With the recent spotting of Fuentes CuckNats countersignaling people angry over White Children being murdered by BLM activist in Waukesha, we figured it might be time to check in on the king of the manlets, Andrew Anglin. Let’s see what sort of narratives Harvey Weinstein’s Dickrider is spinning.

DeadMeme Stormer:

Fox News has been getting more and more “based” as a result of the escalation of the Jewish leftist narrative. 

This might not seem like a major breakthrough, but it kind of is. Or, at least, it is part of a major breakthrough for Fox News, which is now regularly using the term “anti-white” in reference to the Democrat and Jewish agenda to punish whites for their race, as well as pointing out the special treatment that blacks receive under this system.

Alright so Cuckservative Propagandists are not “based,” in contrast to what this little dweeb would have you believe. Their purpose is to get out in front of White People’s response to anti-Whiteness and make sure that nothing comes of it. And normal people’s response to a social program best summed up with child trannies, and make sure that no policy comes from that.

People who bothered watching the video the manlet links in his article will have noticed that the phrase “anti-White,” does not come up a single time from these Servatives. Instead, they go on the classic Kosher-Right diversion of “muh bail reform.” They pretend that “muh Demonrats,” are just crazy people who don’t understand legal technicalities, or some other such nonsense.

Yeah, no, on multiple accounts. First, Gorland Blormph, the bloviating orange retard, made absolute sure, while doing nothing for White People, to sign a bill putting black crack dealers back on the streets. So I don’t wanna hear any “muh DEMONrats,” shit.

Honestly, anyone under the age of 50 who is pushing for the electoral success of republicans is either legitimately a complete fag, or pretending to be one.

Beyond that, BLM and Antifa types are not accidentally doing things that harm White People. They are intentionally doing things that harm White People. There is a reason jew nationalists do not support Palestinian Lives Matter. Nor do they write pieces about Palestinians having average incomes of about 2k per year makes them the victims of “systemic jew supremacy,” in the jew ethnostate. Nor do they demand Palestinians be released from jail citing incarceration statistics.

But hey, according to facially hideous people who look like the above, you’re just a Bad Optics WIGNAT who Isn’t A Serious Guy if you don’t support CuckoldServatism. Start watching fox jews now, goy.

Since I wanted to hammer home this point even more, I went and did some research on fox news. Their website homepage does not contain the term “anti-White,” anywhere. In fact the only article they have that even mentions “White,” is the above.

And yes, they are celebrating the anti-White and anti-Justice verdict that put three White Men away by reinforcing the libel that Ahmaud Arbery, a career criminal, was just going for a nice run before being hunted down and murdered by three neo-natzee supporting White Men.

Wow. Fox News really getting more based, according to the manlets.

But the manlet goes kind of off the rails with this next part.

Fox News also pointed out that it is only a matter of time before the left begins referring to Brooks as a “victim.” That would be true in many cases, but of course in this case, they’re just going to drop the story completely.

Oooohh. Those LEFTIST make me so angry. Don’t they know that Dems Are the Real Racists Yet? DEMONrats ran Jim Crow in the south and supported the KKK.

Of course, even reporting on black atrocities feeds into their agenda. They want white people to be outraged at the blacks, because this will lead to whites making comments such as “I’m tired of these niggers,” which the media can then use to intensify the agenda against whites.

More than just bullying whites into saying the n-word, they also want to try to push whites into doing “racist” type revenge attacks on the blacks. Giving at least some coverage to the atrocities of the blacks increases “racist” sentiment among the abused, alienated, and oppressed white population.

The meth’d up manlet is arguing that White People defending themselves against anti-White hate propaganda/attacks is actually bad because then THE LEFT is going to start demonizing White People. This is so utterly bizarre and counterfactual that I simply find myself thunderstruck.

I’m not sure why I even bother, but let me set this straight. The Mainstream Propaganda is simply covering this because they have to. As we see with Fox Jews, the narrative they are going for is either:

  1. Kosher-Leftist: Bland, no discerning info. Muh Republicucks wacist.
  2. Kosher-Rightist: Bail reform, muh DEMONrats.

None of this stuff really matters at this point. They are going to unleash the blacks to kill you and then prosecute you if you defend yourselves, and in fact that is already happening.

Oh okay Anglin, so are we gonna get organized politically? Are we gonna start a political party? What’s the plan from the under 5’7 crowd? Oh right, we can’t do any of that except send Manlets like Fuentes and Anglin grift money because to do otherwise would be what a Wignat Fed Operative would do. Gotcha.

Later, he moves on to the weirdest cold take in human history on the Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict.

Kyle won, but the narrative has actually received a serious boost from this trial, where the media – shockingly, I’m sure – did not correct any of these statements after Kyle was shown to be innocent of all charges. Instead, they continued to kick up the noise.

Lol wut? I made an entire collection of seething, dilation, and coping after the Rittenhouse Verdict. Globo Homo Schlomo certainly did not want Rittenhouse to walk, and them continuing to push various absurd false narratives is them burning legitimacy for some very short term political gain.

It’s a thankless job, but someone has to document the weird descent of the ManletStormer.

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