Someone on BANG brought this to my attention. It’s Gonzalo Lira, the fifty four year old man who goes by “Coach Redpill,” helpfully pointing out that Patriot Front are feds. You can see him do this on his uncensored twatter account.

You hear that you fuckin’ fed informants. The sixty year old man who calls himself Coach Redpill has sussed you out. And yeah, I’m looking at you in particular, Abolish. He’s their top guy, and has been leaving his callsign all over the country.

But that’s not enough to fool /ourgoy/ sexpest Gonzalo. He sussed them out fair and square. I mean the feds didn’t even remove their masks. Ridiculous!

Since we must call out fed ops at all times, I made a video dedicated to praising him for this.

Rightfully, Lira doubled down on this.

In spite of constant “bot/leftist,” agitators who are desperate to pretend that the cops didn’t let Patriot Front keep their masks on.

Look the cops didn’t remove their sunglasses, masks, or baseball caps. That’s just a fact. It never happened. Not one time.

And the cops definitely didn’t plaster their faces and real names all over the internet. That also never happened.

Getting back to reality, Gonzalo Lira is an untrustworthy snake. I remember I almost wrote a piece on him a few weeks back, when he claimed that Zelensky had a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars. I looked around for a source for that claim and came up empty handed. I also got more than a little tired of him doing the “those Ukrainian Natzees,” bit when referring to the Russia-Ukraine war.

There’s a reason why he still has a twatter and YouTube account in the year 2022, and it’s not because he’s the brave voice of the people.

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  1. If they are Feds, they should have arrested the police for obstruction, no?

    Of course, I am a mere peasant with no knowledge of undercover procedures – and bedazzled by the multiple layers of policing, jurisdiction and law enforcement…

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