Yesterday, as part of my preamble to the BLM Twitter Spaces Piece, I talked about my experiences with censorship on twitter.

Personally, I actually think twitter/Google/YouTube/Facebook/Reddit/Whatever censorship has crossed a certain threshold. A little censorship, and it sends a message, and tips the scales in the (((Privileged Class’s))) favour.

The problem for them is they’ve reached the point with censorship that everybody knows how utterly fake the “consensus,” on these platforms really is. That’s not to say that censorship is great and not harmful to us, only that one upside for us is they’ve been forced to remove the veneer of organic legitimacy that these platforms once legitimately held.

We’ve been using this YouTube channel, pictured above, to upload an eclectic collection of videos. Some from the NJP event, some that I made myself on the Rittenhouse Verdict and Waukesha BLM massacre. A reupload of a video showing (((Rebel News))) to be a shekel grubbing fake news organization.

Well recently we had our first censored video. Not shadowbanned, not a warning, outright censored.

Above is the current status of our last video, titled:

BLM Twitter Spaces: “I am for the White Genocide, putting all you White Possums in the gas chamber.”

Below is the BitChute version, uncensored.

It’s only a 57 second long video, so I’d recommend you watch it. It’s pure, uninterrupted anti-White hate propaganda, and you can read more about this in our previous story here.

Above is what our YouTube channel looks like right now. You may notice that we have one fewer video, specifically the video mentioned earlier. I sort of thought they would keep it on your channel, but nope, they pretend it never existed.

I can’t remember the exact time that I got emailed from YouTube telling me I was being censored, but it was only about 20 minutes after I uploaded the video.

I knew this day was inevitable, and never had any illusions about YouTube, same as I never had any illusions with twatter. These platforms might allow you to upload for a while, but the second you start to really affect things they’ll find some excuse to censor you and shut you down.

I was using YouTube as a smash and grab operation to get eyeballs from YouTube to Hyphen-Report, as we build the audience. YouTube also embeds better than Odysee, which is crucially important for our articles.

I again had no illusions that I could successfully appeal this decision. They pretended the video was taken down for “hate speech violations.” This is of course absurd, as everybody knows the purpose of the video is to expose hate speech. YouTube has a carve out for journalism, which we’ll get to later.

The email they sent me gives a link to “Community Guidelines.” This supposedly tells you all the various justifications they can use to censor your videos.

This is somewhat irrelevant, since they explicitly state that it’s their hate speech policy specifically that I violated, but I want to show you that they basically have a vague reason to censor anything. Remember, they literally censored me exposing BLM Twitter, without even providing commentary.

Below they “explain,” why you get censored for hate speech. Except they don’t actually give any examples, they just say “this is the part of the policy you violated.” That would be like the police saying “you are being accused of theft,” without explaining what specifically you stole.

I know everyone knows this, but it needs to be repeated that their justifications for censorship are intentionally vague so as to leave lots of room for (((interpretation))).

They also make sure that you understand, you filthy subhuman goy cattle, that if you do anything they arbitrarily deem as naughty in the future, they’ll happily oppress you exponentially more.

Below is where they tell you how you can impotently and ineffectually rage against trillion dollar multinational Google. Remember goyim, you can appeal. The policy isn’t just “if this causes problems for Globo Homo Schlomo you get banned.” No, this is serious legalistic policies and please waste your time appealing, goy.

However, not doing the appeal allows them to get away with pretending to not be arbitrary and capricious. Besides, I wanted to walk everyone through the appeal process, so you can see how it goes.

Above, you can see the little box that I filled my answer into. You’re given just 800 characters to appeal the strike, which is sort of absurd even as far as fake pseudo-legal Kabuki Theater goes. I’ve reproduced my appeal below.

“Limited exceptions are made for content with sufficient and appropriate context and where the purpose of posting is clear.”

There is nobody on this planet, yourself included, that believes that I posted said video as a means of glorifying violence, or genocide, against White People. I don’t believe that. You don’t believe that. Random apolitical grandmothers don’t believe that.

What you are obviously doing here is censoring anti-White hate propaganda, because the optics of some BLMer going on and on about how much he wants to genocide White People are damning, and politically harmful.

There is no other way to interpret this politically and racially motivated censorship. I am extremely disappointed in YouTube for this disgusting behaviour towards me and others.

After sending your appeal into the void, you’re shown this page again. It is very important to them that you understand being a good little goy is in your best interest as a content producer.

Having dealt with bureaucrat gang in a myriad of ways before I anticipated not getting any reply for well over a week, if any at all. Twitter did this, as I detailed previously, and the Police have done this to me on numerous occasions. But surprisingly, I received that followup email so quickly that I think it was probably automated.

At best, they had someone sit there, casually glance at my appeal, and hit reject. In any case, while it would never be my personality type, imagine making some groveling legalese “please be nice to me,” argument in the appeal?

The process of the appeal brought me to the Creator Studio section of my channel, which I didn’t even know existed. Admittedly, there are some very nice statistics on there. This graph is quite nice.

And they show you your subscriber growth, how many hours people have collectively watched your videos, and other interesting and useful bits of information.

In the past “28 days,” I went from 5 subscribers, probably bots, to 94. I went from 0 views to 3.8k. I went from 0 hours watched, to 92.8. Except that actually the channel posted its first video exactly 7 days ago. So all this happened in a single week.

This is what happened to our YouTube channel that largely exists just to help us embed videos for articles. They censor us because they have to.

Going forwards we’ll be posting first to BitChute. BitChute embeds well on this site, so it’s currently a better option than Odysee. However, I will post everything to YouTube as well.

I have no illusions of doing some hop and dance to magically perform “muh optics,” and not get banned.

But I do want to get banned from YouTube for the least defensible claim possible, from Google’s perspective. As NJP member Warren Balogh says, we want them choosing between legitimacy and power.

Luckily, as mentioned earlier, BitChute has made great strides in terms of quality recently, so we’ll be uploading there as well as Odysee. Eventually Odysee will start embedding properly, and we’ll have two video hosts to choose from.

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