The term redpilled, while overused, still remains of some value. It’s the best jargon for “stopped believing Globo Homo Schlomo,” bullshit. While the ambiguously homosexual have tirelessly tried to make shit like voting republican “redpilled,” when it is the furthest such, I believe the term retains some value.

I personally was redpilled simultaneously by TRS and The DeadMeme Stormer around 2015-2017 or so. After Charlottesville there was some manufactured drama between the DS and TRS, where Anglin invented some retarded garbage about TRS guys being feds. It was pretty stupid, but the net result was that you were supposed to be watching Fuentes if you were on the DS side. 

And I honestly couldn’t. I tried, I honestly did, but I always had a weird relationship with Nicholas “It’s not gay if he’s got cat ears” Fuentes. The relationship being, I thought he was a fucking faggot.

That was true long before he did this bizarre 10 hour long stream with a literal catboi, and if you don’t know what that is, good, I thought Fuentes was a completely uncharismatic cringe factory. He was short, had an annoying voice, and even way back in 2017 was too old for the type of humour he did. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have never found Fuentes to be watchable, and was mystified when weirdos would claim that Fuentes was “talented,” or “funny,” or anything of the sort. In fact I would have been far more embarrassed to be doxxed as a Nick Fuentes Fan than an unironic Siege LARPing Nazi.

Notice who liked that.

In 2017 James Allsup got the idea that we should primary Republicans. He was quickly and viciously attacked by Republicans for this, and removed from the Illinois Republican Party. Nevertheless, even by failing he showed that Republicans will suddenly become very politically effective when it comes time to shut down White Nationalists. Also, when doing things for Jew Nationalists, but we already knew that.

Four years after Allsup tried and failed to infiltrate the GOP, Fuentes started bloviating about infiltrating the GOP. Publicly. Like, he was saying this on twatter. Oh and he never actually infiltrated the GOP in any way, or did anything to them at all.

Well maybe that last part’s not quite true. After all, Fuentes hijacked the Groyper movement, which existed on twitter independently of him from 2016 onwards, and pretended to be some sort of leader. The one and only good thing he ever did was tell people to go and ask Charlie Kirk and other assorted shills questions during TPUSA’s campus tour. Of course, people had been doing that since before, but at least the CatNats lent their weight to it. 

“Google Dancing Israelis.” Always wondered what happened to that Chad.

I’m going to need to do a bit of an aside here, so bear with me. 

Fuentes, being a LOLcow, didn’t even do this properly. Rather than actually write out questions for people to ask, or give any instructions at all, they just told a bunch of teenagers to go up in front of a huge crowd and ask questions designed to attempt to BTFO Charlie Kirk, a late 20’s shill with years of public speaking and ready made talking points designed by Ben Shapiro. 

The above Chad asking about Dancing Israelis was a great moment, but the Groyper Wars, or whatever it was called I honestly can’t remember, started hot and ended pretty much with a whimper. Asking Charlie Kirk or Ben Shapiro about the USS Liberty for the 40th time really got old. 

This all came to a nadir when I was watching a DLive stream done by Anglin and Azzmador. Some kid got up and asked Kirk a question. The question was something along the lines of “well you claim that White Nationalism isn’t American, and yet the founding fathers of America were all White Nationalists, so blah blah.” Charlie Kirk responded with “what do you think it means to be an American?”

Predictably, the kid didn’t answer the question well, giving an answer that was both somewhat cringey in and of itself, and he stumbled and stammered it out. I think it was something like “well I mean I think you have to be White,” but not said particularly well. Kirk then asked him to tell the black people in the room that they weren’t American, which turned the room against him. Kirk then proceeded to blabber on and on after having taken the moral high ground and made the kid look like an idiot.

What was Anglin’s and Azzmador’s response to this kid? “Fucking amateur.” “That guy sucked.” “Get him off the stage.” 

Azzmador, the convicted felon lecturing you about optics.

It was one of those moments to me where someone you respect has such a weird anti-social take that you have to call into question what you’re even doing. This was some 18 year old kid, with zero training, who was being verbally abused by some piece of shit in Charlie Kirk. And the response by Anglin and Azzmador was to pile on. It was disgusting.

And it was made all the more disgusting, because I had been giving actual advice on the DS forums for weeks. I had written out easy to ask and effective questions, and given more general advice. For the more general advice, the number one thing I repeatedly drilled into everyone was:

“Do not answer Charlie Kirk’s questions under any circumstances. If he says ‘can I ask you a question,’ say ‘no, but you can answer the question I asked.'”

One of the ways that the Kirk’s and Shapiro’s steer the conversation towards what they want to talk about is by asking the audience member a question. This puts an untrained teenager on the spot, and subtly shifts the topic of discussion to some ready made talking points, where they are strong and the audience member is weak. It didn’t take a genius to give out this information, but the Cucknats never actually bothered.

As for the questions I made for them, well they were along the lines of:

“Kirk, you’ve said that you don’t do racial politics. This is a lie. You have a black students union group, and a hispanics student union group. You only deny racial politics to White People. Since TPUSA is an anti-White organization, why should White People AS White People support you.” 

And then when he says “Can I ask you a question,” you say “No, I would like an answer.” 

I wrote out many far longer questions, and even had them organized by difficulty. This was extremely well received among the forum, but never made it to the DS itself, or CatboiNats more broadly. Because frankly those people were entirely unserious. Fuentes fucking sucked at politics and just wanted to have some normie who hates Cuckservatism go out there and put himself on the line to possibly get humiliated, with absolutely no support. He would happily take credit if it went well, and enjoy the donations from the chat.

But even with Fuentes absolutely fucking sucking at rhetoric and politics, there was still some momentum amongst the AmNat crowd. There were students telling ZioClops to go fuck himself after all, and Fuentes was (pretending to) attack the republican party. So what happened? What was the result of “Good Optics Serious Guy Non-Wignat Politics?”

Well of course Fuentes didn’t primary a single republican, and in fact told his supporters to vote for them anyway. So Dan Crenshaw and others remain in office after they had some teenagers yell at them.

Also Charlie Kirk started getting introduced by Donald Blormph, still has a twitter account with 1.7 million followers, and has an actual career being a shill for the Kosher-Right party. Unlike Fuentes, who would love to have a career being a shill, I’m sorry, a SERIOUS GUY, but doesn’t.

Ben Shapiro is the king of the Neo-Cons, with 3+ million twitter followers. He’s also the biggest Politics content on Facebook, while Fuentes is banned completely from everything. 

Imagine being such an insufferable faggot that people who write under the pen names of “The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein,” are unironically happy that Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk absolutely BTFO’d you with the help of Google.

So much winning from the Serious Guys Crowd. 

Aside over. Let’s get back to history.

Unlike the unserious faggot Nick Fuentes, James Allsup was completely censored from YouTube in 2019. He was far from the first. The TRS crowd had been getting videos deleted without warning since back in 2015, and were completely banned by 2017. 

This was true of other types of content creators as well. After all, one of the best ways to get banned from Twitter/Reddit/YouTube/Facebook is to fact check CIA war propaganda. YouTube even had an official policy that if you claimed the Bashar Al’ Assad gas baby hoaxes were fake then you were a conspiracy theorist spreading disinfo, and you needed to be censored. 

YouTube has been censoring anti-war activists since at least 2013.

In other words, anyone who fought against the privileged class was pretty much completely censored as of 2019. Censorship was so prevalent, that I honestly didn’t even think it was a thing anymore, because everyone interesting had already been banned. 

Then I found out the AmNats still had twatter accounts and YouTube channels.

So how was it that the Catboi Cock Lover managed to stay on YouTube until early 2021? Well, according to him, it was because of “optics.” This is a homosexual term that translates into English as “The powerful correctly see me as harmless, or serving their goals.” 

The idea that Fuentes was some sort of mastermind who managed to stay uncensored on twitter even after Donald Trump is so utterly absurd, that to even make an argument against it would be in some way to legitimize that as a rational thing that a real person could believe. It was not Fuentes’s “optics,” that kept him uncensored for so long, but rather his extreme lack of charisma. Fuentes made White Advocacy ineffectual, retarded, and downright pathetic, which is why he was given a platform.

In other words, the guy had the exact opposite of “optics,” to the extent that term is valid. He was an anti-social loser who attracted an audience of constantly online anti-social losers who wanted to be him. We saw a great example of these anti-social losers after Waukesha, where they were celebrating the murder of White Children by a BLM activist. 

No really, you can read that article here.

I found the above in a POL thread laughing at AmNats being gigantic faggots. I also found some AmNats defending him. Wanna see one of their posts?

Wow, I don’t think myself as a cringe WIGNAT I can compete with these kind of optics. 

AmNattery, Cucknattery, CatboiCockNattery, it was all a gayop, as evidenced by them getting censored AFTER Donald Trump. And like all gayops, the short term purpose is to prevent real politics, National Justice Party, TRS, Fuck Republicans, by channeling energy and money into grifters like Fuentes and the Soycucks of American Nationalism.

 The above was from a long time groyper that I still followed when I had twitter. He was a pretty good guy, as were a lot of them back then. The above set of tweets is from just after the January 9th ovening of Donald Trump’s twitter account. 

And it shows the long term purpose of gayops. They want people to put tons of energy into politics, and get nowhere. That way people just think “politics is hopeless, there’s no point.” The purpose of Fuentes was to induce Learned Helplessness amongst young White Men, by getting them excited about politics, only for them to get nothing.

In the same way that people realized one by one that Donald Trump saying “why are we taking all these people from shithole countries,” wasn’t going to lead to actual policy, people realized one by one that Fuentes getting superchat donations wasn’t going to lead to actual political power. But because people realize one by one it’s hard to get critical mass of angry, disaffected people ready to do real politics.

There used to be lots of high quality people in the Groyper movement, who actually wanted to do real politics, but they’ve left one by one. And many of them aren’t coming to our thing, they’ve been too disgusted with politics. 

So laugh at these faggots, but understand that they are malicious and evil little shits, who proved over and over to love stabbing real men in the back at every opportunity.

Honestly, I have no idea where Fuentes is putting up his ghey America Fist show these days. Even if I did, I wouldn’t link anyone to it. But seriously, look at these people’s faces. These are the leaders of the movement.

The guy on the left is literally 5’1.

And this is what’s left of the America Fist movement. A bunch of soyboys, literal catbois, and assorted dweebs leading an audience of extremely online hyper-losers who cheer at the murders of White Children. 

I think they’re just days away from taking over the Republican Party.

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