At this point, I can’t even remember what tipped me off that this was happening, but in any case, the Canadian Military put on an online “White Fragility,” Ask me Anything event on December 15th, that I recorded. I initially wrote about this here, and was planning on getting some Canadian goys to hop in there with me and ask these people the type of questions that they don’t want to answer. Then we learnt that there would be a moderator who decided which questions got to be public.

Well, in any case, I still got in there, and was joined by two others, Jim Northpoint, and Tyranosphobic Rekt. We sat through the whole thing, asked our questions which didn’t get answered, and I got the footage. I really wouldn’t recommend watching this entire one and a half hour video that I got of the event, since I’ll be breaking down the relevant parts into their own articles, but here it is.

Today, I’ll just be giving you the overview. 

The video starts with this broad, Samantha Moonsammy, who I swear is like a parody of some anti-White brown shitlib. She makes sure to throw in that this is a “courageous conversation,” and talk about her “layers,” as a brown immigrant almost as often as she actually bothers to spout out anti-White hate propaganda. Her delivery is smooth, and well practiced, which is not surprising, considering she’s a professional anti-White that your taxes fund. 

Samantha Moonsammy (they/them)

We then see a brief interlude of Rob Chambers.

Rob Chambers (xir/xor)

Almost the first words out of this faggot’s mouth is the following.

Before I start I have to give a big thanks to Samantha and Fiduno and to your teams for all the work that you do in this space. You know the uh, committment, the courage, the endurance that it takes to do what you do is… is very very humbling. You’re certainly leading by example. So uh, thank you very very much for that.

I’m not even sure if the anti-White hate propaganda bothers me more than these fucking worthless future lampshades talking about their immense courage and mythical work ethic. It’s both together that make the whole package, topped off with this weak faggots total lack of masculinity and effeminate whining.

To quote Jim Northpoint, who was in the call with us, “you really get the sense that Rob Chambers has a personal relationship with his wife’s bull.”

Anyway, just about 13 minutes in, and we get to Ryan Trudeau. The failed actor who, according to his IMDB bio “is handsome, passionate, and eyeing nothing short of a very successful and prominent acting career.” 

Well needless to say that never happened, but he does anti-White hate propaganda for the Canadian Military now, which is why he’s here.

Ryan Trudeau (he/him)

I was starting to wonder if Trudeau had AIDS. His face did have a gaunt look, but some people are just like that. Whether AIDS ridden of POZ-free, the queer is the absolute pinnacle of “just say every privileged class buzzword out there,” and then some. It was a real tossup between anus hungry sodomite in it for the cause, and typical self-serving narcissistic shitlib with this being just his personal grift.

Or at least it was until I saw this picture. Then I got it, buddy over here’s been oil drilling. I don’t know if he was a shitlib before he got hooked on the jungle pussy, but he certainly is now.

You hear a lot about “how so and so got redpilled,” stories in our thing. This goy’s personal journey is like the exact opposite of that. It’s a “how I got bluepilled,” story, complete with marvel movies and “privilege acknowledge” rituals. Oh trust me goy, it’s wild. 

After about 50 minutes, the presentation is over. They spend the next 35 minutes asking questions. I personally wrote 8 questions, none of which made it to the public chat. I wrote other questions for Northpoint and Tyranosphobic Rekt, and they came up with some of their own. Only one of their questions actually got through, and was removed after five minutes. So all in all, about 1 in 20 questions got through, and only temporary. It was not answered.

The questions that did get through were the “how can I be a better ally to people of colour,” type questions. So instead of “ask me anything,” it was more like “ask me the types of fake struggle session questions we pretend to ask each other on our non-censored twatter accounts.” Of course, we expected that going in, but it’s always nice to force them to delegitimize the entire concept of their own “ask me anything” event.

As promised, I will be writing up multiple articles in a series on this. Stay tuned.

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  1. What a production – a bunch of stock characters, straight out of central casting, delivering the approved narrative to the gullible goyim. SMDH. Thanks for the review!

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