Recently the White Race was saved by Elon Musk replying to Keith Woods.

There is very little political action left for us to do at this point, just a mopping up operation. Our boy, Baysed Elon, came through in the clutch for us. He may censor our brave Wakandian Retard. He may censor our political parties and activists, but he’d never betray –

Sorry, was there a reason why we were praising this fucking faggot again? Is it possible for people, in 2023 no less, to fall for some Finklethink this easily?

For those who are dedicated to being duped, the answer is yes. There is no crumb that Elon “Yes Mr. Greenblatt” Musk can give these people that is too small or rotten for their greedy consumption. After all, here is a rough approximation of a very serious political actors plan.

  1. Post online for decades.
  2. ????
  3. Total Aryan Victory

I think what the NJP and Patriotic Alternative types are confused about is the above. Step number 2 is one of those tricky little implementation details that we can put our brightest minds to work on. But there is no question that this is the path to the space empire.

Guyz, we just gotta get in there and redpill da masses. Did you know that normies have no idea that Black people commit a ton of crimes? You’d think that literally everyone knows that, but ackshually – well actually everyone does know that, but now the ADL is letting the constantly online post about it so that you keep voting Republican. And I don’t know what to tell you. If you don’t think that voting Republican is the solution, then we can’t be friends.

Nathan Damigo was the founder of Identity Evropa. That was a great group until he had to take a step back from leadership, for his career or personal reasons. He gave it over to Patrick Casey, who renamed the organization to “American Patriot Union,” or something gay like that, and promptly got his men doxxed, and drove the project into the ground.

Patrick Casey is a worthless idiot. It is a mark against Damigo that he put him in charge. However, that’s pretty much the only mark against him that I’ve ever seen. Aside from that, he’s got his head screwed on pretty straight.

What’s this? Student activism? Flyering? Get that garbage outta here! It’s posting online on highly censorious platforms run by the (((ADL))) or nothing.

Damigo is also distancing himself from the schizo-right. Poor guy. You’re not going to get any telegram followers that way. SAD!

Damigo has come to the same conclusion as every single rational political actor. You need to run for office. You need your own political party. And for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the sheer size of America and Canada, it’s probably better to focus on state and municipal politics instead.

Luckily, Yoel Mavis is here to set these wIGnAtS straight. Here he responds to Moike “the Koike” Enoch’s downplaying of the tremendous Aryan Victory currently being achieved on twatter.

Doel Javis Telegram Channel:

By allowing ironic racist anons on Twitter to take part in the right wing schizo show he [Musk] is trying to get them more interested in talking about covid stuff or WEF crap or saying Bill Gates will make you eat vaccinated bugs in a pod or whatever.

The above is a quote from Mike that Joel includes. Below is Joel’s commentary. 

This is an extremely weak take ( which demonstrates how echo chambered Mike is and also how lazy his whole approach to this subject is. Covspiracy/Great Reset bullshit is totally dead now, you barely ever see it discussed on dissident right twitter anymore – Mike would know this if he created a burner to keep track of DR twitter but he obviously hasn’t done that.

So the fake politics constantly online faggots are done with their Covid schizo posting? Have they apologized for posting easily debunked garbage about vaccines being genocide, while never focusing on BLM covid superspreader events being promoted by the WMD Liars simultaneously?

No, they’ve just moved on to the next totally worthless trend, and you should too!

And that’s fine, he has no obligation to do so, but don’t sit in here and try to tell us how twitter is now if you don’t actually know from experience. Twitter will allow you to have a frank discussion about our politics now, it censors a list of activists identified by whatever respective country’s Jewish NGO is pulling strings, but outside of that it’s extremely lax moderation.

Hold on a second. Jaime, how long is this response?

Davis posted an entire leftist meme on telegram, so I’m just going to transcribe the relevant parts which come near the end.

Doing irl activism that no one hears about because its never reported in the media or promoted anywhere outside of telegram is not a serious growth strategy. The TRS cope is that their censorship proves how effective they are, so they wear their impotence like a badge of honour. This victim mentality will not advance the cause, the enemy is not obligated to make this easy for us – if you get censored you need to strategically adapt to get around it as best you can to stay in the conversation. Love them or hate them, the groypers have figured out how to do this which proves that it can be done with sufficient determination.

It’s true that doing IRL activism that no one ever hears about lessens the effect. That’s why Elon Musk, at the behest of the (((ADL))), shuts down anyone posting NJP or Patriotic Alternative activism, even going so far as to auto censor any post with links to their websites.

They even do this with

If you’ve been completely censored by Elon “cuck to the ADL or die tryin” Musk, it’s not a “victim mentality,” that you have, you are a victim. Pretending otherwise is some sort of weird, constantly online performative LARP, and Shoel Tavis is doing some totally bizarre form of victim blaming. 

Musk’s twatter is just a different type of echo chamber, one that promotes AOC and Catturd2. Is there any particular reason why people should be wasting their time screaming into the void on there, instead of on their own sites? That would seem like the real way of “strategically adapting around censorship,” as Joel puts it. That, combined with real life activism, where you talk to real people in the real world. 

It reminds me of 2017, back when almost all of us still had our original twitter accounts. Remember how many real life political victories that translated into? That’s right, absolutely none. Online “activism,” isn’t real activism, and posting on an (((ADL))) censored platform is pure impotence. 

I did a poll earlier in which 75% of our guys said they came to our worldview through exposure to online content.

Joel Davis asked his constantly online audience how they got into his “posting online and doing nothing else” niche. To everyone’s great shock, they tell him that it was exposure to other online content. Take a minute, and let the implications of that revelation set in.

I’m not opposed to irl activism by any means, but it needs to be supported by online activism because that is where the bulk of converts to our worldview will be found. It’s that simple. We are trying to interface with the mainstream political discourse to win converts to our side, because the more White Identitarians we convert the more manpower and resources we will have to push White identity politics with. Sitting in your echo chamber bitching and moaning about how censored you are won’t win new blood to the cause. The TRS guys should be making alt accounts and getting on twitter and running amok, if you want tips on how to make new accounts then comment on this post and I’ll give you some advice.

More manpower to do what specifically? Post online more? Enjoy Joel Davis content? Send superchats? What’s the endgame here?

It is not some sort of deep insight that people need a political vehicle through which to express their political beliefs. For instance, David Duke noticed that no politician was speaking for White People in Louisiana, so he ran for state office and won. If more people had been organized, and more people had run for office, we could have had a true third party revolution.

Before Duke ran and won, it would be easy to be gaslit into thinking that no one wanted the pro-White candidate. Then he ran for office and proved that the existing politicians don’t even bother paying lipservice to the actual views of their constituents. Remember, consubversives only support segregation in Israel.

It is clear that politicians don’t actually do what people want, in the same way that trillion dollar multinationals don’t do what people want. This is because political parties are oligopolies just like big businesses. Theorycelling about “muh free markets,” or pretending that fake democracy is secretly real is an obnoxious way to avoid material reality.

I hopped into the comments section of Davis’ post, to see if there was any more insight. I was quickly repulsed.

But not before seeing this particular gem.

I dont[sic] think their strategic approach makes sense so I offered constructive criticism

Okay faggot, what’s the strategic approach that you want to offer us? Once we’ve redpilled the constantly online gaypers, what’s step 2? Could it maybe be starting a political party? Because if so, Elon Musk is ready and waiting to censor you completely off your platform.

I’ve tried, and failed, at getting some real life political work off the ground. It’s a lot easier to say “run for office,” than to actually do it. Electoral campaigns are like stepping into a boxing ring with prime Mike Tyson. You need to give it your all, or just don’t bother. You’re getting hurt for no upside.

I would never criticize people who feel that they don’t want the extreme oppression that will come from being a truly populist candidate. You will probably have your bank account taken away. You may be thrown in jail. You may get your friends thrown in jail. Just take a look at the Golden Dawn in Greece for a good example of this.

Despite this, Golden Dawn keeps chugging along. Good for them.

The twatter crowd is straight up useless for real life activism. Telegram is a bit better, but anons you meet online tend to be extremely flaky. I remember trying to rally some of the local Goys to come with me not even to a protest, but just to a meeting with concerned mothers who had experience with the trannies abusing their children.

I had spent about a year growing the audience, and felt I had built up good relationships with many of those guys. Besides that, it wasn’t a high stress event anyway, just a private dinner. No one in that area – a highly populated part of BC – offered to come. The response I got from one of them was flat out “I don’t do real life stuff.”

I’m happy for people to be entertained by my work, but if you’re not going to come out and do anything, what good is that? Well it’s perfectly fine if you make money producing content, since the endgame is just having those people in the audience, ready to give you shekels.

What annoys me is not wannabe Republicans like Joel Davis having dumb novelty takes. What annoys me is catty, feminine pussies who are too scared to do real politics pretending that they’re smarter than the brave people who put their entire lives on the line, snarking at them from the comfort of their online grift. It’d be like some redditor criticizing soldiers who are dying in a war, because they should instead have just posted online “the other guyz r bad bro,” to redpill da normies. Learn when to shut the fuck up.

I felt the need to reproduce this comment by “Exile” on BANG.

In terms of the people Keith intends to “recruit,” PA and TRS have gone furthest in turning online awareness into real life organization.  They’ve faced the facts that they have to start small and reject more people than they accept early on.   They’ve exposed themselves to shallow attacks like “you only have a few dozen guys show up for protests while my follower count is in the thousands.” But what’s the point of recruiting for a union that never strikes or any army that never fights?  If your recruits won’t do anything more than anonymously clap for you in your own online hug-box, what good are they in fighting Jewish power?

The fact is most people are not checked into politics, and of those that are, most of them don’t get their views from Twitter. The people that aren’t checked into politics are like that because the debate is gaytarded and no one is speaking to them. IRL activism gets around this. Twitter doesn’t, and just ends with you banned.

Even Tucker Carlson said as much in one of his speeches after being fired. Let me quote from that again.


The other thing you notice when you take a little time off is how unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are. They’re completely irrelevant. They mean nothing. In five years we won’t even remember that we had them. Trust me, as someone who has participated. 

Most people are not checked into politics, not because they haven’t been redpilled on Da Blax committing crimes, but because no one is advocating for them. People don’t give normies enough credit, but they can tell when actual political things are happening, and when they are not. Most people didn’t notice any change on twatter since Musk came in, partly because he kept up the censorship regime, increased it actually, but mostly because they’re not on twitter anyway, because twitter is fucking gay. 

Exile continues. 

It’s great that so many people came from online, but that time is done and over and it’s time to move on to real politics with real goals set on real power. To do that, you need to actually go outside and talk to real people over real issues and show your real face to the real world. Social media is gay and no one is actually convinced of anything by a social media post that they weren’t already at least somewhat in agreement with. All these people he’s talking about, that came from online activism to these politics, were already in agreement to at least some extent with these politics due to real world political pressures from family, friends, school, the media and so on. Social media’s usefulness has gone because it’s completely rigged, and is only really useful for getting extremely online people, who are not the kind of people that make a movement successful, on board with a movement that thinks owning libtards in a Twitter thread or BAYZED Elon posting a witty response means you’re winning only to see nothing come out of it months later. Time that could have been spent doing almost anything else.

You could do anything else with your time, and it would be equally as productive as posting on twatter. The least you could do is bite your tongue when people doing real life activism justly point out that Elon Musk censors not just their accounts, but also links to their websites. 13 do 50 posting has been a staple of Finklethink for decades, and you should be humiliated that what you are doing is so pathetic and impotent that the ADL allows it.

Letting the peasants provide additional context is admittedly pretty funny. But the real context that should be provided is that everything you do on twatter was approved by Jonathan Greenblatt, because it’s impotent and useless. 

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  1. What exactly is the plan of these retards? That doing le epic racist twitter stuff will one day wake up the entity known as big normie? That posting ADL twitter will somehow give them a chance to compete will ZOG mechanisms of cultural control?

  2. I marvel at Musk. Imagine fleeing from South Africa, a First World White literally destroyed by massive non-white immigration, and pushing the same fate for the country you fled to.

    It’s amazing he isn’t literally demanding we import 1.2 billion Bantu, so he can feel at home.

    We’ll need to see his DNA test results, because I’ve got some well-founded suspicions about his heritage.

    1. He’s all but a CIA employee. Think about who he is and who he pals around with. His butt buddy Thiel is heading up the DoD’s Palatinir. Musk’s companies were founded with In-Q-Tel money. Dude is so fucking controlled. So is Tucker “My dad worked for the CIA propaganda outlet” Carlson. How do people not see this?

    2. Bro he just needs to be redpilled on black crime. I’m sure that the guy who fled South Afreeka just doesn’t know about that yet.

  3. Joel and Keith dont live in America, living in a country thats so racially incoherent as america is not the same as a 90% white australia or 99% white ireland. Most rural white people in America know whats going on and understand that this system is against them and that blacks are dangerous people, even shitlibs believe it! (see current white flight).

    1. Also most of said people dont own or even know/ give a shit about whats trending on twitter LOL. Twitter is for extremely online people.

  4. Always called these AF larper types “Kinder Nationalists”, because these idiots have the mentality of a kindergartener.

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  6. I’ve noticed that there’s quite a sizable difference from people who got red pilled because they grew up in the ghetto fighting nonwhites and groypers who probably only got red pilled because they saw some troon on their campus talking about Black Lives Matter. At the very least it explains their lack of street knowledge.

  7. This just in, Elon has appointed a philosemitic globohomo shill to the post of Twatter CEO. Things are guaranteed to get worse.

  8. Anti-Social Media is a useless Virtual Reality populated by Retards.
    That includes any “white power” type idiots who bought the divide and conquer strategy of the chosen tribe hook line and sinker.
    END OF STORY. Now get on with your work and hobbies (retards have no real hobbies that don’t involve a string of ones and zeros). That and eastern philosophy is the ONLY road to recovery here in JEW WORLD. Peace of Mind (which is no monkey mind) is the whole game of this non-existent life. Anything time-bound is has no existence or reality, it’s just that you are having trouble with the concept of infinity. Put your shitty jew slave life in the numerator over infinity, or anything else…. gone.

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