Who is it who’s seventeen?
Makes the streets so fine and clean.
Rittenhouse he kills the jew
Ventilates them through and through.

My one regret in life is not having the delicious video of him dying slowly saved anywhere. It’s glorious. You can see the pedo choking for air. Oh my god it’s so delicious watching him die.

They call him Kenosha Kid
Cause he cleans the streets of Yid.
Sexy as a fox it’s true
Rids the world of the Hebrew.

Grosskreutz is probably a goy though.

Some weird guy, his name is Gaige
Makes the prosecution rage.
He is too dumb to be quiet
On the Nigger’s Chimpout Riot.

He admits he had a gun
After Sweet Kyle he did run.
Pointed his gun at Kyle’s face
Now his bicep’s a disgrace.

Rittenhouse he shoots real good
Kills the pedos like he should.
Shitlibs cry tear after tear
That he shot the pedo queer.


Even propagandists say
Rittenhouse was right that day.
They see writing on the wall
Narrative’s due for a fall.

At the trial the DA’s whine
Suddenly pictures they do find.
Grainy picture maybe gun
Held by the Kenosha Son.

Kyle, was this you doing terrorism?

Does it matter LOL it don’t
The judge rules the DA won’t-
Talk about that anymore.
DA is a gay boywhore.

Defense has this in the bag
DA is still a big fag.
Kyle is now my new best fren
I just hopes he kills again.

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  1. lol. nigger

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