TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa County prosecutors say the random killings of two men in north Tulsa were likely racially motivated.

Police arrested Carlton Gilford after they said he shot and killed two men on April 18. It’s alleged Gilford first shot a man at Rudisill Regional Library, near East Pine Street and North Hartford Avenue, and then walked to a nearby QuikTrip and shot a man in the convenience store. Both men were white.

Gilford is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with intent to kill, as well as one count of misdemeanor malicious intimidation or harassment. Malicious intimidation or harassment is the newest charge against Gilford and falls under what Oklahoma considers a hate crime.

“The allegation is race, religion, ethnicity, orientation, those things, somebody committed a crime based upon those factors,” said Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler.

I’ve recently been having some sperg leave unasked for comment after unasked for comment on this site, explaining how cringe NJP protests are because hate crimes are feminine or something like that. Rather than put words in this commenters mouth, I’ll reproduce one of these comments in full.

I don’t have a problem with the NJP organizing rallies and holding signs, trying to draw attention to crimes the national media generally ignores — they do usually generate some additional publicity, if only local, which is better than none — but they should stop asking for ‘hate’ charges, since those laws were created solely to intimidate Whites, and their existence and use will NEVER be a net benefit to Whites — self-respecting Whites should reject the existence of these laws.

What exactly is the gameplan here? Reject the existence of laws that most definitely do exist, and then you won’t be able to be charged with them?

The point of hate speech and hate crime laws is to turn White People, and occasionally Christians, heterosexuals, and other groups into fourth class citizens. Forcing our enemies to explicitly deny these to White People is a win for us, since it makes stark the anti-White double standard. There is a reason why these laws aren’t written with “and oh by the way these don’t apply to White People.” They don’t want to have to say that, so make them say that.

Secondly, occasionally you do get hate crime charges, depending on the prosecutor, judge, etcetera, as we will see not just in this case, but in another article that I’m writing right now. And in that case, it’s further punishment for our enemies. There is no downside to demanding hate crime charges, only upside.

The National Alliance has a 24/7 audio stream featuring many of William Luther Pierce’s commentaries from more than 20 years ago:

People ought to tune in and listen — WLP was talking about and predicting all of this way back then, e.g. how the feminization of society was resulting in the ‘right’ of someone not to be offended being seen as equal or more important than free speech. Just like calls to tolerate homosexuality led to incremental demands to accept all kinds of aberrant sexuality, the latest being transgenderism, the number of ways people can be offended by speech just keeps growing as does the extent of censorship.

This might rustle some feathers, but William Luther Pierce was an unlistenable sperg, and his take here is stupid. 

NOTE: This was too harsh to WLP, although he did have some spergy tendencies.

There is no 4D chess move by Der Schlomo to feminize society through hate crimes/speech propaganda and laws. This is a pretty straightforward way to privilege them at your expense, Goy, which is why cuckservatives are taught to rail against the abstract concept of hate crime laws instead of demanding they be enforced on behalf of White People.

And for the record, the number of ways that White People can be offended by speech as White People and enjoy institutional support remains at exactly the same number as before, zero. Go ask the Students for Western Civilization how their lawsuit went. 

Back to the article.

In Gilford’s case, it alleges he intentionally shot Lundin Hathcock and James McDaniel based on their race or color.

“The information we have from law enforcement is that race had something to do with these shootings,” said Kunzweiler.

Kunzweiler said evidence will be heard in court at the preliminary hearing. Witnesses from the shootings will share what they saw. What we likely won’t hear are arguments on race being the motive.

“If and when we get to that point where we have to put that evidence on, it’ll have to be in front of a judge or jury, when it’s for trial,” said Kunzweiler.

A judge previously denied Gilford’s bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 23.

The Carlton Gilford case appears to be an extremely rare example of the justice system in America working according to the letter of the law.

Which feels miraculous, considering the context.

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  1. Aren’t you Canadian? Don’t you have enough to worry about up there in Canada?

    But thanks for reproducing part of my comment verbatim.

    “This might rustle some feathers, but William Luther Pierce was an unlistenable sperg.”

    LOL — like anyone cares about your opinion — for the record, I would much rather listen to many of WLP’s old broadcasts than try to slog thru your unfunny, junior high style drivel here — how old are you, anyway?

    Actually, ‘cuckservatives’ aren’t taught anything vis-a-vis ‘hate’ crime laws — it’s a simple common sense, anecdotal observation that the existence of ‘hate’ laws is not an advantage for Whites, and I believe any empirical study of their application would confirm that — they were not created to punish ‘hate’ directed at Whites — don’t take my word for it, look up the video of Obama AG Eric Holder, during hearings about proposed new federal ‘hate’ statutes, explicitly telling Congress that since Whites were historically the majority population, and never marginalized, the proposed new ‘hate’ laws were not intended to punish ‘hate’ directed against Whites, and pursuing such cases would not be a priority of federal prosecutors — there was no significant change during the Trump administration, and of course with the DOJ now being led by Garfinkel, you are not going to see federal prosecutions for ‘hate’ against Whites.

    What happens at the state level depends on state law, and the practices of local prosecutors (I believe this is a state ‘hate’ charge) — but I don’t think there is any significant difference at the state level either, e.g. the NJP has not had much success in their lobbying for ‘hate’ charges (I assume they would have been happy with either federal or state ‘hate’ charges).

    And as I pointed out, to think this is some kind of vindication, or meaningful in any way, is moronic — the guy is charged with two counts of first degree murder, and the ‘hate’ charge is a *misdemeanor* enhancement related to his alleged motive (which still must be proven before a jury) — as far as sentencing, it is entirely meaningless in this case — also, it’s ridiculous to believe this minor additional ‘hate’ charge will have any deterrent effect at all — what do you imagine will happen? — all the black ghetto thugs will now think ‘Welp, we better not kill whitey, or they’ll hit us with a misdemeanor hate charge’ — it’s ludicrous.

    And regarding ‘the number of ways that White People can be offended by speech’, as a white person I am not offended by speech — I believe in free speech, and anyone who wants to say nasty things about Whites, or about me personally (‘sperg’), can do so — I literally do not care — I do not need or want the government (which I do not see as my friend) to enact and enforce laws against ‘offensive’ speech, whatever that is — I guess like beauty, what’s ‘hateful’ or ‘offensive’ is in the eye of the beholder, which of course is exactly the problem with such laws: what’s prosecuted as ‘hate’, or seen as ‘offensive’ speech, is largely subjective.

    1. Here is text of Holder testifying about ‘hate crimes’ before Congress back in 1999, when he was an assistant AG under Clinton (he was later AG under Obama) — search for the word ‘white’ in the text — you’ll see that virtually all he talks about is Whites as perpetrators of ‘hate crime’:

    2. Still being a gigantic faggot.

    3. Gigantic faggot, am I. Just the biggest of fags.

    4. I ain’t readin that shit.
      Go outside.

    5. Yup, still a big fag.

    6. I remain a fag.

    7. I went in and changed this guy’s comments because I was tired of him, but I left this one as is. First of all, he clearly cares about my opinion, since he commented seven times. Seven effort posts, contrary to what my corrections might make you think. Secondly, I’m leaving this one up so that people can see how important it is to him that he get his message of “just be a huge cuck and let Schlomo enforce hate crime laws only against Whitey,” out to the general public. I may write another piece in response to this cuckoldry, not sure at this point.

      1. It’s not even worth it, this guy is just a bad faith faggot.

      2. i’ve seen this guys comments and he often hates on hot white women, and tries to blame them for laws and shit that the kike made. Which is untrue and honestly just meant to demoralize awake people.

    8. “I would much rather listen to many of WLP’s old broadcasts than try to slog thru your unfunny, junior high style drivel here”

      Why don’t you then? Faggot.

      Guess we won’t see your retarded posts around these parts anymore, will we?

    9. lol fag

  2. […] and came back to the site fairly late in the afternoon. I had mentioned a commenter in a previous piece on hate crime charges, and upon sitting down at my computer I was greeted with yet another […]

  3. Scrolled down explicitly to make fun of you for the “unasked comment” blubbering as it struck me as weak, saw his light novella of a comment then saw that he commented several more times and scrolled down to say this guy really needs to touch grass. Maybe go to Church. Find a girlfriend.

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