It’s an absolute murderfest out there.

Above account belonged to Nicholas “Optics King” Fuentes. It was something like his 14th account. He also had @raper6000, @cheeser3000, @punishedCheeser9000, that I can remember just off the top of my head.

Apparently the catboi cock lover had already made some immediately oven’d new account before, uhm, “Poo Poo” @iloveindia1000.

You know I thought that potty humour wasn’t even funny as a child. But then again, I’m just a cringe heterosexual, so what do I know?

The predictable happened.

Same for the “totally not gay” AmNat crowd.

Serves them right for being such bad optics WigNats.

I focused on the TradHomo crowd, because none of our goys are even still on twatter. Or at least I thought so.

Apparently we had a few tiny accounts.

This time twatter is apparently doing network bans, as I’ve heard from multiple people that they had accounts banned that literally never even tweeted. That can only mean network bans. I strongly suspected back when I got banned, in March, 2021, that they did that to me, but now we have confirmation.

It doesn’t matter anyway. Not to rant, but there’s something really fucking annoying about people who are still crawling back to some websites/platforms that have censored them. I can completely understand this back in 2015-2016, where it was plausible that if you just snipped the edge off, you could still be allowed to do good work on YouTube/Twitter/Facebook/Whatever.

That has not been a plausible argument for many years now. The only thing that determines whether you will be banned is if you are effective, and the writing was on the wall since the end of 2017 at the absolute latest. Since then, after removing the most effective people, they simply narrow in on the lesser effective people, and so on, and so forth. They’ve progressed to banning accounts that don’t tweet, so stop being a fucking faggot and caring about twatter.

The sheer faggotry of crawling back and trying to be a good little goy so as to appease the hooknosed kikel above is such a bizarre humiliation ritual that I honestly struggle to get into the mindset of someone who does that.

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  1. I was kicked off Twitter a few weeks ago or so for stating the obvious and undeniable fact that men who claim to be women are only mentally ill men. I haven’t even tried to create a new account since then. I’m happy with Gab, Poast, and Telegram.

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