Is Canada a good country? Well the (((leadership))) is absolute garbage, but I do enjoy walking around and interacting with people, even here in BC. Sure, we’re slowly sliding into second world status, no one can afford a house, there’s mass anti-White racial discrimination, this country became the religious site burning capital of the world with the still ongoing Gravocaust slander, AIDS-ridden perverts hungry for children’s anuses are given carte blanche to assault everyone else by the cops, and the Government recently made it official that you can’t fact-check the lampshadocaust, among about ten million other negative things that I forgot to mention that come with being a vassal of the US, which is itself a vassal of Israel.

However, we remain very good at Hockey, which is nice. It would be nicer if (((Gary Bettman))) didn’t refuse to let the NHL players play in the Olympics, but it’s a great sport, and maybe the only thing Canada is legitimately the best at.

We’ve learned our lesson with Finklethink a long time ago. Just because our enemies want to #CancelCanadaDay, does not necessarily mean that we should celebrate it. However, I think if you have the opportunity to crack open a cold one, and head on down to some place shooting off fireworks, you should do it. Whether or not this country is worthy of celebration, we can always get moderately buzzed and then hit on some decently cute girls and see what happens. That’s what I’ll be doing this Canada Day, and I hope you find yourself enjoying yourself as much as I am.

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  1. Cheers

  2. >Sure, we’re slowly sliding into second world status

    Canada and America are sliding into something worse, where every metric of life will become second world, but there won’t be the corruption to get around the BS and unlike our comrades in Eastern Europe who can get away with hardcore stuff our security apparatus will still be top of the line.

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