safe for the users, is a lie. It has always been a lie. It will never not be a lie. And it is a lie that is allowed to perpetuate being funded by your taxes through welfare, as well as petty crime. And it is extremely unsafe for all the normal, decent people who have to frequent those areas.

Most of the violence they do is to each other. But in the same way that the majority of Black violence is done to other Blacks, there’s plenty left over for everyone else. The crime stats tell the story that reddit-tier “I went there and no one stabbed me,” anecdotes ignore, and everyone knows that the VPD do their best to cover up the violence that they do to each other short of murders, since they can’t ignore the dead bodies.

“Sounds like there’s too many cars in the area!”

The point of this piece is that “I don’t want to get fucking stabbed,” is a concern that normal people have in some areas because it’s real. The Traffic Soyboys will snarkily laugh this off and try to gaslight each other into thinking that’s not a serious concern. If they actually do acknowledge the serious crime issue, they will never in a million years push for policies that actually solve any of this shit. In fact, they will push for policies, like “harm reduction” and “criminal justice reform” that put insane criminal addicts and Driveby DeQuanzius back out on the streets and make said streets less walk able. 

After my motorcycle incident on East Hastings I realized that no one ever rode bicycles in that area. People did in other parts of Vancouver, but not there. That’s because in high crime areas riding the bike is often more dangerous than walking. Your hands aren’t free to defend yourself, it’s harder to change direction, and it’s next to impossible to not have addicts knock you off your bike and grab you if they really want to.

Do the urbanist antifas have any solutions to this problem? Does Not Just Bikes have a video on how Amsterdam is so much nicer to bike in because the risk of getting grabbed off your bike and stabbed is so much lower than in Detroit? Are these soyboys getting ready to all put out their videos on how harsher penalties for petty crimes make cities more walkable? Are they just seconds away from telling their NPC followers that execution needs to be on the table for drug dealers?

Part of the point of this series is to investigate what the ideal transportation solution would be in US/Canada assuming a realistically peaceful all White country with no drug addicts. I think it’s important to understand what the best case scenario would be before then adapting this to the Crime-American filled shitholes that ZOG forces us to live in. In our filth ridden shithole urban areas criminality is the dominant factor when it comes to walkability/bikeability. Not subsidies for public transit and “15 minute cities,” and all that other shit. Everything else comes second.

Anyone who talks about public transit without ever mentioning crime, policing, race, and drug addiction is beyond unserious. Shoving the mentally insane into mental health institutions, the drug dealers into nooses, and Driveby DeQuanzius into a juvenile detention facility would do far more for public transit than forcing the public to subsidize extra, uneconomical bus routes. Rest assured, the armchair urbanites will attack you for suggesting any real solutions to these problems.

But then again, maybe we just need more people walking around the deranged mentally ill homeless addicts to create safety in numbers. Just do that and Detroit’ll be the next Tokyo.

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  1. Some constructive criticism – you really need to make your points more concise and shrink the size of the articles, this one is 4000-6000 words long.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying this series man. Thanks!

  3. It’s pretty simple, public transit sucks and I don’t care how “efficient” it is or how many horse-shit Lordal Globing green weenies push it. I’m not sitting next to any citizens of unknown origin black white or tan, I value Privacy – Those of us who grew up in the 70s know what Privacy is, and we can dig it Y’all.
    It’s also pretty simple – urbanites and suburbanties are clueless entities with no initiative composed of a series of ones and zeros

  4. […] PSA: Deboonking the Traffic Soyboys Part 4 – Public Transit, the Best, most Convenient way to get … […]

  5. I was familiar with some guy in Canada who was pushing the doing drugs zones… he’s a jew, right?

    I think molyneaux had him on his show, lolberts are always right 🤔

  6. Wonder how things will be under the new mayor Ken Sim? At least Stewart’s out. Things got even shittier during his term than they were in Robertson’s terms.

    Remember that Gregor wanted to eliminate homelessness by 2015…? Everyone knew it was a pipe dream back then, but on they went, trying to save the city and only making it worse for other suburbs like Maple Ridge, Abby and Chilliwack.

    Activists forced drug addiction and homelessness on Maple Ridge. Residents had enough.

    (Not sure how to embed the link)

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