What happened over the past weekend is a story in three parts. We have three articles stickied to our front page, and now we’ve turned these into YouTube videos.

Above, Rittenhouse received the correct verdict of not guilty. An absolute buffet of seething and coping ensues by the usual suspects.

Part 2, before it is completely known that the Waukesha terrorist was a BLM activist who openly talked about doing terrorism against White People, BLMers, Antifa, and NPCs more broadly were openly supporting the terrorist action. 

Part 3. We learn who Darrell Brooks, the BLM anti-White activist terrorist, truly is. We show his social media posts, wherein he makes openly anti-White violent posts, and calls for terrorism. 

We’ve also got a BitChute channel up, with the same three videos that you can see here.

Please go to all these videos to like and subscribe. I have no doubt our YouTube account will eventually be deleted, but make them do that. 

Interestingly, we have already noticed mass automatic ovening of comments on YouTube. For example:

You may notice that it says “5 comments.” But there’s only one comment. This is because the other 4 comments get auto-censored. I had to go in and manually enable a not easy to find checkbox that switches from “Hold Potentially Inappropriate Comments for Review,” the default, to “Allow all comments.”

This feature is hidden at the bottom of a page that you need to expand by hitting “show more.” There is no indication that this sort of thing was happening, so there was no way to know you had to do this to stop comments being destroyed.

And make no mistake, they are destroyed. All but one of the above comments have been permanently deleted by YouTube. After switching to “Allow all comments,” these comments did not come back. Nor do I have any way of reviewing them myself. 

Just writing this to confirm yet more YouTube censorship if anyone is still pretending otherwise. 

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