Recently, our heroic leader, me, has been doing stunning and brave work on the Residential School Gravocaust. For those who don’t know, this is a hoax perpetrated by Globo Homo Schlomo that claimed that all expenses paid boarding schools for aboriginals were secret genocide factories with mass graves. And yes, this was all fake. And yes, these were just lies used to justify the burning of churches, the tearing down of White Statues, the theft of $3 billion tax dollars, and the cancelling of Canada Day.

Anyway, our heroic leader has been doing a series of call ins with the RCMP, a national police force in Canada that’s basically as if the NYPD and FBI were all one big ghey family. As can be expected, there is no evidence of a single anti-Christian hate crime charge being applied. Quite literally not one, despite the RCMP being extremely quick to accuse the goyim of various hate crimes, especially in their press releases.


Canada saw almost 70 churches be arsoned, vandalized, or desecrated in some way, many of them victimized multiple times. One of those was the St. Jude’s Parish in East Vancouver, which saw two retarded wahmens, Zoe and Emily Luba, throw orange paint on said church on Canada Day, July 1st, 2021. I say retarded, because the cops found out because they literally filmed themselves doing it. Then they posted themselves doing this on social media.


You might think that these npc’s have finally found a good reason to wear a mask, which is blocking facial recognition. But actually they’re just retards who always wear masks, even when they’re outside, separated by 20 feet from each other, whom they presumably live with. I’m sure also when they’re in their car all by themselves. Or potentially even in their house all by themselves, you can never be too cautious. Although I do notice that the absolute swine on the left is only wearing one mask, unlike the two Fauci recommends. What a cunt.

It is unclear whether the Luba’s are sisters or Lesbian Life Partners, and it is unclear who filmed the video. In any case, you can see the full video here, which also shows a third party filming them, who has not been apprehended.

Now as it turns out, Emily and Zoe Luba have a history of activism. Specifically they do “anti-demoviction” activism. Our esteemed editors here at The Daily Rake have confirmed what spellcheck told us from the start. Demoviction is in fact, not a word in the English Language, nor is it something we understand.

To help us understand, here is a tweet below from 2017 that shows them engaging in said anti-demoviction activism.

We remain confused. Luckily these two retarded wahmens have written two bizarre propaganda pieces in The Volcano. This publication, The Volcano (Demon) is a low energy webzine that appears to update approximately once every month, but then stopped updating on June 18th, 2021. It’s basically good optics Antifa, where they pretend that advocating for tent city scum excuses shilling for trillion dollar multinationals engaging in mass capitalist censorship.

The relevant passages that help us understand what “demoviction” means come from one of two articles penned by the Luba retards. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at the writing quality itself.

“In front of the rubble on Thursday, Metrotown resident and Stop Demovictions organizer Allan, passionately described, “We’re asking the city not to disrupt us.”

Two people wrote this, then presumably someone else edited it. At no point in time did anyone bother giving us the full name of Allan, here or elsewhere in the article, and they don’t appear to understand the meaning of the word “described.” Hint: It’s not a synonym of “said,” or “pronounced,” or “exclaimed.” To round it off, they add an unnecessary comma after “organizer Allan.”

I know this is autism, but grammar is very important to the Normie party. Allow me to roll my sleeves up and fix this retarded sentence.

“In front of the rubble on Thursday, Metrotown resident and Stop Demovictions organizer Allan and his trans-vagina passionately exclaimed, “We’re asking the city not to disrupt us.”


Anyway, what I’ve been able to understand is basically these privileged, retarded cunts have parasitized themselves onto a halfway legitimate issue. The issue being that often there are very rundown buildings, sitting on extremely valuable property. We’re talking $20,000 houses on $2 million properties. The tenants get an email that they are being evicted in 4 months, and then the building is demolished, so a new building can be built. Beyond that, there might be some weird graft and corruption going on with municipal laws, because the city of Burnaby has a tax surplus of $1.5 billion.

All of which ignores that prices are skyrocketing because of immigrants. I’ve covered this before, but economists use terms like “immigrants ADD VALUE to the housing market,” which directly means “immigrants price you out of a home.” In the same way they say that immigration “makes labour markets more efficient,” which literally means “wages go down.” They pretend that efficiency now means “you can pay scab labour less for the same job, therefore money goes further, therefore more efficiency.”

Pretending to be against this, in ineffectual and retarded ways that will never amount to anything, is a sort of antifa rearguard action. They occasionally take a break from colluding with Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos to do mass capitalist censorship of average everyday people just long enough to do some ineffectual whining about real estate prices that misses the point and talks about “indigenous rights,” a lot. Weirdly enough, they never get a single thing on this issue, while “they,” meaning their handlers, get everything they want on the “fuck Whitey,” or “I’m hungry for boys to rape,” issues.

I ctrl+f’d “working class” on the above article written by Zoe and Emily Luba for The Volcano, and got 7 results. Then I added “and indigenous,” and received 6 results. In other words, they only ever say “working class” without saying “and indigenous,” a single time. Except that’s a red herring, because the only exception is when they say “working class and urban indigenous.”

Yeah that’s definitely how actual working class people talk. Back when I was a trucker, I traveled all across Canada and down to California in the US. And everyone I met had, on the tips of their tongues, the same revolutionary words. Spoken in hushed tones, sometimes in a whisper.

“When are we getting Genderqueer Liberation?” – Above guy, probably.

Occasionally these truckers, waitresses, dock workers, and warehouse workers would change it up a little.

“The violence that is done to Blacks Trans Bodies needs to stop.” – Above two guys, almost certain.

Rumour has it if you walk by a construction site, all you can hear is them saying:

“Queer of Colour Theorizing is a self-actualized critique of queer traveler novelization and literalized realignments of new meaning. Transphobic readable idolatry of fascistly overtonal systematic White Supremacy and coloured people of browness uniting against systems of capitalist oppression. Which don’t include mass censorship, we construction workers support that.”

“I too play video games erotically so as to better understand postcolonial global empire and also as Asiatic commodities.” – Guy on right.

No really, this is how working class people talk. Sorry, working class and urban indigenous people. My bad. I’m showing my bourgeois upbringing here by forgetting that working class people always add the “and indigenous,” at the end.

Now if we bigots were forced to profile the Lubas, Zoe and Emily, what economic class would we think they come from? What do you think their backgrounds are? What do you think they’ve been doing for the past 27 years of their lives?

They’d certainly like you to think that they’re working class. Maybe even working class and indigenous. But if you had to really bet money on this, do you think these two twats have worked a single day in their lives?

Turns out Zoe Luba was a Mount Allison student in “International Studies.” We know this because she got into some trouble in 2017, just after graduating, when she published an article with Mount Allison Professor Dave Thomas, entitled:

“White Fragility and the White Student Abroad: Using Critical Race Theory to Analyse International Experiential Learning”. 

Here are some excerpts from this majestic work in anti-White pseudo-intellectualism.

“White fragility and the lack of critical pre-departure training in the areas of race and racism lead students to overlook or minimize racism as an important system of global oppression.”

“The antidote to white fragility is on-going and life-long, and includes sustained engagement, humility, and education. It’s an ongoing and often painful process of seeking to uncover our socialization at its very roots. It asks us to rebuild this identity in new and often uncomfortable ways.”

Turns out your gut feeling that these were spoiled, privileged cunts was 100% accurate. After graduating with an honors degree in International Studies Luba appears, at least on first glance, to have managed to publish a grand total of one academic work in her entire career, seen above. This, while close, is not quite the case. According to her LinkedIn, she’s published six works, not even including the two shitty pieces she wrote for The Volcano.

Picture taken from Zoe’s LinkedIn page.

1) The Implications of Global White Supremacy on International Experiential Learning: Critical Race Theory and the Western Student Abroad

2) The “Teaching About Race and Racism” Project

3) The Aboriginal Community Development Centre’s Untold End

4) How to Talk About Racism

5) Standing with the Stateless: International Solidarity Movements as a Means for Palestinian Liberation?

6) Reflections on the #WGSTcuts Movement

That last one might not seem so bad, so let me go ahead and quote from the very first paragraph.

“As a white woman, I have chosen to address this piece in particular to other white women at Mt. A because we occupy the same multifaceted identity of being both oppressed by patriarchy while at the same time being oppressive through our complicity in the perpetuation of white supremacy.

Clearly, we white people need to talk about whiteness; it is a power system, not merely the colour of our skin.”

I’m getting serious Fellow White People vibe here, but you should know nothing is confirmed. Honestly, it could just as easily be some actually White upper middle class striver type. God I hate those people.

She was also, as you can imagine, active on the student council. Absolute yuck.

David P. Thomas. The fag who prof at Mount Allison who co-wrote the anti-White paper.

After graduating Mount Allison University, which is in New Brunswick, she travels across the country to Vancouver for unclear reasons. Along the way, her LinkedIn page… has no updates since 2016. I have no idea how anyone survives living not just in Vancouver, but downtown Vancouver without a job for half a decade, but apparently she’s managed. Perhaps it’s because of some of the groups she’s networked herself into along the way.

Imagine the smell.

While the above may look like a Chris Skye rally, this is actually one of the groups Zoe Luba is affiliated with. This is a meeting of the “Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism.”

They’re really concerned that working class people, but really mostly abos, aren’t going to survive a two year old disease without us all vaguely fighting back together. This explains why the two Lubas were wearing masks when they vandalized the church. These are the types of people who do these things.

They also have, I swear I’m not making this up and will show you the proof below, “feminist summer school.” This apparently consists of, you know, I think this needs to be quoted.

“Bread, Roses & Hormones is launching our first ever Socialist Feminist Summer School this June! We will meet every two weeks online and in regional groups, starting Wednesday, June 2nd, 7:00pm. Contact to join.”


“The purpose of the summer school is to introduce trans people to our practical work alongside a theoretical study of the histories and strategies of women in the socialist revolutions of Russia, China, and Cuba. The object of our study is the following question: What does a revolution in the sphere of reproduction look like?”

Does it look like Jessica Yaniv’s axe wound?


Also, what’s with the “reproduction,” in “revolution in the sphere of reproduction?” These mentally ill trannies can’t reproduce. They have been effectively sterilized. A revolution is not doing the biologically impossible, but I think I’ve already put more thought into this than the Decolonial Billionaire Supporters.

“Through our experiences of organizing, we have realized that white, male-dominated socialist organizations and approaches treat gender and race oppression as secondary to class exploitation. We have also realized that feminist politics is dominated by middle-class women’s consciousness, institutions, and interests. The solution to these problems is to reground feminist politics in the needs and consciousness of working class women and trans people. This project will take capable trans militants who are versed in both practical organizing skills and revolutionary theory.”

Working class women and trannies are supposed to have some sort of shared oppression and worldview now? Is this a try not to laugh challenge? No seriously, how the fuck am I supposed to satirize this shit? I already did that above with truck drivers.

I’m just picturing a bunch of nurses, fresh off some hellish 18 hour shift, all nodding their heads in agreement that while they are all big on socialist revolution, previous incarnations haven’t had quite the right amount of trannies.

Oh, and you’ll never guess this One Weird Problem their group appears to have.

The Decolonial Socialist Organization that specialized in feminist tranny park poetry reading and also church vandalism is infested with pedos. Who could possibly have seen that one coming? We’re as shocked as you are.

And the best part is that this is the last post they have on their website. As if they honestly were shocked to find out they had a pedo problem, and weren’t sure if they were going to keep the program around. I was sort of under the impression that the purpose of these organizations was pedophilia. Maybe pedophilia in the service of billionaires or Israel, but pedophilia nevertheless. Apparently this is news to the Decolonial Socialist Tranny Feminist Poetry Park Readers.

Do make sure to understand that even though this is a pedo friendly organization, they’re also working class somehow. Or at least, they would like to be. And even if they’re not, working class wahmen and trannies share oppression, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

So the two anti-White and anti-Christian church vandalizers are members of a Decolonial Feminist Tranny Non-Accredited Summer Schools Students for Billionaire Approved Socialism have a pedophile problem.

We’ll get to the police response to all this in part 2.

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