Video starting from the relevant part at 6:20.


Media still silent on the black supremacist ex con sex offender out on bail who murdered 6 innocent Americans at a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They blamed an SUV, and then just blacked out the massacre.


Notice the narrative that the cuckservatives are going with. Once again, no mention of White, just “innocent Americans.” Additionally, no mention of BLM. There are plenty of serious policies that Republicans could push for, that would be great if achieved, and cause massive narrative problems for (((the privileged class))) to have to argue against.

The NJP went out there and protested for hate crime charges. That never had a chance to immediately turn into policy of course, but it’s such a popular point to make, the Mainstream Propaganda had to completely ignore it. Even going so far as to send out Cuckservative Senator Ron Johnson to tell Whitey to stop being so uppity, as you can read here.

Republicans could also put forth legislation labeling BLM a terrorist organization, using this attack as well as comments from BLMers. They could do this federally, and on a state level. Even if they failed, the entire issue is a massive win for White People.

Which is precisely why they will not do that. The goal is to get out in front of Whitey’s response to an anti-White terrorist attack, and make absolutely damn sure that you get nothing.

Credit to the NJP, Media2Rise, TRS, and yes, even this website, for making sure the Waukesha BLM Christmas Massacre remains remembered and talked about.

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