For those who don’t know, there is a crucial legal battle happening right now in the Sines vs Kessler civil trial. In the final moments of the case, defendant Jason Kessler has gone into a complete telegram meltdown, mass banning, shutting down comments, and going on bizarre attacks on NJP Chairman Mike Enoch. I will be sprinkling pictures of Kessler’s statements on telegram throughout this article.

For those who want some backstory, here is an excerpt from National-Justice’s excellent reporting on this issue, which sums up the case very well.

At heart in this case, is the 10 plaintiffs and their attorneys who allege that the defendants “conspired to commit racially motivated violence” at the legally permitted Unite the Right rally held in August 2017. The 2017 lawsuit – amended in 2019 – lists 20 White nationalist organizations and individuals, including the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin, Matt Parrot, Matt Heimbach, Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer, Christopher Cantwell, the League of the South, the National Socialist Movement, the defunct Traditional Workers Party and Identity Evropa, and at least two chapters of the Ku Klux Klan.

The linchpin of the plaintiff’s lawsuit is the claim that organizers planned the rally with the purpose of committing violence. The independent Heaphy Report, which plaintiffs have desperately tried to avoid being introduced as evidence in the case, proves this accusation to be a blatant falsehood.

To make a long story short, this case is being brought by extremely wealthy new york jew nationalists, lead by Roberta Kaplan. Kaplan has on multiple times stated that the point of the case is to make it financially impossible for White Nationalists to organize politically. She has also compared White People to the Amaleks, a racial victim of jews, and two of judge Norman Moon’s law clerks are Israeli jews who are best friends with Elizabeth Sines, the antifa plaintiff. In other words, it’s a completely fraudulent case designed to oppress the goyim/White People. 

As we have seen with the Derek Chauvin trial, political cases must be fought politically. Chauvin was completely innocent, and his lawyer on paper gave him a great defense. However, he did not give him a political defense. As a result, Chauvin was given a guilty verdict, despite everyone knowing that Fentanyl Floyd killed himself with an overdose.

Since there were many parties named in the lawsuit, there was the spectrum of defense you might expect. Mike Enoch went hard at these people, used lawfare against these people, and got himself dismissed from this case. Christopher Cantwell also went extremely hard representing himself on this case, and has by all accounts had the most effective defense, not just for himself, but for the entire defense. As many have pointed out, defending the other defendants is the honourable and intelligent move, since the entire case is laughable, and you can’t have the jury confused on this issue.

On the other side, Azzmador didn’t bother showing up and therefore didn’t have a defense. Somewhat better only through default, the lawyer for the National Socialist Movement, Edward Rebrook, made the tried and tested LOSING argument of “my clients are evil people, but this legal technicality means that you can’t give them the justice these bigots deserve.” Richard Spencer was mostly retarded and unaggressive, also explicitly demanding the jury “give a bad guy a fair shake,” when referring to himself. Spencer at least did have some great moments during cross examination of plaintiff’s witnesses, exposing them as antifa liars. 

Jason Kessler on the other hand, has been at best useless, and at worst a backstabby little bitch. While he at least never had his attorney making the “these people are all evil and deserve punishment,” he has repeatedly stated his strategy for fighting the charge of conspiracy to commit racial violence is basically to deny his involvement with the rest of the accused. His telegram chat, while up until today an overall benefit, has been full of biased and snarky asides about the other defendants.

And unfortunately for the entire defense, today his lawyer, Jim Kolenich, did in fact get up there in court and explicitly refer to his own clients as “evil.” Not only that, he made arguments seriously harmful to the rest of the defendants, along with other lawyers doing the same bit. When Kessler was notified that people like Mike Enoch were accurately pointing out the serious flaws with Kolenich’s defense, Kessler then started going on a bizarre and uncalled for attack on Mike Enoch, culminating in Kessler shutting down his chat, and mass deleting critical comments. These were not troll comments either, they were people on Kesslers side who were concerned with his lawyer throwing the defense. 

Kessler got extremely butthurt, and shut down all comments in his telegram chat, in addition to the mass deletions of comments. He probably also banned lots of people, who knows. 

Kessler then proceeded to make the world’s cuckiest appeal to “optics,” in all of human history. The goy is literally being dragged through court by a pack of jews who are openly talking about doing this as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. Here’s a quote from Kaplan to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“One of the reasons why I did this case is to deter other white supremacists, neo-Nazis and others from trying to organize anything like Charlottesville ever again. And making them understand that if they do, these will be the consequences.

Some of the defendants in this case have already complained about how hard this trial is making it for them to organize and to raise money, people like Richard Spencer. And to our knowledge, none of them participated in person in the events at the Capitol on January 6. In other words, they at least have been deterred.”

A bunch of jew supremacists who refer to White People as “Amaleks,” and are openly talking about using lawfare to oppress White People have thrown Jason Kessler in court. And he’s on telegram cucking hard about how weirdos are talking about jews.

Imagine being this much of a bitch.

If you’re the victim of a show trial, put on a show. 

At least Cantwell gets to make the closing arguments for the defense, and the League of the South lawyer did a great job as well.

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