Finally. I mean, someone had to say it. It’s about time these Uppity Goyimses got put back in their place.

Transcript follows.

You’ve been there. You saw that offensive meme depicting a cunning jew being shared around.

You sat in the room when someone made a joke about the greediness of jews.

You’ve heard someone on the news talking about certain groups having too much power.

You’ve been judged and rejected for speaking out on Israel’s right to exist and live in peace.

You know, I could have SWORN they were talking about me for a second there.

We’re used to thinking about anti-semitism as unhinged violence, but here’s the underlying truth. Today’s anti-semitism is groing under the radar. Prospering in social media, where many, knowingly and unknowingly, spread small crumbs of darkness. 

Yet it is still jew hate, simply put. Baseless hate that is internalized all around us.

That’s right goy. Stop being meanies to people who refer to you as subhuman cattle, you bigots.

The spreading and growing of anti-semitism, including the denials of the jew people’s right to manifest their nationality in the state of Israel. Is based on false tropes and stereotypes that feed on fears. It’s dangerous, and leads to hatred, bias, violence and intolerance, that goes far beyond targeting jews alone. 

Look at these fucking uppity goy-cattle? Absolutely disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself, goy. To be against jew nationalism is fucking sickening, you jew bashers. This is gods chosen race we’re talking about!

We can’t be the ones allowing this darkness to spread.

When in a group of people, listen to what others or even yourself might be saying. Before you share something online, pay attention to the content. What starts as a burden for jews, quickly becomes a dark cloud over all of us. The darkness of anti-semitism, the baseless hatred of jews, only dissolves when you shine a light on it.

You’re the one who can call it out. You’re the one who can change the conversation. Together we can make a difference, and dispel the darkness of hate.

I hear ya sister heeb, and that’s why I’m spotlighting these comments. I screencapped all the top comments and this is what I got. If my little hebrew trans-vagina didn’t need to be dilated I could have gotten even more. Absolutely sickening these goyim. So fucking uppity towards us elves.

Join us at, and stand up for what’s right. Shine your light on anti-semitism and jew hate, and share that light with all you know.

I decided to in fact visit, just to see what they’re all about.


I headed on over to the events page, thinking I might mine another article or two. 

And I find out they’re advertising brunch, and a “concert against hate.”

Man, give me literally 1/10,000th what jews get for racial advocacy and you’d be sitting next to me sipping mai tais on our Mars Colony in 5 years.

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