The homosexual grift operation lead by Nicholas “catboi cock pls” Fuentes has, somehow, hit a new low after the BLM anti-White terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin November 21st, 2021. You can read about the BLM activist responsible, Darrel Brooks, here. You can read about the Gloating by BLM/Antifa/NPC types here. And finally, you can see a list of the known victims here

It’s that last part that concerns us today, or rather the response to murdered White Children by The Defenders of Harvey Weinstein. 

Here we see a picture of the girls dance team that was run over by a car in an anti-White terrorist attack.

Okay now here’s Serious Optical Guy Who’s Ready to Take Over the GOP Secretly Out in the Open, take.

Below is Jessalyn Torres, an 11 year old White Child still in critical condition at The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Jessalyn has lost her kidney and suffered a pelvic fracture, lacerations to her lungs and remaining kidney, as well as internal bleeding. 

Before scrolling down, take a minute to think about what your reaction is, as a normal person who isn’t a sociopath.

Okay here’s the AmNat take.

Great. Below is Julia, last name currently unknown. Julia is in critical condition. She has serious brain damage, and is undergoing brain surgery, probably to relieve pressure on her brain from internal bleeding. She may have permanent life altering brain damage even if she lives, and her survival is far from guaranteed. 

Okay here’s the Serious Guy Take.

Here’s a collage of the five adults who have already died from injuries sustained by the BLM anti-White terrorist attack. 

Once again, think about your non-homosexual reaction to White People being  murdered by an anti-White BLM activist in an anti-White terrorist attack. 

Now here’s the CatNat reaction.

UPDATE: The below image, while of a cuckservative, is referencing a different nic. 

In contrast, the below image is an ambiguous homosexual, also known as a “groyper.”

So let’s run down the CatNat list. We have disgusting ironybro perverts sexualizing 9 year old White Children. Then they countersignal anyone who expresses anger at this anti-White act of terrorism aimed against children, by conjuring up some pornhub fantasies starring 9 year old girls. Then accuse these girls of being “race traitors,” unlike them who correctly understand that White Children being murdered by BLM activists isn’t sad or anything.

But that’s not Fuentes himself, right? Let’s see what the Catboi cock lover himself has to say about murdered White Children. 

Oh, turns out he thinks it’s hilarious to mock anyone who gets upset at disgusting anti-White behaviour.

“Why didn’t you cry bro, why didn’t you cry?” – Fuentes, mocking a heterosexual.

I have never before been so disgusted while dunking on someone.

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  1. That screenshot with 7homas777 is completely unrelated to this amnat Fuentesodomite degeneracy. He’s an imbecile in his own right but what’s it doing in here?

    – “Nic” (Foucault screenname) is Niccolo Salo, not Fuentes.
    – It is an unrelated conversation.
    – It took place hours beforehand.
    – Neither have any involvement with Fuentes.

    Nick is currently making burner accounts, crying about being banned, doxing people and getting banned every 3 days.

    1. Great eye there. Our mistake, and we’ve updated the article with an appropriate image, for those reading this now and wondering why said image is not in the article.

    2. It’s relevant because Thomas777 is a BAP-adjacent deradicalization agent who has been actively courting the Groypers since Jan 6 and Fuentes’ deplatforming.

      Thomas777 is a literal junkie who, like Fuentes, gets paid to talk out both sides of his mouth. On Monday he claims to be a “nazi,” then by Friday he is condemning “wignats.”

      1. Ah, I see. Thanks for this comment Calvinism.

  2. If Nick Fuentes and his teenage boy gang didn’t exist, the left would have to invent them. Don’t expect him to go away too soon because he gives the left (and the liberals, the Democrat Party, the ruling class and its corporate media, etc. etc.) EXACTLY what they want and need. Which makes the $250.000 bitcoin donation he has allegedly received last year even more suspicious…

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  6. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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  8. Irony “bros” are so disgusting, when the going gets real, they get smug. Like boomers they can’t admit they have been victimized (if they even consider themselves part of the white community). Their social strategy of acting above it all and unfazed by anything takes on a sick light when people start dying or getting raped on an industrial scale, and they victim blame rather than admit failure. Failure means something needs to be fixed, fixing things require action, and they’re too cool to be bothered with action. They would rather do the millennial/zoomer equivalent of the “bootstraps” meme and lay the fault on the victims.

    Mike has taken action, went to the courthouse and forced the issue, “white people are being victimized because of their race” it’s not glamorous or cool, he didn’t wear faggot sunglasses and own the libs and Waukesha is grateful for the strength of his earnest convictions.

    These intellectual cowards called groypers engage in these disgusting mental gymnastics to avoid the realization that we’re re not winning, we’re losing, big time. The only way we’re going to start to turn this around is by admitting a lost battle and getting serious before the entire war is lost.

    Like they say in AlcAnon: the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that there is a problem.

  9. Now that that sphere’s been mentioned, I wouldn’t mind reading a takedown of the BAP/Salo Forum/NRx Jew-infested psyop.

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