I’ve said numerous times before that anybody who has a twitter account should be considered controlled opposition without a second thought. That’s not necessarily true for random people on twitter, but for content creators it’s absolutely true.

Milo getting censored back in 2016 showed the writing on the wall. Even if your message was almost, but not quite, in lockstep with Globo Homo Schlomo, but you were causing large enough problems you’d get the axe. Anti-war activists and White Advocates were basically completely wiped off the site by 2019, and then in 2021 the censorship got so bad that even my tiny little twatter account that barely posted got censored for “spam.”

The excuse they’re using, ban evasion, is ridiculous, as Woods points out above. It’s supposed to be when you get banned, then you make a new account. They appear to be redefining the term to mean “you’re doing the things that don’t let us ban you, so we’re banning you for that.”

I wrote a piece after our tiny YouTube channel, that we only use for embedding videos, had a video censored. You can read that here, but the long and short of it is, there are no actual policies to banning. It is purely if you are being effective.

So Keith should take this as a compliment that he is real, genuine, and effective. And to that I raise my glass.

You can find Keith here on telegram.

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  1. Keith’s strategy would be to periodically shut down his account, then delete all his old tweets. Maybe that’s what they now call “ban evasion?”

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