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There are a wide array of cancel culture stories that get pushed on us daily, but this one might take the cake.

A Toronto School Board Superintendent is cancelling Yazidi survivor and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Nadia Murad because her graphic stories about the horrors of ISIS would cause people to dislike Islam.

Nadia Murad, the Yezidi ISIS survivor.

I’m starting to really dislike the Cuckservative terms “cancelling,” “cancel culture,” or “wokeism.” These terms exist to obfuscate what is naked oppression. “Oppression culture,” might be more accurate. “Capitalist/Corporate censorship coordinated by the ADL,” would also be fine. Anytime I hear some middle aged obese loser use the aforementioned terms I prepare myself for them going on about how the “woke left is too mean to glorious Israel.”

Ignoring that, this really is a new low for oppression culture. A woman who was kidnapped by ISIS, and raped by them dozens if not hundreds of times while she was kept as a sex slave, and beaten by them repeatedly, is now being censored by some misanthropic cuntess at the Toronto District School Board because muslims receive secondhand privilege from Schlomo and ISIS rape victims do not.

This right here is Toronto District School Board Superintendent Helen Fisher, the cunt responsible. It took a good 30 minutes of tracking her down online before I could find this picture of her. I had to look through her employment history, find out she used to be an assistant professor at Guelph, and look her up there.

The same website where I found her employment history, opengovca, which you can find here, also lists her current salary, and taxable benefits, shown above. Yes, you read that correctly. She makes 167k combined income to oppress Yezidi ISIS victims for *insertPrivilegedClassBuzzwordHere reasons.

Reminder: This victim of violent assault and rape, many times over, isn’t the REAL victim here.

Let’s see what else the Toronto School District Board is up to.

Since they have a Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement, they must have a Centre of Excellence for White Student Achievement. Right?

There you have it, getting paid 167k per year to be an Antifa/BLMer for Israel. Reminder that municipal elections are far from worthless.

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  1. […] above creature, as one of many examples, came to my attention in this article. It gets paid 167k per year to do whatever Schlomo wants. Including banning Nobel Prize Winning […]

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