Below is a 2017 video from former Rebel News employee Caolan Robertson detailing numerous scummy and underhanded practices by “Rebel Leader,” Ezra Levant. We’re going to go into this video piece by piece, and have already downloaded the video to reupload, as Robertson encourages people to do.

Usually I tell people to just skip over the videos. In this case, you really need to watch the whole thing.

The video starts off with Robertson recapping leaving Rebel Media. Two weeks after Caolan decided to do this, Ezra Levant immediately flew all the way across the world to London. Levant then immediately offered Robertson $20,000 to shut him up. Unknown to Levant, Caolan was recording their conversation with each other, which I’ll write a transcript of below.

Clip from the video.

“And then there’s the hush money side which we’ll talk about in a second. I wanna break it into two parts. First is severance, and the other is sort of, the hush money.

Let’s say, plus *$2,000, plus, for each of you, $1,000 a month. 

*money in pounds, not dollars.

Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, we had our differences. But you’ll notice that they have been positive since they left us. Why would Lauren fight with me? You see how smart they are, they made their grievances with me and I feel like I had a real hand in Lauren going. And fucking Jack, a bit (inaudible) you notice how smart they are. They’re not actually saying there’s been problems. They’re not grumbling publicly because now that would be against their common law and contractual duties to me

I am prepared to give you and Caleb a very nominal sum to sign a second confidentiality agreement. So don’t go down that road. Launch yourselves as independent. Be totally positive like Lauren Southern.

‘Hey guys, we had a great run at the rebel, but now we’re doing something even better. We’re going independent. We’re gonna do whatever we want. We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that.’

Don’t even mention the rebel. Don’t do it. I will paypal to you right fucking now. I have the paypal money on my phone. You can have it in your account in 90 seconds.

It’s ‘oh we’re gonna talk about how you crowdfund.’ And if you try and sell that to a real newspaper with something to lose. I’ll have Kingsley Nappy (law firm) make ten phone calls and ten emails, and they’ll just get everybody to take their defamation.

We have Levant basically threatening lawfare against former Rebel Media employees, and dropping huge amounts of cash to give “hush money” payouts. His terminology, not mine.

Lawyers are not cheap. Neither are 20,000 pound hush money payouts. So why is Levant willing to spend so much money to shut people up? What does Levant have to hide at Rebel Media?

We’ll get there shortly, but Caolan Robertson makes another very interesting point. Rebel Media killed many of his stories. One of them was on UKIP, specifically that they had committed internal electoral fraud against a certain candidate, with proof. Levant accused them of campaigning for the candidate the party was trying to screw over, and pulled the story.

Levant appeared to do this for either ideological reasons, such as the candidate being too genuine, or because he was trying to court Farage into Rebel Media. It certainly was a decision not made for viewcount.

Erratic and aggressive emails are the norm for Ezra Levant. And after talking to direct employees of Levant in Canada, who Robertson met at a Rebel Live Event, it became clear that these emails are nothing compared to the personal attacks Levant deals out to the employees physically around him. According to Robertson, it’s not uncommon for employees to be brought to tears by Levant’s tirades.

In another act of lawfare, Levant sued a journalist who was trying to figure out what happens to the donations Rebel Media receives. Levant admitted that he was suing him to try to get the guy to commit suicide. Basically, he was attempting to make an example of the guy.

I again made a transcript of latter part of the conversation Caolan Robertson secretly recorded with Levant.

There was a guy in Ottowa who talked about our crowdfunding. And so I sued him for $95,000.00. Which is not a lot of money, but it’s just… I wanted to send a signal. And fucking, this guy here, uh, is in a five year trap. He’s in a fucking five year trap.

So let’s not do that. Let’s not do that.

But wait, there’s more. The Lauren Southern Redemption Arc is upon us, as Robertson goes on to explain that it is not a coincidence that Lauren Southern quit Rebel News when they were promoting some Israel trip. From Robertson,

“Rebel crowdfunded more than enough money to cover the costs of that trip. And yet they still demanded that Lauren make a video asking for more. Of course, Lauren refused. And after raising concerns about the ethics of lying for the money that they didn’t need, she was unceremoniously fired and threatened with legal action if she ever spoke out about it. That’s right, she didn’t leave, she was fired.”

Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern, for all her serious flaws, has done actual good work. Her documentary on the anti-White pogroms faced by the Boer farmers in South Africa was excellent. Similarly, her recent work on the Gravocaust, while tepid, is good worthwhile reporting.

Robertson now gets into the explosive revelations on donations. What does The Rebel do with the money the little goy-peasants donate to their various causes?

From messages sent internally at The Rebel.

According to Robertson, the rebel makes enough from shows to cover its costs, and has big money donors on top of that. But the main way they make money is by soaking the little people.

So how do they go about doing that? They put their employees under pressure to turn stories into campaigns. That sort of sounds like politics, except they don’t actually bother doing the politics bit. They pretend to, but mostly they gather up emails in various ways, so they can ask for money.

There is a great compilation of “sign our petition,” from Rebel Media below.

Levant apparently even boasted over dinner to Robertson that he used a website to send over 100,000 people emails asking for money without any of the media or general public knowing about that. Also, any additional money raised that does not need to be used for the explicit goal of the “campaign,” goes right back into the company.

In other words, Rebel Media is really just a long form way of getting people’s emails, and then asking them for money. As a side benefit, Levant can get ahead of White People’s response to anti-Whiteness, Christians response to church burnings, and any other real issue, and suck the energy out of it. And by energy, we don’t just mean political energy, we mean thieving people of their hard earned money and doing nothing for them.


Levant serves the dual purpose of stopping real politics immediately, as well as making people so disgusted with politics that they never go back into it. Even I am a little bit surprised, and my pen name is “the Notorious Dr. Shekelstein.” People have been calling Ezra Levant’s (((Rebel Media))) controlled opposition for a long time now, but to see this Harmful Heeb Stereotype in all its glory is something else.

The video goes on to give more explicit examples of Levant’s grifting. It’s worth watching, but I’m afraid my dear readership might overdose on confirmation bias.

Now some might point out that Robertson is basically a grifter himself. His career never took off, and his new, very tepid career is basically as one of these low energy “Life after Hate,” grifter types. The top four results for “Caolan Robertson,” on YouTube are him doing this bit for The New York Times, Sky News, PoliticsJOE, and CNN.

And if you’re sitting there thinking, “why am I getting homo vibes from this dude.” Well…

But Caolan Robertson being a catty homosexual does not invalidate his strong, well backed, and factual critiques of The Eternal Ezra Levant. All it shows is the eternal battle between the cocksucker and the Schlomo as to who can be a more disingenuous grifting queer.

I’ve never had so many of my biases confirmed.

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