You may remember Gonzalo Lira as “Coach Redpill,” a stalwart of the redpilled manletsphere for years. If you don’t know who those people were, just imagine the biggest collection of goofballs you’ve ever seen all congregated into one space. The kind of guys who no normal woman would want anything to do with, yet whose entire identity is about slaying da hot puss, so much so that they call themselves “pick up artists.”

MDE made fun of these guys back in 2016. Even then we were about as far from the mid to late aughts heyday of the PUA sphere as we are from Sam Hyde being on television. It’s possible that some people might not have gotten the joke.

If you’re still confused, imagine Matt Forney calling himself a real poonslayer.

Fatt Morney, far left.

Oh wait, that actually happened!

I apologize for the Matt Forney dump, but I believe that he has retired, so I’m not sure that I’ll ever get a chance to post these excellent Boatsinker cartoons. Forney was a bit time player, even in his e-prime, so I’m surprised that Boatsinker made this many cartoons for the guy.

Then again, Matt Forney was a male 1.5/10 who constantly talked about how many hoes he be bangin. Sometimes the material writes itself.

For the record, Mike Cernovich was a part of that grift sphere for a while, selling some “Gorilla Mindset,” stuff. I guess if you switch to a vegetarian diet, and gain 800 lbs of upper body muscle the bitches start creamin themselves.

After the (fake) PUA industry crashed, Gonzalo Lira reinvented himself from “Coach Redpill,” the PUA, to “Gonzalo Lira,” which I believe is his real name. Normally I’d be willing to let bygones be bygones, but it wasn’t like he was some 21 year old who moved on to a new phase of his life. The guy was born in 1968. He was shilling the Redpilled Manletsphere garbage when he was well into his forties.

Interestingly, Business Insider did a profile on him a few years back. The guy was a small time novelist and filmmaker, but managed to get one of his novels picked up by Miramax and turned into a low budget movie. You can find his Goodreads page here.

Anyway, he has now been arrested by the SBU, because they believe in free speech, but not speech that they don’t particularly enjoy. That’s what the tranny told me.

For the record, while Jackson Hinkle is as useless as Gavin McInnes at actually being anti-war or anti-billionaire, I did appreciate his response to Xir Cirillo.

It’s definitely a retard fight that we’ve got going on here, especially because the very last time I wrote about Coach Sexpest, he was fedjacketing Patriot Front. It wasn’t even difficult to disprove his assertation that Patriot Front must be feds because they weren’t unmasked, because they were very clearly unmasked and then doxxed by the Coeur D’Alene police.

This is made all the more ironic, due to Lira recently whining about “dissidents” online falling for idiotic garbage about the moon landing being a hoax, and whatnot. 

For what it’s worth, everything he says here is undoubtedly true. If I were in charge of an intelligence organization, one of my top priorities would be flooding my enemies echo chambers with easily disproven nonsense that drives away normal people. Moon landing is a good one, flat earth is a classic. In more recent times we’ve seen “vaccines r genocide,” and “seed oils are the plan to control the world,” posts go in and out of fashion. It’s all tedious garbage that is of zero utility to anyone.

However, it’s one thing for me to say it. It’s another to hear this coming from the mouth of Gonzalo Lira, the fedjacketer of Patriot Front. 

As bad as Gonzalo Lira is, there is a reason why the trannies have their dilation holes dripping with excitement. And it’s also example #199,948 of fake democracies using authoritarian hard power to shut up peasants who are actually speaking truth to power, in case anyone wasn’t yet convinced that our Democracy Class is totally full of shit.

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